How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App in India?

How much does it cost to make an educational app in India

How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App in India?

Education has not just been limited to a traditional classroom setting in recent years due to the advancements in smartphones and related apps. It has allowed students to study anytime and any place by just using smartphone apps. Due to this, education is offering multiple opportunities for innovations and business opportunities in recent years. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have changed the routine processes across all businesses. Education is no different and even being around in the market for a quite long time, smartphone apps have become a boon for people involved in the segment. Looking to develop an educational app and want to know how much does it cost to make an educational app in India? Keep reading below to know more.

Features to include in your educational app:

The type of features involved in the app will be reliant on who is the end-user intending to use these features. But regardless of this, there are some must include features in any kind of educational app in India as below:

Login/Signup. Logging in and signing up must be allowed with your Google email account possibly of the parent for security concerns. This easy login and signup will not only assure optimal security but also reduce the overall process that would traditionally involve entering every detail. In the current digital era, there may also be a requirement for logging in with the social media option.

Profile: Students will require an individual profile to get access to specific topics according to their courses. Even teachers can adjust their schedules, upload specific content and also verify the reports of students to properly fulfill the precise needs of the students.

Learning contents: Contents for specific topics should be accessed from trusted and proven sources to genuinely benefit the students. Learning materials for respective topics should be able to be filtered by complexity. They can be filtered with the key aspects like mock tests and quizzes, live lectures, practical questions for every theoretical subject. These contents must be verified and updated periodically according to the advancements.

Push notifications: It is a regular diverting aspect of the majority of students to find any excuses to skip the studies. These push notifications are crucial in alerting them on time for several purposes for various assignments and classes. They are also helpful for teachers to be on time for their lectures and do not miss any schedules. These push notifications can also help promote the app and get back the users.

Search: These advanced educational mobile apps should be able to let the students and teachers search the required topics easily. This will ensure that they are not wasting the time navigating through all the sections to find their topic of choice. Students can come back all the time and study the lessons according to their convenience. Teachers should be able to adjust to their schedule and find the lessons to allow the smooth flowing of their lectures.

Reports: Both students and teachers need to analyze their learnings and teachings with detailed analytics. This provides a capability to find any flaws in imparting learning and adjust the courses according to the needs.

Scheduling: In the present world, the majority of students go for live lectures that let real-time communication of the students. But mobile apps also let the users schedule the learnings as per their convenience. Hence schedule is a must-have feature in the educational app for both students and teachers.

Multiple device and platform support: Due to the enhancement in online learning, students may use a dedicated device at home. But with the futuristic approach, schools may also provide devices to be used. Hence it is key to have cloud-supported software that lets these apps be used on different types of devices and platforms.


How much does it cost to make an educational app in India?

Education app Development cost in India or elearning app development cost in India or Education app price in India is dependent on below important aspects:

Operating Platforms:

Building an educational app on different platforms has several user-oriented aspects to consider. The cost of developing the app in the single Android platform would be more cost-effective than iOS, but you must consider the fact that Android must be tested on multiple devices. This will enhance the overall cost of developing the educational app. Due to this, several business owners go for cross-platform development if they want to meet the demands of users across multiple platforms.


Educational apps should have a user-friendly design that lets users easily navigate through the features. Since both students and teachers will work with the app for a longer time, a smooth design will keep them interested. Further, having an impactful UI/UX will require more than normal investment for getting exciting brand value.


The type of technology included in the app has a straight impact on the overall cost of development. Further, several technologies, libraries, and tools will be attached with open-source components while others may require extra charges. Hence, the choice of technology will have an impact on the online classes’ app cost aspects.

App Features: 

The complexity of the app is dependent on the type and number of features and functionalities present in the app. Along with some basic features you may want to add some premium elements which will need external app integration that will increase the cost of development. Hence, business owners often go for the MVP version of the app in the primary release.

Post-Development Services:

Few educational app development companies offer complete maintenance services as a package. As a business owner, you must consider the post-development maintenance service for ensuring error-free app performance.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking to build an educational app, you have to associate with an expert, reliable, and smart mobile app development company in New Delhi such as Brillmindz Technologies. With their decade-long expertise in developing diverse types of apps, they will ensure to develop a profitable mobile app that fulfills the requirements of target customers and surges the brand value.

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