Kids staying at home due to Coronavirus threat: Keep them busy with these Android, iOS apps

Kids staying at home due to Coronavirus

Kids staying at home due to Coronavirus threat: Keep them busy with these Android, iOS Mobile Apps.

Coronavirus has been a matter of concern across all parts of the globe and has forced people to be in a state of lockdown and self-isolation. India is no different from industries from all sectors being closed from the past 2 months and now the norms are being slowly relaxed to resume some economic activities. But the situation is not normal for kids and they are advised to stay home for some more days due to the prevalent situation and risk of infections. While many adults are working from home or following hygiene standards at workplaces, kids are feeling the boredom without being able to meet their friends or play outdoors. Below is the list of trendy and exciting apps for kids to learn new skills or study creatively at home.


Apps to keep the kids busy at home during Coronavirus lockdown:



It is a popular and widely used e-learning platform that is helping kids to mainly learn academics and creative things at home. It comprises study material for subjects like Science and Maths from classes 4 to 12. It helps students to prepare for entrance and competitive exams like NEET, CAT, JEE, GRE, IAS GMAT, etc. The app works innovatively by having enjoyable and interesting videos for kids to watch and learn. They have scheduled tests, research, and revision features that aid the kids to learn effectively and remember all the lesions. They have also introduced free live classes by Best teaching faculty in India. With a deeper understanding of every module, scores tend to be higher in academic tests. The individual learning method is beneficial for every kid who will have specific grasping power depending on their learning speed. This flexibility helps the students to know their weak areas and how to focus on them for good understanding. Learning journeys are mapped to a student’s grade & syllabus (CBSE, ICSE, State boards, etc). Every chapter includes small concepts that are blended with appropriate questions as per the related curriculum. Such creative features will build the student’s creative thinking abilities and enhance their subject understanding ability.



Udemy is also a popular platform for online learning hosting a wide range of 45000 courses. It could be a course to enhance the writing abilities or statistics learning, Udemy has the course for everything. In this time of coronavirus lockdown, kids could easily pick up any online course of their interest and indulge in learning the concept. Not necessary that the skills should be related to the syllabus but will help them in complementing their skills. Similar to Byju’s even Udemy has both website and app versions. You could begin with registering on the platform, select the appropriate course and you will be presented with the contents. The courses are paid but not too expensive so that one could surely opt for them to gain while being at home. Udemy has many creative and relevant tests for a student to learn every chapter comprehensively. They have a detailed style of showcasing the concepts so that kids will know the basics right when they wat the videos. The kids who are more interested in art have a vast set of learning in Udemy that can add to their skill. It will aid them in enhancing their self-confidence, motivate them to learn, strengthen the weak areas, and sharpen the innovative thinking abilities. Highly skilled experienced instructors at Udemy will ensure to give top-class learning at affordable prices.


Khan Academy: 

This is one more e-learning platform that allows kids to learn online for various subjects like Science, Maths, Economics, History, and also some selected competitive exams. It will regularly schedule tests, quizzes, practice papers, and also give immediate feedback that will help students to study effectively online. This app has many collaborative exercises, videos, and articles linked to different chapters. A unique thing about Khan Academy is its learning library that is free of cost to be accessed by everyone. It could be used offline during poor or no internet connectivity by bookmarking and downloading the desired topics. It is the usual tendency of the majority of such e-learning apps to concentrate on a narrow skill. But this app focusses on providing free learnings across a wide range of materials like arts, language, math, and also social-emotional education, that is aligned to the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and Common Core.



It is an online platform that allows users to choose an online course and learn a new skill. The app discovers the innovative and real-time use of this wide range of courses that are offered. It has videos from experts in a specific field and gets appropriate knowledge on that subject. The app will help you to learn various online courses and develop projects when there are app purchases. There would be a 30-day free trial for users that allows them to watch and even download the videos that are available on the platform. There is an upgraded version called skillshare premium which can be used offline too.


Extra marks:

Extra marks is a learning app that offers academic courses with online NCERT study material for both CBSE and ICSE papers. There is an AI bot called Alex that aids the kids to go through the app and acquire all the learnings needed. Such creative learning helps kids in their essays, homework, assignments, tests, and other projects comprehensively. As every kid will have its own pace to learn things, this AI-based bot will help in accomplishing this feat effectively. The app will provide real-time problem-solving solutions and also do the job of supervising like teachers.


Bottom line:

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