Top Best Healthcare Apps in India

Top Healthcare Apps in India

Top Best Healthcare Apps in India

With the advancements in the internet and smartphones, every industry has an online presence. Moreover, many creative mobile apps have provided much-needed flexibility and privilege to the user. Mobile phones and apps have reached even remote corners of the globe and many people connect to modern amenities using such apps. The medical world is no different and is taking full advantage of mobile apps to carry their operations. Primary tasks in Top Best Healthcare Apps in India like patient-doctor consultations, appointments, symptoms verification, and medicine delivery are possible with the audio and video features available in the online medical apps. But you need to be certain in choosing the best mobile app development company in India like Brill Mindz if you want to build an efficient and profitable healthcare solution.


Best medical apps for patients and doctors 2020 / Top Best Healthcare Apps in India

Below are the popular and best medical apps for patients and doctors in India:



It is a widely used app by both patients and doctors. It provides an easy registration process where they can manage their profile and get appointments with a feedback option for patients. Patients can look for best doctors in their location, book appointments, and speak to them about their issues. Depending on the findings, they are advised to visit physically. It has the feature that provides information to the doctors about the profile views and chats with the patients and ensures to give proper guidance during the time of emergency. It has gained importance due to its assistance and aid in crunch situations. One of the exclusive importance of this medical app for doctors is the article segment where there is an option for advanced factors to stay healthy and avoid ailments.


  • On-time medicine delivery
  • Easy appointment schedule
  • Multiple doctor availability
  • Latest articles from health specialists



This app is available on both Android and iOS, was once an online news site. It helps doctors to know all advancements in medical science and drug information. It will also get all the disease-related tools to ensure effective and fast treatment. Along with doctors, this medical app is widely used by students and nurses. They have access to fast and accurate information about various drugs and diseases and also medical calculators. An exclusive feature of this app is that it can be used even in offline mode. Drug Interaction Checker permits 30 inputs and ais in verifying all the communications.


  • Access to advanced clinical studies.
  • Medical news along with clinical references
  • Useful on-demand courses for practicing physicians.



This is a very popular app among communities of specialist doctors. They will get good insight and suggestions to understand and review complex cases for the right diagnostics. Doctors will have access to real-life patient conditions from many categories with access to the latest medical rules and journals. This app is gaining great popularity in the doctor’s community as they get a chance to discuss the cases of many real-life patients.


  • A huge collection of medical norms and journals
  • Discussion platform for doctors
  • Job search option with Genie AI aid.
  • Option to create own online website
  • A vast network of doctors
  • Acquire medical devices and loans.



This app is useful and exclusive only for doctors and nurses to manage their daily schedules. It will help them to serve the patients by managing the shifts effectively. It has an auto-schedule feature that makes the job easier for doctors and nurses to get assignments, appointments, send/view messages, sync work schedules, and give in special requests. There is a provision to manage online requests and also get access to exciting color patterns and templates by making scheduling fun.


  • Integrates the shifts with peer schedules.
  • Aids in the management of complete hospital or clinic
  • Offers various scheduling templates



This aid doctors by providing the safest and accurate treatment information in real-time. Many doctors depend on this app for clinical norms, detailed disease information, and alternative medicines. Various guidelines that are based on past instances and patient-specific information are correlated in the app to ultimately provide the patient with good care. It also has crucial information on the interactions of different drugs. This useful app helps medical practitioners and doctors to verify brief monographs for some precise medicines and supplements that are stocked at a particular location.


  • It helps in taking crucial clinical conclusions.
  • Offers instant reports connected to various illness.
  • Access to a large database instantly.



This app helps to find critical answers to complex clinical cases. Once the information is added to medical literature, the app notifies the users about all the added latest information. There are advanced medical calculators available to help and calculate the exact readings for various medical measurements. There is an option to upgrade to the Advanced UpToDate version to have access to pathways and lab interpretation to make sure effectual treatment is provided.


  • Timely updates
  • Advanced search option
  • Unified patient education
  • Graphic search option



It is a clinical support app that is regularly used by emergency room Physicians. It aids to provide a good diagnosis based upon swift analysis of patient symptoms. It provides the existence of probable diseases depending on the lab findings, results, and symptoms. It will provide a vast explanation library and details about drugs, diseases, specific conditions, and treatment options. It also provides information about possible drug interactions and dosage requirements for precise conditions. It offers many reference videos to support doctors with clinical measures and physical investigations.


  • Ease of access to medical research and studies
  • Genuine and real-time information
  • Wide-ranging data and modules

Bottom line:

If you are either planning to build a healthcare and medical mobile app solution to help both the patients and doctors along with expanding your brand, you must associate with the best mobile app development company in India like Brill Mindz. They are well-versed in developing exciting mobile apps for various large enterprises and start-ups along with aiding them to gain significant sales and brand expansion.