The Real Cost of Mobile App Development in India

Real Cost of mobile application development in India

The Real Cost of mobile application development in India

Any kind of business in 2023, cannot miss out on mobile strategy since it is projected to show huge profits in near future. With a significant percentage of users going for smartphones in India, mobile apps have created a storm in the world of the internet today. Hence, developing an exciting mobile app has become an essential aspect for all types of business in India. But the cost of app development is reliant on some key factors that have a final say on the final price of your product. Keep reading below to know more about these factors and their influence on price.

Factors influencing the cost of developing an app in India:

If you have a business in India, then you would be wondering, – What is the real cost of mobile app development in India? These are major aspects that have a big impact on the cost of mobile app development in India.


1)Type of app platform:

The kind of app platform which is needed to build the app has a key impact on the final cost of app development. There are different types of app platforms chosen by business owners, namely Web apps, hybrid apps, or native apps such as Windows, iOS, or Android.

Web Apps: Even with the steep increase in usage of mobile apps, web apps have been used by some of the customers. But it is ideal to have a precise study on the behavior of the users if your customers are using a web app platform.

Native Apps: Native apps are built for one specific platform such as iOS, Android, or Windows. Business owners must make smart moves while selecting the app platform. While the cost of developing an app on the Android platform for one device would be less than that of iOS, testing the android app on several devices must be considered in the budgeting aspects.

Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid apps are built with code that functions well on diverse platforms and is ideal for businesses with budgeting factors. But another point to consider is that they don’t work similarly to native apps.

It is important to know the limitations of the budget and other business motives before deciding on the app platform. Some business owners may opt to go for the MVP version of the app while others opt for moving into a feature-rich product. Hence, it is important to partner with an expert mobile app development company that can take you on the right path at all stages of the development process by embracing the latest trends.

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2) Niche of the app:

Primary aspect that has a big say in deciding the mobile app development cost in India is the specific niche of the app. Every user looks for problem-solving ability in the app which requires the inclusion of exclusive features and functionalities in them. If the app is successful in executing this strategy, then it will make the users stay with the app for longer and recommend it to their close ones.

This is true across all types of niches, but everyone will have exclusive features to be included for precise problem-solving abilities. With the steep increase in usage of mobile apps, the app development segment has opened up opportunities for diverse types of business owners. But in order to lead this competitive market, your app must select the app niche which can accomplish maximum profits. Every precise type of app will have unique features and functionalities that will increase the overall cost needed to develop the app. If you are looking to develop an app in a niche that is not your piece of cake, then you may end up shelling more money than required.

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3)Monetizing the app: 

There are diverse ways to monetize your apps regardless of their app niche.

Free: This idea is to reach the maximum customers possible with an idea that you can make them potential customers in the future. It also includes options for ads to get constant revenue from various other businesses.

Freemium: A freemium app is free of cost for customers but they will have to pay for using premium features. It is an idea where the users will get to see the app for free and be willing to buy premium features if they like the app. But it will require significant investment from the owners for including the premium features.

Paid Apps: It is only accessible for download and usage after payment, where the users can access premium features immediately.

E-commerce apps: Ecommerce is the new sensation in the online world that allows hassle-free shopping for customers. Ecommerce businesses that include mobile apps allow the easy option for users to buy from any place of their choice. They are highly beneficial and have shown to give more revenue than the business that does not follow the mobile app strategy.

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4)Overall costs for coding and maintenance:

The final cost of development for any app is reliant on programming for various features, integration with other 3rd party apps if needed, etc. Developing complex functionalities will require more time for development which is directly proportional to overall mobile app development costs.

The success of any app is not complete after its positive release in the app market but is reliant on flawless maintenance after the release. To sustain in the competitive market, your budgeting aspects must contain proper maintenance service to keep the app running flawlessly in the hands of users.

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Bottom line:

The easy access to the internet and reasonable availability of smartphones had already increased the usage of mobile apps in India. This trend has seen a next level increase with the Make in India initiative calling for the development of the user-friendly mobile app by associating with a top mobile app development company in Bangalore, India like Brillmindz. It has an expert team of app engineers and marketing experts who have raised the brand level of esteemed clients with reasonable charges.