Top E-Learning Apps in 2020 to use During Coronavirus Lockdown

E-Learning Apps to use During Coronavirus Lockdown

 E-Learning Apps to use During Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has made people to be restricted to their homes. All the industries had been shut down from the past two months and slowly opening up to the new norms. But the situation is still the same for the schools and colleges as the students are still advised to stay at home due to long time closures. It could be a very dull time for students to be confined to walls and no continuity in learning academics and other innovations. Many schools and educational institutions have started online classes through video conferences and e-learning apps. Along with such specific E-Learning Apps to use During Coronavirus Lockdown, students can opt for analyzing their subjects and gain more knowledge in their studies with some other useful learning apps.


E-Learning Apps to use During Coronavirus Lockdown:

Though schools and universities have started to conduct classes via video conferencing, students can make use of the below list of e-learning apps. These apps have an exceptional interface and provide collaborative options to transform learning into a more pleasant process during the Coronavirus lockdown.



The government of India’s UMANG app provides school going kids a wide range of e-books (around 1 crore), audio files, and videos on all topics for primary and secondary pupils. It is one of the important steps under the Digital India program to build a public platform and mobile app for enabling single point entree to all government services. This app provided access to around 600 services from central, state, and local governments. The UMANG app also lets students access NCERT’s E-Pathshala directly from the app, for following their syllabus in school. The app is available for free on Android, iOS, and Windows.



It is one of the widespread online learning apps that is used by children in the country with free access to many topics. The detailed subjects have some cost to be paid for access. BYJU’s have made the key resources accessible to the students for some days to aid the students to follow up with their studies during the lockdown. The app offers study materials that are taught innovatively for students from first to the 12th standard. The students can download the BYJU’s Learning App, as well as the Disney-BYJU’s Early Learn app on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, free of cost.



Teach Next is an exclusive in-class learning resolution for schools that communicates students via audio-visual content, aiding them to learn about various topics from the luxury of their houses during this lockdown. It provides digital learnings associated with the programs of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and 23 state boards in 8 different languages. It is built by Next Education Pvt Ltd, a company that believes in the idea of providing tailored solutions for the schools, depending on their requirements.


  • It has a robust reporting structure for accessing and usage of data.
  • It has protected encryption to avoid any hacking.
  • Teach Next comprises of like 2D and 3D graphics for innovative learning.
  • It is completely mapped to the National Curriculum Framework of NCERT.


Vedantu Learn Live Online:

Vedantu Learn Live Online is one of India’s foremost online tutoring platform that includes the complete curriculum ranging from CBSE, Olympiads, ISCE, NTSE, IIT, and JEE. It is a collaborative online learning site where instructors offer learnings to students by employing a real-time virtual learning setting called WAVE, an in-house developed technology. Vedantu is providing free online classes for aiding students during this lockdown. Along with free online classes, it also provides free study material for users. The website has provided free access to all live classes and study materials of Vedantu for classes 1 to 12, JEE & NEET. The online classes can be retrieved both through their website and on the app that can be downloaded on Android and Apple stores.


  • Highly qualified teachers from IIT and other best colleges.
  • Customized teaching that provides tailored learning depending on the learning speed of a student.
  • Interactive and live sessions that offer 2-side collaboration between teacher and student, which is always productive than recorded content.


LEAD School@Home: 

LEAD School, a unified academic excellence structure, with six owned and around 800 associated schools across the country. They have started the LEAD School@Home program from Monday, March 16 to offer steadiness in education for all its students. The LEAD school provides a fine blend of syllabus and technology to all its users. A student will be able to start from the place where he stopped and thoroughly understand all the lessons from the point where it was learned at school. Students who could not attend the live classes can access the recorded classes and learn from it according to their convenience. There is the advantage of the LEAD School Parent App that offers information about homework and assessments to make sure that any portion of learning is left out. It lets the parents track the development of your child in academics with timely updates on:


  • Chapters: See which topics are covered and what is the child’s learning.
  • Attendance: Verify your kids’ presence for online classes every day.
  • Assessments: Analyse the student grade reports and scores in assessments.


Ted Ed@Home:

It is a widespread public speaking platform and also a learning website that joins students to teachers and topic specialists. To address the problems of students during the Coronavirus outbreak, the site has introduced Ted Ed@Home that delivers study material to diverse levels like primary, middle school, high school, and also to universities. TED-Ed is associated with expert instructors and TED speakers across the globe to build and share top-quality, collaborative, video-based training every day, free of cost.


Bottom line:

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