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Mobile App Development Company in India

To develop a successful mobile app for your business, you need to hire top mobile app development company in India. A great mobile app has extensive power of making more customers and can reach more audiences widely. Mobile app development is a complete profitable opportunity. If you are interested and you are ready for excellent success. If yes, then you are on the correct path.

SmartPhone technology is booming rapidly in the digital era and today’s generation is addicted to the usage of a smartphone with internet technology. Due to the impact of smartphone users all over world mobile applications came into space and mobile users are using for everything, from Cab booking to Food ordering everything is done with mobile apps. Companies from small to large enterprises adopting mobile apps in their business.


Mobile App Development

Development of innovative mobile apps for expanding your business and increasing product sales.

Web Apps/ Websites

We showcase your precise ideas in the website development and help in elevating your brand value.

Game App Development

Our advanced and thrilling mobile games experience will guarantee an upsurge in the overall reach and profits.

Blockchain Development

Our experience will allow you to explore the potential of Blockchain solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

With the use of cutting-edge technologies, we offer complete development services to uplift your business.

AR/VR App Development

Our intelligent solutions and services allow businesses to have an advantage over their competitors in their particular industries.

IoT App Development

We develop an innovative link between technologies, processes, and people for combined operations by binding the possibilities of IoT development.

Chatbot Development

We support you to have effective personalized communication that ultimately increases customer retention.

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Why Brill Mindz is Best among Top Mobile app development company in Bangalore India?

Brill Mindz is one of the leading mobile app development company in India and UAE holding 10 years of experience in building best android app development and iOS app development and window app development. Brill Mindz founded in 2011 with a small group of developers and now it has grown widely entirely by reaching customers globally and now we become one of the leading mobile apps development companies in India. We build the most beneficial mobile apps in any industry. We are specialized in developing custom mobile apps in expertise areas including E-Commerce, Retail, E-Learning Mobile Apps, Healthcare, Real-Estate, Advertising, and many more. Being a top mobile app development company in India, delivered more than 1000+ apps for more than 350 happy customers. Our expertise and skills make us strong with innovative strategies that we are pioneer now.

We create and tell your company story through all types of media with our successful solutions. Being a leading mobile app development company in India, offer innovative solutions for various business needs. Lets our creative, technical and marketing teams transform your business aspirations into a long term reality. We have outstanding skilled and experienced app developers who are capable to provide all the features for all sorts of products you will ever need. Our development centre at Koramangala, Bangalore, always looking forward to help businesses to get successful mobile apps.

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Mobile app development company in India

Mobile app development services in India

Android App Development

We are top among the android application development companies in India, because of the team of technically expert android engineers who hold impressive command on the latest technologies.

iOS App Development

With the best technical knowledge and creative development method, we provide the outcome-oriented iPhone apps that fulfill the requirements of the users.

Windows App Development

We use high-tech technologies, best coding methods to develop inventive applications that are feature-filled and always deliver optimal performance.

Flutter App Development

With the use of the latest flutter we ensure to develop and design visually striking, swift performing mobile apps on the native platforms.

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Why Brill mindz for your Next Project?

Brill Mindz trusts in taking the client-centric approach with clever tactics that will make sure that you always stay ahead in the competition. Our flexibility, practicality, and speed have made us the prime choice for all types of mobile solutions. This has made us the most trusted mobile development company in India with genuine services in aiding the clients to accomplish new heights in the specific industry. If you looking out for a reliable and result-oriented mobile app development company in India, then contact us now.

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Mobile app development company in India

What Is Brill Mindz’s Approach to Developing a New Mobile App?

Research indicates that worldwide mobile app revenues will inflate to USD 935.2 billion by 2023. Companies are developing mobile applications to allow employees to work from remote locations and enable customers to access services from the comfort of their homes. At Brill Mindz, we tweak our mobile app development processes taking into account the pain points of each industry. Below you will find the 5 core tenets we follow for developing top-notch mobile applications:

1. Strategy

We begin the mobile application development process by developing a sound strategy. It includes nurturing the primary idea into actionable steps that can be worked upon. We also understand that the objective and utility of each app differ from another. We adhere to the following steps in this stage:

  1. Identify the app users
  2. Perform competitor analysis
  3. Pin-point the objective and goals of the app
  4. Select the best mobile platform for the app

2. Analysis and Planning

In the second stage, we define the use cases of the app by collecting detailed functional requirements. Then, we prepare a product blueprint that states all the mobile app requirements and arranges them into delivery milestones. This is followed by a Minimum Viable Product model that defines the time, cost, and resources required for creating the prototype. In the planning phase, we identify the skills necessary to develop the app and identify the platforms where the app will be made available.

3. UI/UX Design

We pay particular attention to the app’s design. We understand that a mobile app’s success and popularity are determined by its look and feel. The UI/UX design helps create user-friendly, interactive, and intuitive apps that increase app adoption and keep users engaged.

