Top Trends in Mobile App Development

top trends in mobile app development

Which are the top trends in mobile app development for 2024

With the beginning of 2024, there are massive expectations for the mobile app development segment powered by innovative solutions and advanced technologies. If you are looking to launch a startup then mobile app development will be one of the best things to look for. But amidst thousands of app products in the market, how can you ensure that your idea is unique? The simple and right solution is to go for the best app ideas in mobile app development for 2024 to choose the best one for your needs. Keep reading the blog to learn about some of the top trends that are expected to lead the market.

Artificial Intelligence:

Businesses are enhancing the integration of this innovative technology to make their products more capable. With AI-powered chatbots, you will be able to respond swiftly and rightly to customer queries. As voice recognition features have become a common trend now, the use of chatbots will become more sophisticated in the future. Since chatbots will be able to handle more human tasks, more activities will be integrated across businesses. Businesses can enhance their customer service thanks to chatbots that can employ natural language to interact with customers. Personalized experiences will be a boon for the brands as the bots can drive specific interactions based on customer needs and preferences. Similarly, the added innovations brought by Artificial Intelligence are expected to continue among the leading trends of the market.

Predictive analytics:

This technology focuses on anticipating events in the future using past information and the use of advanced technologies namely AI and ML. Several types of businesses are employing this technology to give superior service to their customers. The best example is e-commerce apps that offer recommended products based on the viewing history of the users. In 2024, the use of predictive analytics is expected to reach new heights to be integrated across different types of apps. Moreover, the technology will help avoid possible disasters about plumbing problems, device failures., security breaches, etc. As homeowners will be aware of the status of their smart devices, they can achieve peace of mind from any place. Further, there will be an impact on user engagement as you can give the best interface in the product. It is expected to be one of the top trends that will give the edge to businesses in this hugely competitive market.

Apps for Foldable Devices:

Foldable devices have been introduced to the mobile app market recently and are making their inroads to grab the share. This leading technology is one of the trends that you may consider while building a mobile app for your business. But to be successful you need to ensure that the app is running smoothly on foldable devices with user-friendly design. As users continue to use this dual-purpose screen size, they are getting an immersive experience encouraging the usage. The multi-screen option will help users to execute different tasks at the same time. Apps like gaming, video streaming, etc. can get an advantage by employing the feature to give creative user experience. Hence developing apps with compatibility for foldable devices will be one of the trends to look out for in 2024.

On-Demand Apps:

On-demand apps have been widely adapted across various segments offering rapid service to users to complete their requirements in minimal time. The efficiency and minimalistic nature are major reasons for these apps to be widely popular among smartphone users. The on-demand food delivery is one of the leading segments along with medicine, grocery, retail, and others. On-demand services have made essential services like health care to be accessible at any time and place allowing customers to connect with experts. Doctors and other healthcare professionals can know the status and respond to patient conditions by gaining access to vital information from their place. It is expected that more segments will be using the on-demand app way to reach customers and reap benefits.


As every segment is shifting to online mode, the use of cloud-based apps has increased. IOT-focused mobile apps will play a major part in taking user experience to higher levels in the coming days. With advancements in technology, there also has been increased instances of security breaches, Hackers are employing modern technology to break the system and steal crucial customer and business information. IoT is expected to give a solid defensive mechanism to safeguard the system from security-related concerns. As the effects of breaches get worse, the use of advanced security measures is mandatory for all kinds of businesses. Further, IOT can increase the levels of personalization in e-commerce by analyzing the historical data of users. Even healthcare personnel can deliver remote patient care thanks to the power of IOT technology in contribution. The use of wearables, real-time data, video consultation, etc. has enhanced patient care and is expected to reach new heights in 2024.

Beacon Technology:

Beacon technology is a wireless technology that lets the apps communicate with users depending on their location. The beacons are tiny battery-powered devices that send signals employing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology which are detected by smart devices in proximity. Beacon technology can be used to offer navigation in indoor spaces, especially in complex areas. Moreover, it has also transformed the retail experience letting physical stores send customized alerts to users as they reach their products of requirement. This is useful for many motives such as offering product information and reaching the right marketing motives. Beacon technology is found to be successful in delivering targeted marketing messages to customers depending on their location. This technology can be employed by businesses to deliver smart customer experience with innovative ideas for the future.

Final thoughts:

In the highly innovative digital era, customer demands have gone up rapidly in the field of mobile app development. Being a business owner, the key is going with an expert mobile app development company such as Brillmindz Technologies who can integrate the right trends to benefit your revenue figures in 2024.