How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Udemy?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Udemy

 How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Udemy?

Smartphones and related apps have transformed the lives of people in recent years as people are using them for a wide range of activities. The education sector is no different, as it has crossed the physical limitations and entered into the digital space. E-learning has reached multiple mobile users and subscribers in recent years. This impact has been increased after the outbreak of the Corona-virus which caused the physical shutdown of schools and colleges. Teachers and students are forced to use eLearning apps and have been opened to the vast world of e-learning opportunities. If you are also thinking to develop an app like Udemy then explore  How much does it cost to develop an app like Udemy?


What is Udemy?

  • Learning Management System (LMS) is a software employed to learn and train various courses to one or multiple users. It is a cloud-based service that lets the users register, choose the course, complete, and then take proper valuations for checking the learning outcomes. Udemy is the largest Learning Management System (LMS) that is employed for learning across the globe, brainstorming, and sharing knowledge. It is popular in offering the best interface for users to learn without going to physical classrooms, irrespective of age limitations, time restrictions, or location barriers. 
  • This online platform was introduced as an app after its initial online success. This app has brought great innovation in the eLearning world by offering multiple online courses. Many reputed companies use Udemy for their employee skill improvement while individual learners use it for enhancing their skills for professional uplifting. Udemy has several content creation benefits such as PowerPoint, PDF documents, etc. where video and text content can be mixed to develop and publish multiple course materials. If you are looking for an e-learning website cost for building a Udemy clone app, then you are at the right place.

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Unique aspects of Udemy:

Before getting into the cost of a website like Udemy or build a Udemy clone app, then you must know its unique aspects that lead to success.

No pre-qualification tests: Udemy does not ask for any preliminary tests for starting an online course. Any interested person can take the course without any issues.

Multiple types of courses:

Users will get access to multiple types of educational and professional courses online on a single platform. There are a wide variety of courses online that range from mechanical subjects to software development. It includes many sub-levels of topics under each sector to aid the users.

The flexibility of using multiple devices:

A crucial feature of Udemy is its ability to offer flexibility to use multiple devices. Regardless of any android device like a mobile, tablet, or even iOS device you will get the same user experience.

Valuable prices:

All the above features are available at an affordable price to users. The Udemy app and website posses’ courses that are very affordable to all types of learners. This is a major contributor to the success of the app for such a long time. 

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Features in Udemy App:

If you are looking – “how to make an app like Udemy?” then you have to include the below basic features in the app:

  • User registration and managing profile for both learner and teacher.
  • Search engine to find the required course or program
  • A comprehensive dashboard to verify the activity of the app for both learners and teachers.
  • Groupings of every course separated by p[articular streams.
  • A filter to find the course with various options like fees, duration, topic, etc along with recommendations.
  • Course page with all the required details from the selected topics to the instructor, fees, and duration.
  • Create and upload the content with the editing option only for teachers or instructors.
  • Learners and students get the feature of mock-tests. This includes tracking their progress and evaluation of the test feature for teachers.
  • Online certification for various topics.
  • Option for teachers with webinars to host online lectures.
  • Push notifications for marketi9ng the newly added features and ads.
  • Online payment option for students for various courses or online certifications.
  • Chatbot features to provide constant support for both learners and teachers.
  • All the controls will be in the hands of the admin panel to control all the activities like managing the content, courses and delete any inappropriate content or any malicious activity.

Advance features:

Upgrading to premium features must be provided as it is most important to earn revenue from the app. The Premium version of the app must not contain any ads that will be useful for the user to have uninterrupted learning. You can provide exciting discount coupons for specific or new courses that can attract users. Download option for some specific courses based on the membership type of the user. Review and ratings are important to market the app.

How Much Dost to Develop an App like Udemy?

If you are looking to develop a website like Udemy, then carefully plan on the below factors.

App Platforms: If you are planning to roll out an MVP version of the app, it is wiser to have the app developed on one platform and later do it on the other platforms. 

App Design: Better designs will attract users to use the app to study their interesting topics more often. This will make the app more popular and earn more revenue.

Software and Tools: The type of software and tools employed by the engineers to build the app can influence the total cost of developing the app. 

App Features & Functionalities: As there will be plenty of features in the app like contents, video teachings, creative graphics, chats, and payment functions, it is evident that it will surely elevate the total app cost or overall cost of a website like Udemy.



E-learning has transformed the way of learning and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down in the coming years. You can be successful in building a Udemy clone app if you associate with a reliable mobile app development companies in Bangalore like Brillmindz who can aid you in choosing the right options to build a profitable app.