Top 10 e-Learning apps in India

Top 10 e-Learning apps in India

Top 10 e-Learning apps

The outbreak of coronavirus has significantly impacted the normal life of all individuals across the globe with extended lockdowns. The economic and professional lives of people in all the industries have been brought to a halt due to the crucial need of being at home to stay protected from this wide-spreading epidemic. The world of learning is no different from school, colleges and other educational institutes being shut for prolonged periods. In such times, e-learning apps have helped to keep the learning process intact. Find out here Top 10 e-Learning apps. For many years, e-learning apps had revolutionized the process of education with the ability to enhance knowledge and reaching the highest number of recipients. With the fast advancement of technology, the development of such apps has undergone a huge transformation from the best mobile app development companies in India like Brill Mindz.

Top 10 e-learning apps:

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle is one of the more old-style e-learning apps. It has a large collection of DIY books, textbooks, reference guides, etc. that could be bought, downloaded, and read on those devices. It could be a conventional method of learning, but people are delightfully using it than the other competitors due to its less expensiveness and availability. The device can stock uploads of material without being running out of space.


This is a perfect learning app to gain negotiation skills as it is very important in all types of jobs. This app has a wide range of classes that educate on a different topic. It has a stock of over 1000 courses across various technologies, maths, science, etc. Every lesson or class has reading assignments, lectures, and video content. Some available courses are free of cost but some require payment especially for that valuable certificate you get for completing the course.


If you are interested in learning a new language in this quarantine phase then this is the best app to learn with fun. It hosts a wide variety of languages like Italian, Spanish, Irish, etc. It has very user-friendly and innovative methods that help to learn new languages and add to the profile. It provides a real-time learning experience that helps in the times of visiting any other country.

Khan Academy:

This is a popular app that teaches more traditional courses like science, maths, physics, economics, and more. The app has over 10000 videos that provide many lessons and courses. This app is best for people to learn academics on a budget with most of the content available at free of cost.

LinkedIn Learning:

This a new concept from an experienced player in the digital world. It provides a large number of courses and tutorials for professionals to brush up or learn any new concepts. Lynda’s app is also available but they recommend using the LinkedIn learning app. It has a user-friendly UI and easy maneuvering features with loads of courses in creative learnings that will help professionals in their careers.

Tutopia-The Learning App:

Tutopia is a trendy learning application to help the understudies of West Bengal board to gain proficiency with their ideas completely. We utilise the best techniques for bestowing information on the web, android and iOS. Advanced learning is the new type of instruction today. Tutopia brings to you superior grade and effectively justifiable video classes. These recordings cover all subjects and parts instructed by proficient instructors with mastery.


Solo Learn:

This app has a vast collection of learning apps that focusses on computer programming with the availability of web languages like HTML, Java, C++, and Python. Every language is available on a particular app and majorly it is completely free. With all such advantages, you will learn such complex languages free of cost by sitting at home.


It the most popular course-style learning app that concentrates on providing skill-based knowledge. It comprises courses like Adobe and Microsoft apps but also learnings on cooking, public speaking, etc. Many of the courses are available free of cost but if you need a more detailed analysis of all the subjects then you must get the paid versions. It has plenty of videos but requires patience from the user to sit and watch all the videos for every small explanation but it proves worthy as it gives much positive experience.

Wolfram Alpha:

Wolfram Alpha is a useful app for serious scholars including different concepts of statistics, maths, physics, data analytics, engineering, chemistry, astronomy, weather, units of measurement, geography, and much more. When you search for any concept on this app, it will explain the concept and also show hove to execute the problems in them. It has more detailed educational tools for some detailed explanations on every subject. Such explanations will be charged more and have a different app altogether in Wolfram Alpha.


YouTube is a widely used app among all types of individuals that comprises of many informational videos on all fields like music, politics, economics, cinema, entertainment, and all other types of educational videos on every industry in the world. Many DIY videos help to perform anything by yourself which is the reason for its high popularity. Activities like repairing the vehicle or any other equipment, fixing any electrical issues or diet-related information are available on this app. The option for people having their channels to showcase these videos has provided an unparalleled option for everyone to showcase their talents and also get information on all the topics. All such videos will comprise of ads but YouTube red is an option with some additional charge which removes ads from the video.

Bottom line:

If you have a solid core idea and want to transform it into a splendid mobile app, you must associate with the LMS & E-Learning app development company in IndiaBrill Mindz. They will help you to execute all your ideas efficiently and also expand the brand name by reaching maximum users.