Grow Your Business By 10x With Uber-Like Taxi App

Grow Your Business By 10x With Uber-Like Taxi App

Grow Your Business By 10x With Uber-Like Taxi App

The traditional taxi industry has been transformed by the “Uber” Taxi app by making it accessible and affordable. With this success of Uber, many businesses are interested in this type of app development by employing the same type of business strategy to obtain significant profits. The need for this type of app has been widely increasing in the market with options to innovate in features and design. This type of on-demand business structure Uber-like Taxi app can be applied across all industries. With such advantages, you may have basic queries running in your mind “How to start a business-like Uber?”


What is the Uber taxi app? How to Grow Your Business By 10x With Uber-Like Taxi App

Uber is a 24*7 car booking app that was founded in 2013 to currently transform into a highly used car booking app, functioning across 80+ nations. Uber consists of a splendid app workflow that connects all drivers in a particular city to the riders via the iOS and Android app. The most unique feature of this app is that both of them can track the real-time location of each other and have efficient communication. The app holds exciting features, awesome interface, smooth navigations, easy connectivity, and rare blunders in the functionality. Due to this, Uber has been standing unique in the market and gained the trust of millions of users across the globe.


Workflow of the app:


  • Ride Request from user: The customer has to download the app from the Apple play store or Google play store and signup to become a user. They can request the ride from a particular location to another. This request will be seen to nearby drivers and if they accept it, their details will be sent to the customer. If the driver declines the request, it will be sent to another nearby driver.
  • 2.The arrival of cab: Once the customer receives the contact details of the driver, he can track the real-time location of the cab with an estimated time of arrival.
  • Ride: Once the cab arrives, you will be shown the approximate time to reach the destination and ride cost. It has a cashless payment method that is beneficial for both driver and customer.
  • Payment and Rating: Once the ride is complete, you have to pay for the ride and rate the driver on different criteria mentioned in the app.


Benefits for your business from developing a Uber-like Taxi app:


1. Enhanced prominence:

Usage of mobile phones and related advanced apps have been increased across all parts of the globe. After the advent of Coronavirus, this trend has been increased like never before as people are using on-demand apps to fulfil their necessities. Hence, having a mobile app for your taxi business offers a good chance to reach wider customers and great visibility to your business. People who travel across the globe, highly rely on such apps to find taxis. Having a Uber-like taxi app will surely benefit more from running traditional booking centres.


Real-time Tracking of Taxi Location:

An exciting feature of such apps is the real-time tracking feature that aids the customer to know the precise location of the taxi. Apps will show the exact time of arrival at the customer location. It is also beneficial for drivers to know the exact location of the customers and pick them up easily. This aids them to reduce the time in searching for customer-place and arrive in the shortest available route. This saves time and fuel for the drivers thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing operating expenses. These practices will decrease instances of ride cancellation due to waiting times that will have a direct impact on increasing customer satisfaction.


Auto-pilot method helps in increasing overall profit:

Traditional taxi booking was dependent on the method of customers arriving at the booking centres to check the options available. Once they confirm a taxi, price, and destination, owners would assign a driver to that ride. Uber-like taxi apps have transformed the taxi business by adopting the auto-pilot mode. The app will assign a ride from the customer, send payment and driver details in advance. This enables a smooth overall ride process for drivers and customers.


Supervising productivity of drivers:

Mobile apps let the business owners to constantly check a driver’s productivity. The style of driving is directly proportional to fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. The style of behaviour has an impact on customer satisfaction. Hence close supervision of drivers is much needed for the success of such business. App provides information to business owners about driving patterns like punitive braking and reckless driving.


Individual offers for customers and clients:

It is crucial to know the preferences and likes of customers to offer the best services and enhance your business revenue. The uber-like app will allow you to accumulate these key data from the customers with feedbacks and ratings. The app will also have a ride location and frequency information of customers. This will aid the business owners to send customized offers and discounts to the app users and promote the rides.


Improved Profits:

Traditional taxi booking models from apps will involve paying a large number of commissions to the app owners. With such an Uber-like app. Business owners can save finances on those commissions that will ultimately lead to enhanced revenue. Growth of business has ample opportunities with your tailored ideas being executed into reality.


How much does it cost to make an app like uber in India?

Uber-like app development costs in India are dependent on the type of advanced features included, several platforms, app size, and associated mobile app development company. Hence it becomes crucial to associate with the best mobile app development company that will guide you to success.



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