How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App like LIDL Plus App?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like LIDL plus app

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App like LIDL Plus App?

Advanced mobile apps have transformed multiple industries across the globe in recent years. The outbreak of the Corona-virus pandemic has led to a huge shift in consumer shopping patterns. Online shopping has been gaining importance extensively across the globe like never before. On-demand grocery apps are the go-to options for people especially in the urban setting after the beginning of the Corona-virus pandemic. They have negated the need for people waiting in long queues at the grocery store or supermarkets. These apps offer all the necessary household products at reasonable costs with multiple payment options and doorstep delivery. There are several on-demand grocery delivery apps available in the market like Lidl, Big Basket, etc that have been successful in the market. With this success, many business owners are thinking – “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like LIDL plus app?


What is the Lidl app?

Lidl is a mobile app of one of the largest grocery chains in Europe that ease the shopping process like never before. Lidl operates from around 32 countries across the globe with 10,500 stores and around 160 distribution networks. Lidl apps help to locate the nearest Lidl store operating hours, see the discount offers and shop for your favorite items to be delivered to the doorstep.


Why has a Grocery Mobile App become a crucial aspect of current situations?

With a huge wave of transformation in the technological world in recent times, people always look for maximum comfort with the use of smartphones. The outbreak of corona-virus and the non-availability of vaccine until today, has enhanced this trend. Groceries are essential commodities that are needed at every home for everyday usage. But during these times where people are confined to their homes, grocery apps have come to the rescue. The trend shows no signs of slowing down, as people have known the usability of these apps.

How Online Grocery Mobile App Development Benefits the Grocery Business?

Grocery mobile app development has aided both the customers and business owners with multiple profits like:


Ease: Grocery apps have a workflow that is easy to use. Users have the comfort of placing orders form anyplace, anytime irrespective of the location. The only requirement for users is the need for a Smartphone and internet connection without standing in queues.

Saving time:

The current world is so fast and hectic that people find every moment to be precious. But technology has also benefited then with loads of convenience from the comfort of their homes. All the grocery items would be available at the tap of fingers.

Negates Over-spending:

It is a tendency among many people to purchase things at a supermarket that are not of actual use for themselves. Grocery apps reduce this issue and allow you to just focus on things that are needed and negate over-spending.

Discounts and offers: Grocery apps involve direct communications between owner and customer. They provide exciting offers and discounts at regular intervals along with loyalty offers and discount coupons. 

Safe and convenient payment options:

Grocery apps provide a secure and diverse range of payment facilities like debit/credit cards, online payments, UPI, cash on delivery (COD), etc. But with the ongoing pandemic, grocery apps have negated the COD options to felicitate no contact delivery.


Grocery App Owners:


It is evident that the grocery app is very convenient for customers for getting their daily needs but is also equally convenient for business owners. Hence, they are opting for mobile apps than websites. It is mainly due to the ability to gain the loyalty of customers. Mobile apps help to stay in customer vicinity easily and features like push notifications will allow to easily gain their attention.

Customer satisfaction achieved:

In the current times, it is crucial to satisfy the customers quickly due to the huge competition across every industry. Customers always look out for uniqueness in every shopping experience and it becomes easy for business owners to showcase their brand quality with mobile apps. This makes the customers fulfilled and keeps loyal to the brand.

Provides Competitive Advantage:

As every competitor tries to gain an advantage over others, it is crucial to stay unique for leading the race. Business owners can respond well to customer concerns and answer to solve their feedbacks within no time.


Grocery app development cost India

Online grocery app cost to build an app like Big basket, Lidl is dependent on below major factors.

App features: It is an important job to include basic and unique features in the app for being standout in the competition. Some basic features are essential for the app and other additional ones that could enhance the app’s richness. But having additional features will impact the overall cost of the application.

App Design: People always look to go for an app that is intuitive and has a user-friendly design. But having cutting-edge graphics and UI/UX elements will cost far more than including basic design elements in the app. It is key to have a proper blend between usability and attractiveness to make it value for money.

Technical aspects: It is dependent on the features and functionalities included in the app that effect the app size. Some features require more time and cost for implementation and integrating with 3rd party apps for the smooth functioning of the app. These 3rd party apps will charge some amount for using their services.

App Platform: Research well on the usage of the app platform of the target users as each one of them has its aspects in implementation and usage. Generally, business owners prefer to go for native apps like Android, iOS, Windows, etc, or go for Cross-platform apps.

Grocery apps like lidl plus have become highly popular across the globe due to their ability in offering all kinds of household products at reasonable prices combined with features like doorstep delivery and multiple payment options. There are several on-demand grocery delivery apps available in the market that have been to successfully reap profits as they have crossed huge numbers across the globe. People are used to ordering groceries thanks to the easy availability of the internet, smartphones, and the outbreak of covid-19 that has shown the way. With this success, many business owners are thinking – “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like LIDL plus app?”

The cost of an on-demand grocery delivery app on Android and iOS platforms in India can differ largely due to many key factors, such as the choice of app platform., the complexity of the features and functionalities, the skill level of the mobile app developers, and the mobile app development team’s hourly rate which is again different in various locations. To give a rough estimate, the development of a food delivery app will cost Approx 15k USD for Android and iOS reliant on the factors mentioned above. For getting an accurate cost to develop a food delivery app, it’s suggested to take guidance from an experienced app developer and get a detailed estimate of the project after analysing the specific requirements, business motives, and budgeting figures.



Currently, the online grocery shopping business is flourishing with the increased use of grocery apps from people around the world. If you are looking for a grocery mobile app development company in India, then associate with a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore India such as Brill Mindz.