How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Reface app?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Reface app

  How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Reface app?

The number of mobile phone users has been increasing exponentially across the globe and shows no signs of slowing down. This has encouraged many business owners and Mobile app development companies to concentrate on this rapidly growing market. With the easy availability of internet across the country in recent years, online trends get updated regularly. New trends keep changing on social media and some of the entertainment mobile apps with users following them constantly. One of the recent trends that have gripped the internet world is the Reface app. Explore here the cost to develop a mobile app like the Reface app.

What is the Reface app?

Reface is a Ukrainian start-up with the unified business functioning from the U.S. Priorly called Doublicat, it has risen to extreme fame on the app stores. This app lets the users add their faces to the popular movie GIFs. The app asks to take users’ selfies and analyses the facial features. Later, it lets them choose from the list of popular movie scenes and adds their facial features to them. The app makes use of AI-powered Deepfake technology to perform this facial replacement operation. Even though Deepfake technology has been invented several years ago, the reface app has introduced it in a smart way that is easier to use. It doesn’t require any special skill or advanced hardware setup as the Deepfake technology is employed from just a user selfie picture. Users will get a three-day free trial after which they will have to subscribe for constant usage. The Internet is filled with videos of people swapping their faces with celebrities just by sitting at their homes.

Security concerns:

With the app involving the submission of facial images, you may be thinking is the reface app safe to use? The privacy policy of the app mentions that it would only collect the facial feature data from the captured images. This is for its basic feature to swap your face on to the chosen GIFs and videos. However, the privacy policy also tells that app will never use the images and any facial features for any other purpose other than its basic functionality. “In no way will Reface use your Uploaded Content for face recognition, as Reface does not introduce the face recognition technologies or other technical means for the processing of biometric data for the unique identification or authentication of a user.” The captured images will be present in the Reface app for 24 hours once the swapping is done. The facial data will be preserved on the reface server for a time of 30 days after the app usage.


How to use Reface app:

The app is free for download and very simple to use. But once the free trial is done, you will have to pay a certain amount for using them.

  1. Download the app from the App Store.
  2. Allow the app to take a picture of your face and scan it.
  3. Choose the type of video that you want your face to be swapped.
  4. There is also a “Featured Today” section that has a list of popular movie scenes and GIFs that could be swapped for your face. You could use the magnifying glass to attach these videos or even add your GIFs if you subscribe and upgrade.
  5. Once the GIF is ready you can save and share it across multiple social media channels.


How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Reface app online?

Freelancer or app development company: You may hire a freelancer at cheaper costs than a Mobile app development company. But a reliable Mobile app development company would be more profitable in the long run to execute your idea accurately. Furthermore, you will get access to skilled designers, developers, and testers who have a good idea of working together.

Features and functionality:

The type of features and functionality included in the app will have the biggest impact on the overall cost to build the app. There would be a certain necessity of standard features to be involved in every app. Implementation of some functionalities and features might be tedious, while a few others may be comparatively simple. There may be a requirement of using third party apps depending on the complexity of the solutions. But you have to consider the inclusion of advanced features like Artificial Intelligence which forms the core of such app like Reface. You have to include multiple payment options for users who want to use certain advanced features after the free trial. Such an advanced payment processing method requires extra time for implementation into an app.

Visual Design:

Attractive and user-friendly design is a must for every app and will form a major part in the overall budget of the app. Adding advanced graphical elements to the design costs more than building screens of standard elements. 


You must have a clear picture of what platform will you develop the app. As a business owner, you must analyse the usage of your target customers before you begin your planning. The development of apps on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc differs significantly. They make use of diverse programming languages, SDKs and other development tools in the process. But if you want to target diverse platforms together, then a hybrid or cross-platform app development will be a smart choice. With Native app development, you will need two different teams working on specific platforms. For hybrid app development, a single team will be sufficient and save significantly on the overall costs. Finally, it depends on the precise necessities of the business objectives.

Bottom line:

Reface app has been popular in the market due to its simple strategy and smart integration of technology. If you are interested to build an app like reface then you have to associate with a reliable Mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brill Mindz. They are experienced in developing advanced apps for many esteemed clients with a guarantee of success in the long run.

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