Govt launches free digital learning app for students during Covid-19 lockdown

free digital learning app for students

Govt launches free digital learning app for students during Covid-19 lockdown

The outbreak of Coronavirus and resulted nationwide lockdown has led to studding down of all major industries in the country. The academics is no different and all the students are affected by the closure of schools, colleges, and educational institutions. But all these shutdowns have given an unexpected boom to the digital learning industry. All major schools and colleges have started to move their curriculum online and helping students to kickstart their academic year. There are many web platforms and course materials along with video conferencing options in these e-learning apps. Indian central government and various state govt have launched a free digital learning app for students during the Covid-19 lockdown.


Govt launches free digital learning app for students during Covid-19 lockdown:


Bright Tutee:

This app is available for free including all-inclusive learning, categorized videos, review options, and a question bank for subjects like science and maths. This app comprises of contents that are available in Hindi, English, and Hindi-English (bi-lingual). The government has advised all educational bodies to use the free informative app for its unparalleled coverage and friendly content. Students have the option to look at content from the website or download it from the Google play store. The app has associated with education boards of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Nagaland launching its app for all the schools in those states. The government has appreciated this initiative of Bright Tutee which is very helpful during such times of lockdown by not stopping the continuation of the academic year.



This was introduced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India under Digital India to give a synchronized stage and free access to web courses, including all advanced education, High School, and skill sector courses. This was launched officially on 9th July 2017 by the honorable President of India. It has been built as a joint venture of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) and AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) with the aid of Microsoft and has provision for enabling 2,000 courses. It provides free access to all the users and included courses from class 9 to post-graduation. It is very useful for professors and faculty of centrally sponsored institutes such as IITs, IIMs, IISERs, etc. to teach students. The courses offered by this platform are available in 4 types. – video lecture specifically equipped reading material that could be downloaded or printed, self-assessment via various tests and quizzes, and finally an online discussion medium for clarifying the doubts. There are many measures taken to enhance the learning experience by employing audio-video, multimedia, and advanced technologies.


e-PG Path Shala:

e-PG Path Shala is an initiative of the MHRD under its National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT) being implemented by the UGC. It focuses on providing quality, curriculum-based, and interactive content in 70 subjects across all categories of arts, social sciences, fine arts, natural and mathematical sciences.


Main points:


  • The official site of e-PG Path Shala includes 22000+ modules in various subjects.
  • Students have the benefit of accessing e-Adhyayan, UGC MOOCs, and e-Pathya.
  • e-Adhyayan hosts more than 700+ postgraduate course books to the students
  • These conveniences are also accessible offline, for students who cannot access the internet for the entire day.


National Digital Library:

The National Digital library of India (NDLI) is a project under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, India. This app aims to accumulate and organize metadata and offer full-text index from many national and international digital libraries, along with other relevant sources. It is a digital repository comprising textbooks, articles, videos, audiobooks, lectures, simulations, fiction, and all other types of learning media. The NDLI offers free of cost access to various books in English and many other Indian languages. To provide access to exact resources without wasting much time or effort there is a filter search option. The national digital library is built to have any type of content from multiple languages and offers complete support for all Indian languages. Along with this multi-language support, it also aids all types of academic subjects and levels for all age groups, all disciplines, all major types of devices, and more importantly for differentially abled individuals. It helps students to get all the materials for their competitive or entrance exams by providing access to all the latest practices across the globe. It will also support the researches to achieve associated studies from various sources.



Vidwan is the best database of profiles of scientists/researchers and other faculty members employed at top academic institutions or various R & D organizations engaged in education and research in India. It offers crucial information about the researchers’ background, contact address, experience, scholarly publications, skills and accomplishments, researcher identity, etc. The database built and supervised by Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET) with funding from the National Mission on Education via ICT (NME-ICT). The database would be much helpful in the choice of panels of experts for different committees, taskforce, recognized by the Ministries / Govt. establishments for administering and assessment resolutions.


  • Offer swift and convenient information about researchers to peers, probable collaborators, funding group rule creators, and research scholars in the nation.
  • Find peer critics for specific articles and research proposals.
  • Find probable collaborators for present research ventures.
  • Have direct communication with the expert scholars who have the required proficiency for the users.
  • For having an efficient information exchange and fruitful networks among the scientists.


Bottom line:

E-learning platforms have emerged as one of the best measures to help the students continue their studies during the COVID-19 outbreak. You could aid governments and students in getting complete opportunities to get access to all the learning materials and also earn a significant amount of profit. If you have an innovative digital learning platform idea and want to implement it in real-time associates with the best mobile app development company in India, Brill Mindz. We have aided many large organizations in delivering user-friendly apps and also sparked in their brand expansion.