How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Byju’s?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Byju’s

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Byju’s?

With the development of technology, there has been a progression in a wide range of sectors across the globe. The list varies from finance, travel, food, banking, and also education. E-learning apps had already been adopted across the globe for its usability and flexibility in reaching even remote users. But after the outbreak of the corona-virus pandemic that led to the closure of schools/colleges, students and teachers are dependent on eLearning apps for continuing the education process. This huge demand has stimulated business owners to develop eLearning mobile apps like Byju’s that have been highly successful in the segment.

If you are looking – “How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Byju’s?” then you have to associate with a Byju’s app development company that can aid you in making an impact among the several competitors present in the market.


What is Byju’s app?

The education segment has been revolutionized highly due to the benefits of smartphones and related apps. Byju’s is an eLearning app that offers comprehensive video lessons on various topics by subject experts. This app gives a simple learning method even for complex topics while making kids fall in love with the way of teaching. This app offers lessons with separate sections starting from kindergarten, classes 1 to 12, and even for competitive courses such as GMAT, ICSE, CAT, IAS, GRE, JEE, NEET, etc

Byju’s app has a very easy mode of operation with an easy selection of courses from students and offering appropriate video content. An online education app Like Byju’s allows the users to subscribe to the classes depending on their age groups. It has several useful features that have aided students to understand the concepts better and also learn them quickly. With high-quality communication and interactive learning models, Byju’s app is always listed among the top online education apps in India.


What is the uniqueness of Byju’s app?

Precise learning options: Students will be able to know their positive and negative elements with useful knowledge metrics.

Adaptive lessons: Byju’s app designs the lessons relying on the student’s grade along with adaptive questioners.

Comprehensive analysis and boundless preparation: Students are encouraged to study every topic thoroughly via adaptive tests.

Interactive Questions: This feature increases the thought-provoking ability of the student by provoking interest.

Exciting graphics for illustrations: tricky subjects are conveyed easily engagingly and interactively.

Attractive Video Lessons: Students will be able to imagine the subject ideas and understand them easily. If you are looking- how to make videos like Byju’s and lead the competition, then you have to associate with a reliable mobile app development company.


How to create Byju’s app?

Include the below core features in the app:

Effortless login, registration, and subscription: Flexible registration via email, social media, a mobile number without any hiccups. Users must be easily allowed to choose the topics of their interest.

In-app chats and notifications: It is key for all types of users to get timely updates and also a chat feature for clarifying the doubts.

Scheduled tests: Byju’s got an instant hit with these features that evaluates what student has learned on a timely basis.

Sharing on social media: Some users may want to share the scores on social media leading to a boost in their confidence.

FAQs: it is helpful for users to ask questions mainly about using the app and ensuring smooth functionality.


How much does it cost to make an educational app in India? 

The cost to develop an e-learning app like Byju’s is dependent on below major aspects.

Design: A attractive and user-friendly design is important to build a long-term relationship with the users. You may feel that the design elements are expensive, but the unparalleled advantages will help you in the long run.

Mobile Platform: You can go for a single platform app for Android, iOS, or Windows and even go for a cross-platform app after researching the target users. Your decision of selecting the app platform will highly influence the overall cost of the app. You may wisely choose to go for a budgeting option while developing the MVP of the app. The development cost of Android is lower but when you consider the testing on several devices employing the platform, it will be costlier than iOS. However, cross-platform apps can aid you to get higher reach and thus more revenue.

App Size: The addition of several exciting features is important for increasing the richness of the app, but there will be enhance budgeting factors that come with the advanced features. Plan and include the features that will be beneficial in the long run.

Software and external apps: The inclusion of 3rd party apps, software, and services will influence the overall cost of the app. A reliable mobile app development company in India can guide you properly to use the appropriate elements in the app.

Multiple payment options: It is important to provide multiple payment options for users to enhance their experience. This will require the implementation of different payment servers for the smooth functioning of the app.

Maintenance: After deployment services are crucial for the success of the app. There should regular updates and marketing of the app features to enhance the richness while also addressing the pain point of users.

App Developers: Your selection of app developers from a trusted mobile app development company in Bangalore will make or break your venture. You may want to go for the cheapest option, but think properly and research well before finalizing on the service. The development cost is different across diverse locations and will have a huge role to play in the overall cost of the app.

Crucial aspects to be taken care of for developing a Byju’s type app:

Features of BYJU’S Learning App:

The cost of developing an app like Byju’s is reliant on some crucial features that are present in the app. They are as listed below.

  • Smooth and non-tedious user registration, login with multiple options namely email, mobile number, or social media credentials.
  • Diverse types of subscription options for selecting required courses.
  • Interactive online sessions for chosen topics and also covering competitive examinations like UPSC, CAT, JEE, IAS, AIPMT, etc.
  • Descriptive video references covering current affairs, general knowledge, mathematics, science, etc.
  • Interactive online classes for competitive examinations such as CAT, UPSC, JEE, AIPMT, & IAS
  • Scheduled tests on a weekly and monthly basis for refreshing the studied courses.
  • Detailed frequently asked questions (FAQs) covering all the probable topics.
  • Push notifications to alert the students about several things like classes, pending payments, new features, and many more.
  • Interactive chatbots for clearing the doubts of students on various course or fee-related questions.
  • Current era students require social media sharing options for the world to know about their scores or other performances in the test.
  • Along with these crucial features, there are also certain important aspects present in the admin panel that have a major influence on the final cost of developing the app. This includes management of user data, analytics, sharing of graphics and other reports, logging, and analysis of crash reports.
  • Along with the addition of essential features, some other advanced features have an impact on the final cost of mobile app development. These advanced features consist of Geolocation, Parent interactions, payment gateways, 3rd party apps, etc.
  • Usually, business owners go with the MVP version of the apps and later move on to adding advanced features as per requirements.

