Unreal Engine vs Unity 3D Games Development: What one to Choose?

Unreal Engine vs Unity 3D Games Development

Unreal Engine vs Unity 3D Games Development: What one to Choose?

Modern digital games have come a long way beyond entertainment to teach the users about teamwork, strategy, and fast responses. Advanced technology and graphics have established a new benchmark and created a new spark in the segment. The realistic effect presented in modern games should be credited to the game engines. Majorly, Unreal and Unity gaming engines have gained the highest popularity in the complete gaming market. If you are looking for effective game app development, which one should you choose? Continue to read below for a more detailed comparison.

About Game Engine:

A game engine is a framework for that specific game is a software development setting that is crafted for developers to build different types of video games. They employ these game engines for developing various types of games for smartphones, consoles, and computers. The basic aspects given by a game engine consist of a rendering part for various types of graphics, collision response, animation, scripting, sound, artificial intelligence, streaming, managing memory, network, and might also consist of video aid for a cinematic experience which is a key aspect.

Unity: Unity is a game engine launched by Unity Technologies that has become one of the highly employed engines for game development across the globe. This engine has been used by various other industries other than video gaming like the movie, engineering, architecture, construction, etc. As it is a cross-platform type, it can be employed across diverse platforms such as iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, etc. Moreover, this engine has shown the ability to work seamlessly on 25 platforms but a majority of the exciting functionality is only available on pro-version. Another crucial aspect of the Unity engine is that it doesn’t have an open-source code implying that it cannot be used outside the engine.

Unreal: Unreal is a game engine that was initially presented in 1988 and built by Epic Games which was primarily built as a first-person shooter game. After some progress over the years, it is employed for building several other types of games. Unreal is a highly used platform especially for developing top-quality luxurious games which demand high-quality features. This is the best option for the right combination with VR to get the best interfaces with experience. But this engine is not suitable for minor game development as it is employed only for huge ventures. While the engine is free to use, it will have its norm which implies that it requires a fee of 5%.

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Which one is the best choice and why?

While both the engines are top in their respective working, a developer needs to be sure about the business model, features, functionalities, niche of the game type, and many such aspects as below:

Mobile types:

Usually, traditional developers want to go with the Unity engine as it has proven its worth for developing successful settings. It will allow for several paid and free plugins, in-built templates, integrated purchases, ads, etc. Unity engine has been constantly providing good graphics content with constant support. 2D games involve the same type of experience with both Unreal and Unity engines. But for 3D game development unity is still not up to the mark as Unreal engine that provides the best graphic quality in its latest version.

Programming skills:

It is a highly crucial aspect since developers need to have a technical stack that is beneficial. While Unity employs both C# and JavaScript, Unreal employs C++ technology. But you cannot single handedly tell which is the best-suited language for game development since the selection must be dependent on the skill of engineers and other essential aspects. If the developers are comfortable in some type of language, then look for the best suitability in both the engines. For instance, Unity would be an ideal choice for developing a team that has the experience of working with Java.

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For working with developers or visual artists:

Developers will surely love to work with Unity as it gives a luxurious setting along with an interface that is neatly organized. But the Unreal engine is the best choice for visual artists as it gives state-of-the-art graphics which makes the experience highly rich to the users. Both the engines are looking to create a general option. Unreal which hosts rich graphical interfaces are looking to give a simple-looking experience. Similarly, Unity that was focused on aiding the development process, is looking to be concentrating on giving engaging visual experience with attractive UI.

Asset Store:

You will not understand the importance of Asset stores until you feel the need to extend the features and interface by installing add-ons and plug-ins. Both the engines consist of asset stores that let you use paid and free 3D character designs, sounds, landscapes, functionality models. Unity3D is the clear winner if the diversity and size of the add-ons are considered. Right from GUI elements to graphical aspects, you will get a complete package in Unity 3D with a paid option.


Both Unity and Unreal are free to be used but if you are intending to monetize the product, you need to get the complete updated version. While Unreal needs developers to pay 5% of fees in their game profit when it crosses the figure of 3000$. The free version is available, but you will understand the need for an updated version in both engines.

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Final thoughts:

Choosing a game engine is a crucial and long-term choice according to the requirements of your project. While you look at the current features and functionalities as a business owner you also need to have a long-term plan for your aspirations by looking at the upcoming releases of both engines. But to achieve success in the project, you need to associate with a reliable mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz. They consist of a team of highly proficient game app experts who have developed several engaging games that are earning sufficient profits for business owners.