How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Ludo?


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Ludo?

Board games have been popular across the globe among all age groups. But the advent of digital technology has transformed how board games are played. Gaming apps have made the modern generation to play board games like Ludo on mobile phones. Due to its immense popularity, the Ludo game mobile app Development has been widely played across India in recent times. Business owners who want to build similar gaming apps like Ludo must associate with an experienced mobile app development company in India such as Brill Mindz.


What is the Ludo game?

It is a board game consisting of multiple colored (red, yellow, blue, green) board with cross-shaped squares. There is an option for a maximum of four players with four tokens. The game is usually played by two or four players where they race their tokens from a starting point by rolling the single dies to teach the finish point. There are many popular versions played across different locations with single and multi-player options.

Ludo Game development cost

Modes of Ludo Game:

The various modes in this game are the major reason for the popularity of the game. There are four modes available: 

1) Computer: This is the basic model that has a computer as an opponent player.

2) Local: Users can select any of their friends as opponents with the same device.

3) Multi-Player Worldwide: Users will get a chance to select a player from any location across the world.

4) Multi-Player Private: Users will have to play with any other player from their known ones in family or friends.

 Features of an app like Ludo:
Invite Friends:

Users must be allowed to create a room and get a code to send it to invite friends via various social media platforms. This code must permit other players to join the table from any place in the world.

Invite and earn:

This feature will allow users to earn bonus points when they invite their friends or family. With this, they will be users will be encouraged to invite more new players to the game which will be helpful for app owners.

 Real money:

Some players get the necessary stimulation when some amount of budget is involved in the game. It will help them to stay engaged in the game and play more to earn more. Due to this, Ludo app owners will get a chance to pull more users and increase their profit shares.

 Offline mode:


Even though internet usage increased heavily across the globe, there would be some issues and places where there is no internet connection. This mode will allow users to play without the aid of the internet.

 Free bonus:

Users will have the chance to access advanced levels and win free bonus points every day. This will aid you to enhance the app-usage as players will be stimulated to earn free points and get new features and functionalities.

 Khelo Ludo Game development

Factors to affecting the cost of developing an app like Ludo:

How much does it cost to develop an app like the ludo game?

Game Design:

The success of gaming apps is highly dependent on providing a smooth and exciting experience for users. Therefore, it is crucial to have an engaging design and easy to use interface for your app. The Game Design of the Ludo app must be user-friendly with exciting graphics. There should be a proper blend of visuals, sounds, and navigations to attract users every time they play the game. High-resolution images and latest 3D techniques could also be added to give the users a state-of-the-art experience and retaining them to play the game for longer periods. With this intention, it is key to initially planning the overall budget for giving the best design possible for your users. It is a major factor influencing the overall cost of such a game app like Ludo.

 Mobile App Platform:


The development pattern and costs vary depending on the type of platform selected by the business owners about the number of app users on the platform. The cost is dependent on the type of platform selected among the widely used Android, iOS, Windows, or react-native. Android platform development costs are less while compared to others but you will have to consider the number of devices it has to be tested. Therefore, as a business owner, you need to carefully analyze the target customers and decide on what type of platform is best suited for your app.

 App Size:

Your app would be richer if you include all the advanced features, modern designs, 3rd party apps, and other add-on functionalities in your app. But all these would influence the size of the app and overall development cost of the application.

 Advanced features:


Any kind of app would demand a certain type of feature to be incorporated into the app. But adding more advanced features would demand more time and budget. The better the features, more will be the richness of the app but also with higher costs. 

 Developer costs:

Development cost varies from region to region and also on the expertise of the developer or game app development company. If the developer has a strong portfolio, then the costs will be on the higher side, but with proper planning, you will be ensured to get a superior product. Going for cheaper options will not yield profits, in the long run, every time.

 Game Application Testing:

Any type of game user would want to have an uninterrupted gaming experience at all stages. This is guaranteed only when the code in the production is free of bugs. With attention to this, it is important to test the Ludo game app across all types of platforms to provide a smooth functioning product.

Ludo has been one of the most highly played online games in the market due to its exciting ancient rules. Online gaming apps like Ludo game offer engaging features that enhance the gaming experience to the next level. The demand from users combined with the story of the ludo game app success has stimulated business owners to build similar apps. There are several Ludo game apps in the App stores and Play stores as businesses look to capture the market share by investing in this venture. If you are a business owner then you would be eager to get the answer to – “how much does it cost to develop an app like the ludo game”?

Knowing the developing cost of a Ludo app is not a straightforward figure since it requires a detailed analysis of app requirements and business motives. These aspects will be impacting the time needed for development which has to be matched with the budget needs for knowing the costs. Some key factors that impact the cost include the choice of app development platform, the complexity of app design and features, and the location of app developers. Generally, the development cost of an app like Ludo King will cost Approx 15-20k USD for Android and iOS when developed by skilled mobile app developers in India. Hence, never compromise on getting the services of the best app development partner in India who can deliver excellent results with maximum returns for investors.


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