The modern tech-savvy audience is heavily reliant on smartphones and the relative apps that have been prevalent across all global industries. Amongst this severe competition, the success of any venture is dependent on their capability to ease the user problems. Amongst the diverse types of user benefits, renting a car using car rental apps has become popular and widespread across the globe. They have a unique capability to make users feel easy about the transportation and offer better convenience for booking the car, timing, and location of their desire. Car rental business Owners like Telgani in KSA have used the latest inventions in technology and are associated with a leading mobile app development company in India, Brill Mindz to engage the users for longer. Brill Mindz has effectively built Telgani car-rental app across Android, iOS, and website including user-friendly functionalities, and offered top returns for the respected client.

 Telgani app was initially founded in 2018 to offer seamless car renting services to people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Consequently, it became highly popular to be the leading car renting app in Saudi Arabia within two years. This product was expanded to cover more than 20 cities in Saudi Arabia and other locations in UAE by associating with around 300 service providers. The numbers in the market show its significant share in the car rental industry. As car rental apps are in huge demand even in India, the name of the Telgani App store can be highly beneficial in the industry. Smartphone app users can rent a car at a low price by employing the Telgani app and reaping its unparalleled benefits. Brillmindz has the expertise of developing such engaging and user-friendly car rental apps like Telgani which has enhanced the brand value of the clients.

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We have a portfolio to be proud of

Brill Mindz is extremely happy about its portfolio that is the key driving force as a top mobile app development company in India. The team has the experience of working with several passionate start-ups and established enterprises in building splendid apps for their projects.

Brill Mindz has a passionate team of designers, coders, testers, backend engineers who will never allow the app to fail in the hands of users. Consequently, we can lead the market by offering uninterrupted service and prove to be successful in the long run. Brill Mindz can deliver the products at expected timelines due to the combination of sheer passion and customer-oriented methodology at all stages. There will be the inclusion of advanced and accurate technologies as per the user behavior and changing trends. Further, we are blessed to have a constantly updated team that plays a major part in enhancing the experience of app users. Brillmindz is a leading mobile and software development company in India thanks to the decade of fruitful experience that comes in handy while dealing with complex challenges and associated with trusted partners for several valued clients like Telgani. 

 Diverse types of businesses can completely utilise the advantages of mobile apps and lead the competitive space if they associate with experts like Brill Mindz. The established brand in the market has aided us to reach new customers every day and help them innovate in their respective industries. This is accomplished by the use of advanced and accurate tools in the product. Brillmindz has built many apps that have favored the users and proved to be profitable across Android, iOS, Cross-platform, and Website development segments. With a precise combination of a skillful app development team and proven strategies, we employ a proven Agile development in our approach, to successfully fulfil the requirements of clients like Telgani car rental apps.

  • Innovation: The digital solutions developed by Brillmindz have not only enhanced the profitability but also the reputation of our clients. 
  • Customer-oriented strategy: Brillmindz starts the development process after completely understanding the needs and core ideas of the product. 
  • Adaptable nature: Already proven agile development approach lets us deliver on time according to the requirements.
  • Reliable maintenance service: Our enthusiastic bunch of engineers and marketing experts ensures maximum ROI. 

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