How much does it cost to create an online learning app?

How much does it cost to create an online learning app

How much does it cost to create an online learning app?

A decade ago, nobody believed that there would be such a huge impact on smartphones in the lives of people. Now, you cannot imagine routine life without the use of smartphones and related apps. The same is for the education sector that has evolved and it will keep on the same track more prolifically with the innovations in online learning apps. With the innovation in technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) users can get practical experience in the place of their choice. A major reason for the popularity of eLearning apps is their flexibility and usable features. Online apps offer a wide range of benefits with a diverse use of technology to meet the needs of users, right from mobile apps to websites. Even though these apps were in use for a few years, the outbreak of Covid-19 has enhanced its importance and made the majority of schools adapt them for continuing the education process. With such enhanced importance, as a business owner, you may surely want to know the cost of educational app development in India.  


Features that create the difference in the eLearning app:

As there is huge competition in the market, online learning apps will succeed only if they offer uniqueness in all aspects. Below are some advanced features which can be implemented innovatively to aid the users.

Encourage Collaborative learning:

An app becomes successful in the long run if it involves collaborative aspects. It may involve some key aspects like game, tasks or exercise which engages the user at all stages. This will aid in holding the involvement of the user for a prolonged time. Advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will guarantee the delivery of useful data and content.

Multiple and In-app payment:

Online learning will need users to pay relative fees concerning the precise courses taken by the students. This requires the app to offer different types of payment methods integrated into the app without any glitches. It will ensure that users don’t have to go for any external sources and get all possible types of available payments.

Security of information

Any user will be concerned about the security of the information when they provide their details in the app. As both students and teachers will offer sensitive information, app owners must guarantee that their information must be secured and not be prone to malicious activities.

Video streaming:

The inclusion of a video streaming feature in the app is highly essential for smooth lecturers. Teachers will be able to connect collaboratively with the students at all stages. Students can clear all their confusion about any topics given in the app.

Share feature:

eLearning apps must have an inventive share feature that allows seamless sharing of files between students and teachers or between students. It will allow the users to enhance their knowledge by exchange of any content so that doubts are cleared easily. The app can also offer a community forum that allows users to connect and share their thoughts or help in solving user problems.



Every student has to be given optimal facilities to evaluate themselves by mock tests, quizzes, exams, and other in-built sessions. It will aid teachers to carry the tasks by keeping in sync with their schedules. Students will get their timely assessments and proof to improve their shortcomings.

Cloud support: 

In the current era, hosting content through the cloud is essential for all ventures so that users can engage both online and offline. This helps students to get updated content on time and also helps them to access the product on multiple devices and platforms.


Using advanced analytics features in the app will offer optimal; insights to the students to see which are major areas of improvement. Tutors can vary the contents depending on the user engagement and their preferences on a particular topic. Tutors can see which is the area of attention needed for every student and encourage them to work more efficiently.


Education app price in India:

Education app price in India depends on the below key aspects.

Operating Platforms:

Developing an educational app on multiple platforms considers several user-oriented behaviors. You may think on an initial note that the overall cost of building the app on the Android platform would be cheaper than iOS, but you must include the aspect that Android must be verified on several devices. It will increase the final cost of developing any kind of app. Hence, several business owners press for hybrid app development if the users are spread across multiple platforms.


While it’s crucial for any app to have an attractive design, care should also be taken about smooth navigations to provide smooth learning. As students and tutors will be engaged in the app for a longer time, an easily navigable design will hold them for a longer period. Having a combination of attractive and simple UI UX will impact the online classes app cost.

App Features: 

The type of features planned to be integrated into the app will be dependent on the intention of using the features of end-users. Consequently, the complexity and size of the app are reliant on the number and kind of features present in the app. While basic features are a necessity, the addition of premium features has to be done only after deep analysis and will have a deep impact on the overall school app cost.


The budget of any app must consider its maintenance costs after the release in the market. Being a business owner, it is key that you discuss post-development services provided by mobile app development companies. Online classes app cost is highly impacted by the maintenance services. 


Final Thoughts:

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