Build the core team:

For developing any kind of mobile app, the team must consist of some expert professionals like:

  • Project Managers
  • Developers (Frontend and backend)
  • UI UX designers
  • (QA) Quality Analysts

It could be a challenging and costly affair for most businesses to hire and maintain these professionals. Therefore, the ideal strategy is to associate with a leading mobile app development company that consists of a comprehensive team with expert professionals.


An app like Byju’s includes three types of panels for students, teachers, and business owners. Every panel will have diverse types of features and functionalities relying on the app’s needs.

Student Panel: This is the highly used panel of the app that consists of certain key features like registration, creation of profile, video and audio lessons, live classes, Different subscription plans, Questionnaire section, chatbots, Online tests, Details of courses, Billing sections, Account, etc.

Teachers Panel: This is also an essential panel for teachers to continue the proceedings. It consists of important features like registration, creation of profile, enter course details, clear doubts section, Statistics, Reports related to student data, pending student action, live classes, audio, and video content creation, etc.

Admin Panel: This is for the management of the app, content, and users. Some of the key features essential for this panel are User management, Account supervision, and management, Billing management, Topics management, Subscription control, Transaction history, Filters, Managing user queries, Adding or removing users, discount and rewards management, etc.

Technology Stack

The development of an app such as Byjus will need advanced technology stacks to end up with an optimally functioning end product. To begin with, front-end development needs advanced programming languages such as Angular, Next.js, React, Plotly , Vue.js, JavaScript for cross-platform development. Back-end development has the options of frameworks such as Node.js, Python, .Net, for Native platforms and Mongo for cross-platform development. Further, the highly used programming languages include Kotlin, Java for Android, and Swift for iOS platforms.

Cost of developing an app like Byju’s:

How much does it cost to develop an app like Byju’s?

Byju’s has emerged as one of India’s leading online teaching systems that offer interactive coaching services. This is mainly due to its ability to offer simple yet impactful learning opportunities to students across the country. It has gained a huge number of users with a retention rate that is far ahead of other players in the competition.

Being a business owner, if you are looking to develop a similar quality of the app. Then it is important to start by estimating the budgeting factors. Byju’s app reached its peak of success due to its perfect combination of features and user-friendly service. The main factor that has a huge impact on the final cost of the app is the inclusion of premium features. Before starting, it is key to note that the development cost for any app varies across different regions. Below are the usual costs for the development of an impactful mobile app product in some of the global regions namely India – $60/hour, Europe–$200/hour, USA–$ 250/hour. These charges are dependent on several important factors in the development process as below:

  • Development (Front and Back-end) – 450 hours (average cost of $8000- $18,000)
  • UI/UX design – 80 hours depending on complexity (average cost $1,200 to $2,700)
  • Technical documentation- 50 hours depending on details (average cost of $850 to $1800)
  • QA— 85 hours (average cost $1500 – $2800)

Before starting any plan on the inclusion of features, technology, or other aspects, it is key to know which are the essential ones that will fit in your budgeting figures. Developing an app like Byju’s will need you to plan all the aspects sterically where cost estimation comes first in the list. The development of the mobile app is reasonable in India, due to the availability and addition of comprehensive knowledge on included elements. They can add features as per your requirement and help you to add advanced features gradually with the progression. The final cost of the app is never fixed for any kind of app and varies as per the inclusions. But your investment will be valued if you associate with a reliable and highly expert mobile app development company.

The modern education system is transformed largely by the introduction of smartphone technology. Byju’s is an educational app that has witnessed huge success in India due to its wide acceptance across the country from both students and tutors. This has inspired many entrepreneurs to develop creative and user-friendly apps like Byju’s. If you are in the same boat, then you must be thinking – ” How much does it cost to develop an app like Byju’s”. But before developing a strategy about the inclusion of specific features and technology, the initial thing to plan is about allocating the budget for your mobile app project.

Irrespective of the features chosen for the app, the cost of developing an app like Byju’s is highly reliant on the location and skill levels of the app development company. While skilled app developers come at a cost higher than others, you will be assured of getting a top-quality end product. Depending on the expertise of the app development company, the development of an app like Byju’s is approx. 15-20k USD for Android and iOS if outsourced to a skilled Indian app development company. You must be sure to associate with an app development firm that provides a comprehensive deal with the inclusion of services including maintenance and marketing. The final cost may vary, depending on the number of additional platforms or advanced features you want to be included in the app.

Bottom line:

If you are looking to develop an app like Byju’s, then it is key to associate with a reliable e-Learning app development company in India such as Brill Mindz technologies. They have a team of mobile app developers and marketing experts who will ensure to build your app fulfilling the requirements and aid you to capture the user’s attention like never before.