How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Instagram?

How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Instagram

How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Instagram?

In the modern digital world, people have become obsessed with technology. Social media apps have become a mandatory requirement for all smartphone users due to their usability and reach to all corners of the globe. Apps like Instagram have become a trusted way to connect with their known ones. They are considered as the best communication medium to not only connect with our friends and family but also provide a strong platform for various businesses to promote their products or services. They have got a golden opportunity to connect a diverse range of customers and dealers in the international market. Explore here  How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Instagram?


Instagram is a Facebook-owned social networking app that was built to let users share photos and videos from their smartphones. Users will have the option to follow various users to see their updates in the feed. Each user will have his profile where he can provide his bio and also see his updates of photos/videos. This app has evolved significantly from only allowed to post photos without any extra editing features in 2010. Now, it has many exciting features such as a variety of filter options with options to edit, posting videos/photos directly through the app, or from the existing list on the device. The app is free for Android or iOS users in their respective stores. This app can also be accessed on the web from your PC, but the user will have the option of sharing or uploading photos or videos only from their smartphones.

How to make an app like Instagram:

Easy installation:

Instagram was initially developed for iOS users, and looking at the overwhelming support it received, the app was given to android users. The installation and registration process is very easy for both iOS and Android users as they are allowed to directly login to the app using their email or Facebook credentials. This has increased the popularity of the app among smartphone users where some apps use lengthy registration and sign-up process.

UX/UI Design:

The design of the app is important for its long-term success. The UI/UX of Instagram is very unique and user-friendly that it easily attracts the users and also keeps them engaged for longer. More likely, the design is never constant and it keeps evolving regularly. Along with the addition of jaw-dropping features, Instagram has seen many subtle and exciting design changes to stay ahead in the market while also engaging the users.

User-friendly features:

A major contribution to the success of Instagram is the user-friendly features. While users can upload high-quality pictures taken on their device, Instagram offers exciting filters to upgrade the picture quality and attractive effects to the picture to make the process enjoyable. The photo manipulation is an exciting feature of Instagram that can transform dull photos into highly interesting ones with just the addition of available filters. It also offers an option to keep the picture private or public to be seen by everyone.

Beneficial for business:

Along with the exciting features to all smartphone users, there is usefulness for business owners and entrepreneurs. They have understood the benefit of Instagram and having a significant number of followers can aid in reaching the target customers easily. The smart bots of Instagram study the views and like to offer accurate stats to the business owners that helps in streamlining their marketing process. The analytical data will help them to showcase their products and services in a more defined manner to enhance conversions and visibility on Instagram.

How to generate revenue through an app like Instagram?

If you are looking to build an app like Instagram, then your process does not end with crafting a beautiful design with exciting features on the app. There will be no benefit of building an app without the option of monetizing it. Instagram gets several options to generate revenue via in-app ads, online shopping mediums, and sponsorships. With Instagram, being a business owner, you can develop your won profile, promote them on the app by posting relevant photos, videos, etc. You can significantly number of followers and promote your brand. In-app purchases will allow you to sell various filters, effects, customization of photos, and even sell the photos on the app. Business owners can also offer various deals/offers to users and gain significant revenue.

How much does it cost to build a social media app or an app like Instagram? 

How much does it cost to develop an app like Instagram?

App features: Instagram was extremely popular due to its exciting and user-friendly features. If you are developing a similar app, then it should have similar features that will attract and retain the users.

App platform: The cost of developing the app on various platforms varies from one another. There must be a thorough analysis of target customers and come to a conclusion as to the app will be a native one or a hybrid platform.

App Design: User-friendly app design had a major role to play in the success of the Instagram app. There should be an accurate blend of useful features and a user-friendly-interface if you want to make your app successful. There should be easy navigations even for first-time users. Do not overload the app with extra features that will make the users annoyed in the first run.

App Size: As there will be a large number of features and exciting design, it will have an impact on the app. Instagram server costs will also have an impact on social network start-up costs.

Instagram, a photo and video-sharing app has created a storm in the social media segment by offering advanced yet easy to use features for its audience. People of all ages have become addicted to Instagram due to its magical charm of offering innovative functionalities like Reels. The huge popularity of apps like Instagram has encouraged business owners to show interest in investing to develop an app like Instagram with tailored user experiences. If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur, looking to build such an app, then you have to start your journey with a well-planned strategy according to the requirements and budget figures.

Since the inclusion of complex features will increase the cost of app development, only relevant features should be added to the app with an innovative approach, especially in the first version. Once you gather feedback from users you will have the option to add extra features in the later stages. The overall cost of app development like Instagram will change according to the expertise and location. The price Approx 20k USD for Android and iOS in India when handled by a skilled mobile app development company. You will always find the prices higher if associated with a professional app development company than hiring a freelance developer, but you will get complete value for your investment. The end product will help you reach the target customer effectively and stand unique in the market.

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Bottom line:

Implementing a user-friendly interface is a crucial aspect of succeeding in developing an app like Instagram. Therefore, you have to associate with a reliable mobile app development company in Bangalore such as Brillmindz technologies for your venture. With a talented team, expertise in diverse niches, we will develop the app that will guarantee maximum ROI and lead the race.