How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Marketplace E-Commerce App Like Amazon?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Marketplace E-Commerce App Like Amazon?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Marketplace E-Commerce App Like Amazon?

Smartphones and related apps have impacted all types of businesses. Ecommerce companies are no different and there is a huge transformation in this industry due to mobile phone apps. Due to their value and usability, shopping apps have become a norm for customers to buy various products. After the outbreak of Coronavirus, the usage has reached another level as the majority are preferring for smartphone apps. They are helping people to place orders by following isolation and social distancing norms. All these services at much better rates than traditional shops and also adhering to hygiene standards. Such benefits have given rise to the question “How much is the e-commerce mobile app development cost in India?” so you will know in this article Cost to Develop a Marketplace E-Commerce App Like Amazon.

About Amazon app:

Amazon is a highly popular online marketplace that is employed by the majority of businesses and individuals across the globe. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos at Seattle, Washington as an online bookstore. From then, it has grown heavily to transform into the world’s largest eCommerce retailer. With the availability of a huge customer base, it provides a good opportunity for earning more profit for retailers. Amazon is the best place for retailers to sell their products and customers to buy them at reasonable prices.

Major features to be included in an e-commerce app like Amazon:

With all such advantages, business owners are getting interested in online shopping app development. Major features to be included are:

1. Sign-up

The sign-up procedure must be simple and user-friendly. If it is very complex chances are that people may never register and uninstall the app.

2. Login with multiple options

Users must be allowed to log in to the app with Gmail, social media, twitter accounts. If you want your app to be popular soon, then integrating with social media is a crucial task. You will have the option to publicize your app and related products on various platforms. The customers will get an opportunity to share their views and feedbacks.

3. Multiple payment options:

Providing multiple payment options to customers is key to the success of such apps. You must utilize different payment gateways and provide various payment options like credit/debit cards, online payments, UPI, etc.

4. Notifications:

Push notifications are needed for customers to know the status of their orders and other product updates. It is also necessary to notify about any offers/updates in the app. It will keep the users alert about various happenings without any delay.

5. Add to the Cart and Checkout:

Add to the cart feature is for customers who want to keep the list of items they may buy later. They could add those products into the cart and save them to buy in the future. You could keep notifying them if those products are running out of stock early.

The checkout feature allows the customers to complete an order by adding payment methods and delivery address. Items in the cart could be added in the checkout option as per the wish of customers.

6. Ratings/reviews:

Regardless of any type of app, the ratings and reviews carry much importance in defining success. It offers a reliable source of information for other customers who are willing to shop for products in your app. This will also provide you transparent information about the issues in the system. Such information will aid you in improving the process and be the leader in the competition.

7. Filters:

There should be the availability of advanced filters for aiding the users to find the precise products. These filters must be based on categories, locations, product types, brands, prices, colors, etc. This saves time for users to find and buy exact products and services.

Advantages of Apps for eCommerce business:
  • Smart Phone apps are widely used while compared to websites. The apps respond well and offer the best usability for online shopping.
  • Business owners can customize the offers and product suggestions as per target-audience preferences.
  • Customer details are store precisely and the profile could be linked to user bank accounts without any issues.
  • A good platform for local business owners to go global by having a popular platform for marketing their products.
  • E-commerce Mobile apps let users get access to a wide range of products at a single place.
  • Retailers will get a solid platform that is available 24*7 and users are assisted with assistance on product queries via chatbots.
  • Users will get splendid experience with the blend of easy navigations and user-friendly UI that will assist with higher traffic flow.
  • Retailers and app owners can earn a significant amount of revenue depending on the transactions between vendors and customers. The different types of profitable ways are
  1. Promotional fees for goods.
  2. Commission fees waged by the retailer after the sale
  3. The listing charge for products.
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Marketplace E-Commerce App Like Amazon?

With all the above benefits, you may be thinking- “How much does it cost to build an app like Amazon?” Online shopping app development cost depends on below factors like:

  • Type of platform you select to develop the app. The cost for Android may be less but you will have to consider the number of devices while compared to iOS.
  • The design must be simple and user-friendly. You may include many advanced elements into the design but they will incur additional costs.
  • E-commerce mobile app cost in India is reliant on advanced features like GPS, Calendars, OTP verification, Chatbots, customer voice support, etc. 
  • Finally, it depends on the overall size of the app determined by the features and functionality.

Bottom line:

If you are looking for eCommerce app development like Amazon, then you have to find the best mobile app development company. Brill Mindz is an experienced and trusted mobile app development company in Bangalore, India that has built apps across diverse industries. With the talented mobile app engineers and marketing experts will ensure to provide maximum brand visibility and profitability.

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