How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Mygate app?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Mygate app

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Mygate app?

There is a rapid demand for app-based security management services for housing societies and gated communities in recent times. Many Mobile app development companies have successfully launched such apps that aid in supporting the security service, managing visitor entry, and deliveries, giving gate-passes for visitors, etc. All these services without making any notable investment or changes in physical infrastructure. With the recent Corona-virus outbreak, the value of such app-based security services has been increasing exponentially due to their usability in the situation. They have also been associating with real estate developers and broking services, in urban areas to aid the home buyers from the right moment.


Adda Gatekeeper app vs Mygate app

What is the Adda Gatekeeper app?

Gatekeeper by ADDA is an app that is helpful for Security personnel at access points such as the main gate, building entrance, Reception points, etc. This app collects data from visitors and immediately notifies apartment users. It is also useful for many purposes like various committee meetings, paying dues, raising helpdesk tickets, and other booking options. One app is helpful for residents to perform activities like the staff and visitor details like attendance, expected in and out timings, etc. All the expected operations of Security services in a gated community is managed by this single app. It includes managing visitors, housekeeping personnel, emergency supervision, Digital Marketing and many more benefits.

What is the Mygate app?

Mygate app is based out of Bengaluru and one of the first players in this category from 2016. It is a comprehensive community management platform that offers real-time data and alerts to app users. It is a security management solution that is crafted innovatively to aid gated community requirements such as security management, guest management, deliveries, housekeeping staff management, etc. It provides all-in-one-place services like clubhouse management, daily staff supervision, meetings, service personals, etc.

How to use my gate app?

  • Mygate assures onboard service personnel in the gated community to use the app within a week. They also ensure that administrations are perfectly fine to be utilized by keeping the backend database of the security personnel and creating online profiles.
  • The app is easy to use and people can navigate without any issues. Even senior citizens should be able to utilize it effortlessly with the IVR feature being available.
  • Regular entry people will be given a passcode after entering the government ID. That passcode can be used for daily entry and exit for people like domestic helpers. A digital gate pass can be given if you offer any items such as food, cash, or clothes to them.
  • Mygate team will offer standard item walkthrough discussions for the MC members and security staff will be given thorough training sessions before actual app usage for residents.
  • The app has been developed for all ages especially keeping in mind of senior citizens residing in the gated communities. All actions require only a couple of steps to be completed. Hence, any kind of task like asking for help by raising an alert will be easier for even senior citizens.


Features of MyGate Security:

Dedicated Relationship Managers: They are responsible for onboarding management, training, and solving issues.

Community Management: It works equally for all residents as it will introduce transparency at all stages.

Security Companies: It will be helpful for security agencies to enhance and streamline their operations by administering the daily tasks and outputs of the services.

Visitor Management: Mygate helps in effectively tracking visitors just from your smartphone app and makes effortless guest entries. It provides a passcode to the guests so that they do not find any issues during entry and exit.

Domestic Staff Management: Domestic staff will be provided with a digital passcode that is needed for every entry and exit. Users will be notified whenever they enter the community and provide this passcode.

Delivery Management: Delivery is made easy without any inconvenience even if you are not available at home.

Constant support: Mygate officials are always available for on-call support or WhatsApp chats. On-field officials take care of speaking to investors and security staff training. The turnaround time for real-time customer support is 4hours and 2 hours for visiting.


How much does building a clone of the Mygate app cost?

Freelancer or app development company:

Freelancers may charge you less while compared to a Mobile app development company in India. But a trusted mobile app development company will be helpful in the future to assist you in every important move. You will also find experienced developers, QA specialists who share a good zeal while working together.

Functionality and Features:

The type of features and functionality included in the app will have a high influence on the overall cost to build the app. The inclusion of some functionalities and features will take more time and resources, while some may be relatively easy. 


Striking and user-friendly design is needed for any type of app and will also form an important aspect of the overall budget of the app. Including cutting-edge graphical aspects to the design will increase the cost of the app


There is a significant difference in the development of apps on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. But if you want to focus on diverse platforms collectively, then it is wiser to go for a cross-platform app development. It ultimately relies on the requirements of the business owners corresponding to the target users.


Bottom line:

The resident security app market is projected to be increasing significantly in the future with the outbreak of the Corona-virus pandemic. The growth of IoT and wireless technologies has allowed the development of efficient mobile apps that can be used by both security personnel and community residents. If you want to develop a successful app like My gate, then associate with an advanced mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz. We have all the updated knowledge of modern technologies like AI, IoT, ML, etc and implement them according to the requirements.