How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App like Ajio App?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Ajio app

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App like Ajio App?

Business owners have ample opportunities in India, the world’s fastest-growing economy. Since the easy availability of the internet, there has been a huge transformation in the Indian market. The major contribution is in the field of mobile app development. Mobile apps for selling products (E-commerce apps) like Amazon, Flipkart and Walmart are going strong and recent addition to this is Ajio. It has attained a significant position in the market within a couple of years to its launch. Due to this success, many business owners are looking to develop a free eCommerce app like Ajio.


About Ajio:

Ajio is a retail shopping app from Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) led by the richest Indian, Mukesh Ambani launched in March 2016. Ajio has a wide range of collections in clothes across both global and Indian brands with a wide range of options. Due to innovative, optimal service, design, and exciting offers, this app has gained a significant amount of revenue with the highest sales in the market.

Ajio has a collection of all renowned brands that people like to wear along with handpicked collections that simplify the process of selection of more than 80000 items. It has a partnership with a huge quantity of logistic partners to deliver products to various locations. The app has useful options like optimal return policies and multiple payments.

Features in an app like Ajio:

Below are the features to be included in Ajio like app for appealing and user-friendly nature:

Simple Registration and login: Ajio has a simple registration process that avoids users from getting annoyed. Users must be allowed to log in with their Email or social media accounts without the hassle of creating a new username and password. A major reason for app drop-offs happens during these processes which involve tedious steps.

Easy Navigation: Navigation is one of the extremely crucial factors for offering the best user experience even with advanced features. Ensure to have a responsive design and optimal display of features for all types of devices.

Multiple payment options: Customers must have the option to pay via debit/credit cards, UPI, net banking, and also Cash on delivery options. It is crucial especially during the time of the Corona-virus outbreak to allow contactless delivery. There should also be an option for other country buyers using a secured payment gateway. Global payment options such as PayPal will be very useful for such customers.

Push Notifications: Push notifications alert the user with any updates from the apps regarding any new offers, features, or delivery communications. It is an easy way to reach users and promote your product.

Offers and discounts: Users will be keen on seeing the offers and discounts on various products as it is the most crucial aspect for enhancing the app downloads. They must be allowed to add any coupons during the checkout process without any hassles.

Filters and Search: It is one of the key elements of such apps as users want to look for only specific types of products reliant on multiple criteria. You must also give a featured product option for adding exclusive offers from a particular brand on the home page section.

Wishlist: This is for the user who wants to keep a particular product for purchase in the cart and make payment later.

Reviews and ratings: App reviews and ratings on the app store will determine the success of the app. Users will look at the reviews for any particular app before they decide to make purchases.

Reports and analytics: It is needed to analyse the sales graphs and user behaviour which is important in streamlining the overall process.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like the Ajio app?

The cost mobile shopping app development like Ajio is dependent on below major factors:

The complexity of Features:

While it is evident that adding advanced features in the mobile app will make the app richer but will have a direct impact on the overall development cost. Some features will need to interact with the third-party apps to carry precise functionalities. These functions may be the use of Gmail or social media to sign up and login, communicate with payment apps for in-app purchases, security reasons, and interacting with DB. Such features will require more time to implement and also require more budget for optimal functioning.                  


Android has a large number of users across the globe and results in more opportunities for user reach and success. But even iOS has a large market share that is highest in the market. You will have to design an ad test with a large number of supported devices for the Android platform. Cross-platform codes work well for both the platforms. If you are looking for “how to make eCommerce app in the android studio” then you have to choose a company that has good knowledge and expertise in Android technologies.

Development costs:

The development rates vary from region to region. You have to ensure that the app development company will provide you with continuous maintenance for your mobile app after the deployment. This is much important to reach and build trust among the new customers. Reliable mobile app development companies will look a bit costlier than others but they will save loads in the long run by finishing the work accurately on time.

If you are thinking How to create an android app like amazon? How to make an android app like Flipkart? or how to create an app like Ajio, then these aspects must be considered in your planning phase. You have to choose a company that has good knowledge of all Android technologies while also adhering to modern market trends.

How much does it cost to develop an app like an ajio app

The popularity of e-commerce apps such as Ajio has been remarkable and has attracted many aspiring business owners. Most of them are drawn towards the approach but have one question in mind – How much does it cost to develop an app like the agio app? Well, it is not a straightforward answer since the cost of mobile app development relies on many variables of the process along with the app developers you choose to develop the project. These factors include app type, choice of app platforms, the complexity of app design and functionalities, and the location of app developers. To find out the exact cost of developing an eCommerce mobile app such as Ajio, there must be detailed research on the impacting factors.

If you want to take your core app idea into a profitable reality, then you need to have a team of expert mobile app development team. They should be able to choose the best technology to develop features that are necessary to users combined to factor business motives. Regardless of all the other impacting factors mentioned above, the location of app developers will hugely impact the app development cost. The cost is Approx 20k USD for Android and iOS in India with an app development company that has experience in developing portable apps. Hence associate with an app development company who have worked on e-Commerce projects delivering profitable results.



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