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Mobile games have reached a different level in India, with smartphones being accessible to a high percentage of users. As a business owner, if you want to earn a significant profit, then you have to associate with reliable gaming companies with advanced software game studios. With extensive skill in developing diverse mobile app solutions, Brillmindz has earned a leading name as a top mobile Game Development Company in Bangalore, India. Our highly skilled and top game developers have aided numerous successful mobile game development projects. The smart app engineers are open to any complex challenges and diversities that have stimulated us to bring the anticipated gaming apps to our esteemed clients. Within a very minimal period, Brillmindz has produced several successful ventures with a cent percent fulfillment. One of the major points for our success is the excellence and platform specific growth by our team that develops superior mobile game applications as per the distinct needs of our clients. Consequently, we have achieved huge client support from a decade of our journey.

Brill Mindz – one of the Top Game Development Companies in Bangalore, India have constantly delivered top-notch development with a mixture of logical tactics in all stages of game development. We take innovative approaches in all stages like planning, creative design, coding, deployment, and testing across diverse platforms. With an excited team of game developers, concept professionals, 2D / 3D specialists, QA experts, and marketing professionals guide you in all range of gaming requirements. We understand how to build a completely attractive app that needs cent percent dedication and hard work. Our app engineers pay complete interest to diverse aspects of the process and advancements when they craft mobile game development ventures. With the precise mixture of technology, we adhere to the precise requirement guidelines of our clients as per their specifications.

Android Game Development Company India

Android Game Development

In order to build a swift and collaborative game application, Android is termed as an ideal platform and known as a forerunner in the industry to generate a reduced consumption of memory and high-performance game apps. Brill Mindz is a one of the best Mobile android Game development company in Bangalore India, that is well versed and competent in converting gaming ideas into reality with its talented game development team. Our team is rated as a leading Android game development companies in India due to our knowledge in delivering profitable, scalable and dependable games for the Android domain. Our dedication for building gaming apps goes way beyond than giving a gaming solution. We have a special passion about crafting user-friendly solutions and therefore are able to give only the finest end products. Our team has experienced app engineers who have worked more than a decade in this segment. They utilise their skill in an exciting way to develop market leading mobile gaming apps that uphold a unique audio, video formats and many more. Extremely skilled app engineers can aid you by bringing cost-effective products with optimal quality. With our state-of-the-art services, you can relish the services of this skill set and get the mobile app services on a diverse range of android devices.

iOS Game Development

The rising demand for iPhone game development has raised the importance of games for iOS devices as it acts as a robust medium to enhance the visibility of your businesses. Brill Mindz is a proficient iOS game development company in India, that aids many types of clients in their niches. We are happy to serve in the arena of game development and therefore, develop gaming apps that are highly abundant in smooth graphics. Our gaming apps also have the ability to grab the attention of users and yielding the maximum possible ROI for our clients.

We will not build exciting game apps for iOS, but if you see our apps in the stores, you will get ideal proof of our work. There will be comprehensive utilization of iOS sublime and revolutionary features via our striking and industry-leading iOS games across various niches. There will be an opportunity to monetize your exciting game by utilizing in-app tactics and engage your users with simple yet intuitive graphics and thrilling gameplay. Brillmindz works as a collective unit to provide cutting-edge mobile gaming solutions with user-friendly results. Hire one of the best iPhone game development company from the Top 10 Gaming Companies in India for your game development.

iOS Game Development Company in India
HTML Game Development Company in India

HTML Game Development

Building the web game employing advanced HTML5 is an advanced and wiser option for mobile browsers. Brill Mindz employs the proven, verified & high-performance engines that will enhance the development time and delivers high quality HTML5 games. Employing advanced HTML5 development frameworks such as Play Canvas, Cocos2d-JS, Pixi JS, Three.JS, we build games that function smoothly across both mobile and desktop browsers and other platforms that have provision for HTML5 games.

Being a top HTML5 game development company / Web3 Game Development company in Bangalore, our team of experts from various segments of game development such as art, design, and testing, in addition to a precise team of HTML5 programmers. This talented team has developed HTML5 games across diverse genres for different types of firms ranging from start-ups to big enterprises across multiple international locations. This partnership with beloved clients ranges across several fields like gaming, entertainment, finance, education, and several others. HTML5 game developers of our Cross-Platform Game Development company in Bangalore can carry constant research on advanced technologies & gaming plans to be updated with the existing trends in the gaming market and give ground-breaking services.

Online Game Development

Are you searching for an online Game Development Company in Bangalore, India to work on your game? Then Brill Mindz should be your best choice with the advantage of cost-effective and modern game design development services. We employ a collaborative approach and always follow a flexible, transparent, and all-stage communication process. Brill Mindz provides a comprehensive service in online game design and development involving planning, design, development, UI/UX, testing, deployment, and maintenance. These approaches have made us the best online game development companies in India.

Game Development Company in Bangalore
Unity 3D Game Development Company Bangalore

Unity 3D Game Development

We are a foremost Unity gaming company with a team of qualified unity game developers. Brillmindz – 3D Game Development company in Bangalore, is a team of 200+ app engineers, content specialists, and marketing engineers spread across different departments, we are having some of the finest experts in the segment. We offer best-in-class Unity 3D game development services to develop top-notch Unity games and apps across diverse platforms such as Android & iOS in mobile, Xbox One, PS4, & Switch in Consoles, PC Windows & Mac OS in PC, Web, AR, and VR. We have been associated with many large enterprises, start-ups, and passionate entrepreneurs across the globe, to build many striking games, gamification apps, simulation apps, collaborative business apps, AR and VR experiences. We -a 2D Game Development company in Bangalore, are highly aided by our decade of experience in building games utilizing the Unity3D game engine. The games developed by our team deliver optimal performance that has also got the highest rankings in the App Store and the Play stores.

