Mobile app development cost estimate in India

Mobile app development cost estimate in India

Mobile app development cost estimate in India

Mobile apps have transformed the operations of diverse types of businesses in India and aided them in surviving the trendy and competitive market. Access to the Internet and the availability of smartphones has made the popularity of mobile apps to surge in recent years. But, the outbreak of the corona-virus pandemic showed the importance of mobile apps to people as it helped them to get essentials and other services to their doorsteps. Due to these reasons, the already prevalent mobile app development industry is thriving with opportunities like never before. Many business owners have understood mobile app development to be a mandatory and guaranteed process in their ventures. They have proved as a game-changing tool in attracting new customers, reaching existing ones, and generating maximum ROI. But, with the huge competition in the market, it is important to build a unique mobile app to be standout in the competition. Hence, business owners must join hands with a reliable and expert mobile app development company in India such as Brillmindz. Amidst all this build-up, there will be one query that would arise, “what will be the  Mobile app development cost estimate in India?”


Mobile app development cost estimate in India:

Some key elements will impact the overall cost of developing a mobile app in India. They are:

Freelance or app development company:

The Indian market has freelance app developers and many expert mobile app development companies. In both cases, business owners will have to make sure that they have the appropriate skill to develop a comprehensive mobile app meeting the requirements. Freelance app developers may develop the app with a cheaper budget, but it will involve some risks like irrelevant communication, reduced transparency, and lack of complete skills. A mobile app development company in Bangalore will offer the advantage of having a dedicated team controlling your venture. There will be benefits of continuous communication, fixed delivery, and comprehensive skills, services in one place.



The type of features chosen to be included in the project will influence heavily on time and budget required for app development. Hence, owners need to decide well in advance about the type of features to be included in the app to streamline the budgeting factors. The type of features:

Simple — These features will have simple design and functionalities without employing any 3rd party apps, advanced designs, or API.

Modest — It will involve some 3rd party integration for payments, API, and customized design elements.

Complex — Will include all the modern graphics, 3rd party integrations, cutting edge aspects, complete back-end services, and support. 


  • The inclusion of cutting-edge features will have a direct impact on the costs in the following way. 3rd party apps will demand certain extra charges and also extra time in implementing the services. If your selected feature needs to use those services with the apps, they would incur extra costs.


  • In-app purchases are mandatory if you are looking to earn some revenue from the app. Integrating multiple types of payment options to aid users will require spending some charges for usage of the external services. 
  • Few features will need strong backend development and support to guarantee smooth functionalities and accomplish the task of load management in crunch situations. As there will be an enhancement in the number of users, there will upsurge in data usage. Managing large chunks of data across the platforms and integrating them in the cloud will need more budget.
  • The intention of adding modern graphics and UI elements will surely benefit the app but will also incur some additional costs.



The type of platform chosen to build the app is mainly reliant on target customers. You may choose to build the app on a native platform such as Android, iOS, or Windows to reach specific users. Some business owners prefer cross platforms as they will use a single coding pattern for multiple platforms. Therefore, it will demand more thorough research on target customer behavior and usage patterns for ending up with an accurate result.

Post-deployment expenses:

The mobile app development cost is not limited to just the development process. An app will be successful if it performs constantly after the release. Any kind of mobile app will demand regular updates, cloud management, customer communication, marketing strategies, agreements, etc. These activities are mandatory for the smooth functioning of the app and its success in the long run. But all these factors have to be considered while planning the initial budget for the app. Failing to do so may lead to unwanted hiccups in budgeting and functionalities in the live app. A reliable mobile app development company will guarantee to cover all the aspects of their planned activities. Due to such a smart move, you will have the budget perfectly divided among all the needed activities to maintain the app.

How much does it cost to build an app in Dubai?

With the familiarity of all the required factors involved in the development of a mobile app in India, there will be emphasis is on the query, “What is the cost of developing an app?”. Some may feel that it will be a direct question to be answered by mobile app development companies, but it is not. All the above-listed factors influence in a unique way for every project. They will require suitable planning and budget allocation for a structured quality of end product and will have an impactful part in deciding the overall costs. The different stages of mobile app development are:

  • Requirement breakdown 
  • Design strategy
  • Development 
  • Testing 
  • Deployment 
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance

An experienced mobile app development company will negate the occurrences of having any deviations that will hinder the app development process.


A mobile app development process will include many decisive and impactful aspects. Therefore, it is best advised to be associated with a trusted mobile app development company such as Brill Mindz. You will be guaranteed to get a profitable mobile app specific to your requirement.


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