4. Information Architecture and Workflows

Information architecture is the initial step of the mobile app design process that helps decide:

  1. What data will the user see on the mobile app?
  2. What type of user data will the mobile app collect?
  3. How will the user interact with the mobile app?

We also understand that enterprise mobile applications have users that enjoy different privileges and roles. To incorporate these rules in the application’s information architecture, we create workflow diagrams that identify all user interactions with the app.

5. Wireframes

Before beginning to code, we start working on the app design by drawing sketches on paper. They act as wireframes that are conceptual layouts providing a visual structure to the application’s functional requirements. Wireframes are different from UI/UX as the former focuses more on user experience and aesthetics than design, color, and styles.
With these 5 tenets we at Brill Mindz succeed in delivering top-notch apps that help our clients become market leaders.

Brill Mindz Software Development Lifecycle - The Process

It is not easy to imagine our lives without the internet, even if you are from the 90s. After the COVID19 pandemic, the virtual world is the only place growing, connecting, and solving our vital day-to-day problems. We can order goods, learn new skills by sitting at our home through various applications.

Brill Mindz, with its client-centric approach and compelling services, has been consistently developing software and applications to serve its clients.

Five stages of developing a software

The software development lifecycle at Brill Minz comprises five significant steps. Before the process starts, the project manager or a sales representative connects with the client to understand the requirements and business purpose of the software. They also get to know the expected delivery date and pricing details.

●     Ideate and Analyse: This is the first step of the Brill Mindz software development life cycle, where the idea is turned into a plan with the help of a well-defined strategy. After resource elicitation, we conceptualise the idea and analyse the requirements. Not only this, we understand the feasibility of any module, code, or event to be added to the software.

  • Define and Design: After getting a clear picture of what exactly is needed, we define the purpose of each element of the software and then design it. Understanding the functional and non-functional requirements are vital. The designing process undergoes multiple rounds of evaluations by the client, which involves their feedback and suggestions (if any). After integrating their feedback, the development process starts.
  • Development and Deployment: This is where all the magic happens! Once all the resources are gathered and the idea is conceptualised, the development or coding starts. We take care of both functional and UX/UI aspects of the software.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: The software development life cycle is never complete unless there is proper software testing on different platforms. This process helps to find bugs (if any) and checks the optimisation of the software so that the end-user can use it flawlessly.

We believe that our clients’ success directly depends on the performance of their software or mobile application. It is where they get most of their leads. If there is no major issue, the next step is taken. But if required, a development or bug tracking/eradication process takes place.

Maintenance and Modification: With a different version of browsers or operating systems, the software needs to be upgraded regularly. On the demand of our client, we are always there to maintain and modify the software. Maintenance involves bug fixing, adding more features, updating UX/UI, or adding any new content/product.

Specializations of Brill Mindz

Brill Mindz is one of the leading mobile app development companies in India. We excel in developing pathbreaking software applications tailored to your needs. Our highly experienced mobile app developers leave no stone unturned in designing android and iOS applications that get roof-breaking downloads and receive positive feedback. Brill Mindz has gained a unique distinction of understanding client needs and delivering top-notch customer experience since we began our services in 2011. Today, we are undoubtedly the best app development company in India because of our expertise in developing native and cross-platform apps with advanced features such as Augmented Reality, IoT, Chatbots, Blockchain, wearable devices, and many more.

  1. Mobile App development

We rigorously analyse your customers’ preferences, industry challenges, and market trends before building a customised mobile application. Once we get a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs, desires, and ambitions, we begin the application development process. Our technical expertise and access to industry-leading technologies, along with a decade of experience in building mobile applications, have transformed us into the best app development company in India.

  1. Web development

Brill Mindz has helped multiple companies gain a firm footing in the digital world by creating interactive, user-friendly, and award-winning websites. We have industry-leading full-stack website developers who excel in web development, website redesigning, and building SEO-friendly web pages. We are India’s best web development platform as we provide top-notch web development services with PHP,, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and AngularJS.

  1. Chatbot development

Our pathbreaking chatbots equipped with AI, machine learning, and NLP technologies help companies form robust and evergreen customer relationships. Our immense experience in developing chatbots for multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Telegram, accompanied with attention-grabbing UI and UX, has helped us become the best chatbot development company in India.

  1. Game development

Most games on the android and iOS stores have more than a million downloads. Gaming enthusiasts are increasing every day, and game studios are earning a lot of profit. Brill Mindz is a leading game development company in India that will help you launch top-notch mobile games that will be liked by players of all ages. We are renowned for developing award-winning mobile games such as Ludo, Rummy, Casino, sports fantasy games, and many more that provide an immersive experience to players.

The expertise of Brill Mindz in software development

Are you looking for mobile app development companies in India, that can develop mobile apps and provide services like regular updates, management and cross-platform migration? Brill Mindz is precisely what you are looking for!

Our team consists of experts in this field who are innovative and understanding and can design software or mobile applications for your needs and target users.

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