Augmented reality (AR) game development

Augmented reality is a budding segment that holds a huge opportunity to generate innovative experiences in the gaming and entertainment segment. As an experienced AR game development firm, , Brillmindz strategizes and builds attractive and user-friendly augmented reality games for mobiles. We possess a dedicated team of expert augmented reality games developers who have experience in developing AR products for several platforms. These games range from simple geo-location-based games for various mobile devices to top-end FPSs with even advanced devices like smart glasses. We have dealt with the appropriate SDKs for the project reliant on the necessary functions for modern devices like smart glasses support, 3D tracking, geolocation and many more. Our AR Video game developers are proficient in building augmented reality mobile game design by utilising advanced tools like ARKit, ARCore, ARToolkit, Vuforia and Wikitude etc. We possess unique skills of commitment, enthusiastic administration, comprehensive transparency, valuable rates and on-time delivery. Due to these aspects, we are listed among the top augmented reality game developers in the industry.

VR Game Development Company India

Virtual Reality (VR) game development

Virtual Reality is one of the booming aspects in technology in the current era and has always been attracting business owners to adapt them for several developments. VR is an ideal option for data visualization where compound data can be smoothly accumulated via intense images and virtual visualization. Building any type of virtual reality apps provides a range of diverse challenges as VR is a highly specific segment that needs thorough knowledge across diverse platforms. We build VR apps that repeat real-world scenarios for immersive learning and training solutions. Our VR game developers function with a systematic approach with a combination of visualization tools together with Unreal, Maya, Unity Blender, Revit, and many more to end up with user-friendly VR apps. These approaches are spread across highly used platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard, Sony PlayStation VR, and Daydream View. Our team makes use of advanced VR technology to make sure that marketing is of optimal level and attracts users for longer.

Real Money Game Development

Brill Mindz is a leading real money game development company in India / Real Money Casino Game Development company in India, with customized service developing effective and collaborative real money services like poker game development, fantasy sports app development company, Poker Game Development company and rummy game development. The games are designed by keeping in mind that it will run on various devices. These features are the reason behind the increasing popularity of real money games. Moreover, real money games are preferred by developers or companies because of the money system. Real-Time technology has transformed the world of game development around the real money gaming industry and increased the expectations of game users.

It’s time to entertain gaming users with real-time touch and the opportunity to earn through gaming talents. Develop a feature-rich real money game app for your enthusiastic gaming users with a super ability, extensive experience, and special skills. The team has the expertise to develop any type of real money games like Rummy, Poker, Casino, Sports Fantasy and more.

How Brill Mindz is the best Mobile Gaming company in India?

Game development in India is rising at a quick pace since mobile games have wide reach and flexibility in various game development platforms. With this constantly increasing popularity and growth of game apps in India, many business owners are getting interested in their ventures in the segment. Brill Mindz is a reliable video game development firm that is leading the charts as a trusted Android game development companies in India. Being constantly updated with the modern game technology trends, our app engineers develop features that are quick, smooth, and user-friendly that will be engaging for game lovers across the globe. We have built many kinds of mobile games like real money games, cartoon games, sports games, adventure games, educational games, puzzle games, single or multiplayer games, and many more widespread types of games. 

Our teams of skillful game engineers have the focus to enhance the coverage of your gaming idea and include the latest trends in the market. We are bound to give the primary draft with basic features on time and add extra aspects depending on the feedback of our users. We develop intuitive designs that will be simple but attract users for longer. We ensure to include all types of testing methodologies at appropriate levels of the development process to make sure that the end product is maintained with optimal quality. Our game engineers who are experts in building games across multiple domains give their complete experience and blend with creative strategies in the VR gaming space. While we have built many ground-breaking apps and games across multiple platforms like Android and iOS, we are also offering our services with modern devices like wearables.

Why choose us for Mobile Game Development in India?

Online gaming is a profitable business in modern times as gaming apps have a significant share in the overall mobile game development market. As a leading mobile Game Development Company in India, Brill Mindz uses its expertise and resources for developing games of the maximum quality, employing the advanced tools and approaches. Along with the name a trusted online game developer in Bangalore, India for developing complex but thrilling mobile games, Brill Mindz stays strong as a company of diverse types of clients. Brill Mindz is one reliable game development companies in India, among all the valuable clients across the globe, with a pool of talented online game developers, testers, designers, content writers and marketing experts. We assure you to carry development completely as per your needs including striking graphics, optimal functionality, wonderful gameplay, and soothing sound effects.

With the setting of a passionate and advanced game studio, our talented pool of programmers employs the cutting-edge gaming tools for decreasing the time and cost of game development significantly. The vast experience of our team in this platform is the steering force behind us in creating jaw-dropping customized gaming applications. This is proven across our ability to include motivating graphics and user-friendly features for making online games more engaging for gamers. Our core activities comprise of the updating and testing the inclusions in the gaming systems and applications. Associate with a reliable partner in developing technically enhanced products across international markets. Witness the brand-surge as we take you to new heights of industry-success with commitment and sheer focus.


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