How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app like Vedantu?

How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app like Vedantu

How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app like Vedantu?

The innovations in the field of mobile applications have removed all of the obstacles in the routine lives and have made them be accomplished easily. This is mainly due to the nature of mobile apps being quick, simple, and easy to use has made it appropriate to be used for everyone. E-learning platforms have transformed the regular education system in recent years that was more clearly evident during the outbreak of coronavirus. Advanced e-learning apps like Vedantu have showcased that physical attendance in school and colleges is not the only way to keep the continuity in the course, but also get quality education at all times. if you are also looking for a company to develop an app like Vedantu then explore here cost to develop an e-learning app like Vedantu?

What Is Vedantu? 

Vedantu is an e-learning app that was built by four people who came from an IIT background. It is a popular and useful platform through which students and teachers can interact easily with each other. The e-learning system is exclusive from all kinds of similar platforms existing in today’s market. Vedantu has interrupted the traditional ways of classroom setting by giving rise to highly flexible online learning thanks to the direct implementation of technology.

The main motive of this platform is to ensure that the students and teachers have a personal connection with each other so that there can be a proper educational conversation. Vedantu involves using individual classes along with a one-to-one discussion with the specific teachers. The students can select their teachers for their classes on the app. There is a huge team of talented individuals present in this organization working towards a better future for our students. The advanced services available on this app will aid the students to enhance their skills and learning abilities.


Features of a real-time teaching mobile application like Vedantu:

An e-learning app will be successful only if it has certain essential features included in them. Some of the important features are:

Registration and login:

It is key to register and login to an individual user account on the mobile app to utilize the app without any issues. Users must be allowed to register with their mail address, social media profiles, mobile number and use the credentials for login.

User Profile: The user profile is a private option for the app users to access their individual information. Users can add/edit them all under this option.

Selecting classroom: Depending on their individual needs, users can select their classes. An E-Learning mobile app like Vedantu brings useful and quality training from class one to twelfth.

Innovative search console: In case of students requiring to get a tutor, who fulfils their needs, it is important to perform a collaborative search on the app. To felicitate this purpose, the app must have a search bar with the inclusion of several beneficial filters.

Subscription: The app must let its users select the types of subscription modes depending on their needs that will aid the app to get constant profits.

Online assessments and tests: The app will carry timely assessments and tests to keep a track record of the learning process. It will aid both students and their parents to take appropriate actions to close the gaps and be ready for the actual exam.

Audio and Video Chat:

This feature will enhance the learning process by letting a live audio/ video interaction with the trainers aid the students in clearing the doubts and perform accurately.

Accurate access to various syllabus: To have efficiency in the learning course, students have to be given access to the right and comprehensive syllabus of the subjects.

Notifications: Parents must be notified about the performance of the students regularly that will let the students know their child’s progress in every subject.

Managing attendance: The app must-have features that track the regular attendance of students. This helps the teachers to know the status of the subject covered for that specific student.

Live video streaming: Along with scheduled pre-recorded videos, the app must have advanced features like live video streaming that lets the seamless streaming of such videos.

Sharing of all the materials related to their class and specific subject: Study materials and other essential documents need to be shared with the students. In such cases, the app must have the ability to let the users perform it in a hassle-free manner.

Multi-Language support: It is important to support multiple languages for connecting a wide range of customer bases for an e-learning app like Vedantu.


Factors affecting the cost of an eLearning app like Vedantu:

The location of the development company: You must be careful in selecting the E learning app development company as there will be variations in development costs depending on the location of the app development company.

The complexity of the app: Depending on the designs, number, and type of features included in the e-learning app, there will be an increase in the complexity of the app. So, there will be an increase in the total number of hours app engineers will have to spend on building the app. The higher the number of advanced features, the higher will be the overall development cost of the app.

The total number of development platforms: There will be changes in total development costs for the specific development platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, etc, or cross-platform app development.


Final Thoughts:

eLearning apps have become an essential service in the market especially after the outbreak of Coronavirus that witnessed the shutting of schools and other educational institutions. Even though there may be a slow beginning for schools and colleges, there will be no blockage to the use of these apps as people have experienced their usefulness. If you have a creative core app idea, that can make a difference in the eLearning segment, your primary task is to associate with a leading Elearning and LMS app development company in India , like Brillmindz technologies. We are highly expert in developing apps across a diverse niche that have made a mark in the market by reaching a huge number of customers with enhanced profits.

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