How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Chingari?

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Chingari?

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Chingari?

Indian central government had banned many types of Chinese apps a few months earlier due to the data security threats and border tensions. Apps like Tik-Tok were ruling the charts with their usability, exciting nature, and adaptability. But there was a void created in the market due to the ban of apps like Tik-Tok. This was successfully captured by other similar and capable apps like Chingari. It has earned a high-speed number of downloads in India and the number does not look like slowing down. If you’ve ever thought about creating your app like Tik Tok, you’ve probably wondered, “how much does it cost to make an app for your business,” how much does it cost to make an app like chingari?” “how much it cost to make an app in India”. If you are thinking on similar lines, then keep reading below.

What is the Chingari App?

The Chingari App resembles the Tik-Tok app that lets the user record and shares short videos with the availability of several filters and games. It offers the users to browse across a huge list of short videos, download, like, comment, share, and perform many more activities. There is also a Direct message feature that offers the users a platform to connect with other people. Chingari has captured the void created by the ban of the Tik-Tok app with great response from users. This has also been aided by a negative sentiment of people on Chinese apps in recent days.

Chingari app has been supported by a huge portion of supporters in recent days in India. Biswatma Nayak, the co-founder of this applauds this effort as an achievement of modern India and the action for accomplishing the dream of Prime Ministers call “Vocal for Local”. It has been developed with the stimulation of the Make in India initiative and has been of the global standard in the segment. This app is available across major platforms like Google Play Store and Apple app stores.

Chingari allows the users to be innovative in creating trendy WhatsApp status, audio clips, videos, GIF stickers, and photos. This app has become extremely popular across the country due to its availability in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. There is also a monetization feature that pays the users depending on the publicity of the specific content creator’s video. They will get precise points for every video when there is a view on the video upload, which can be used for redeeming money.

Features to be included in an app like Chingari or Tik-Tok:

Video Uploading: This is the most basic feature of such an app, where the user can record and upload the video of his choice by selecting the available list of music or chose his own.

Video Editing: There is a huge bunch of editing features that lets the users flip, crop, trim, alter the speed, or rotate their uploaded videos. They can either record their videos in the app and select a song to dance to or lip-sync from a huge music library. They are also allowed to add a wide range of background music after they complete recording a video.

Filters and Effects: Another popular feature among the masses is the various filters and effects available in the app. They consist of ‘Beauty’ modifiers, stickers, animations, and other additions for upgrading the added video content. Users are loving especially the AR effects that let them alter their eye and hair colour while also adding extra elements like hats, glasses, flowers, animal ears etc.

Social Share: Along with the publishing option for users within the app, users can employ the social share button to share the videos on other social media platforms. They will also have the opportunity to link the Tik-Tok profiles across other social media platforms.

Likes and Comments: Likes and comments on such apps are similar to the Instagram feature with the replacement of likes as hearts. Users can check all their likes and comments in a separate section.

Push Notifications: Push notifications are key to know all the updates about their video and also about new followers and other app updates.

Duets: It lets the users perform to their favourite music with a peer user of the app. The duet video will be shown side-by-side on the app screen with an unknown person, or celebrity videos. This feature has gained high popularity in participating in duet challenges for getting more reach and enhancing the money-yielding ability.

Reactions: Users will have the option to record their reactions to other videos. This can be done by recording themselves when they are watching the video and sharing them in the app. This video can be cropped, trimmed during the recording process itself.

Live Streaming: It is rated high on the feature list of such video apps where the users can stream their video live and also earn some virtual gifts from users.

Real-Time Analytics: This feature lets the users know the response of other users to their videos with a graph of views and publishers.

Watch the video without sign-up: Users can watch a huge list of videos from a Tik-Tok account without even signing up. They will have to sign-up if they want to like, comment, and create videos from the app.

Mobile app development cost estimate India:

The cost of developing any kind of mobile app in India is dependent on several factors like choice of platforms, mobile app development company location, app-size, design, and inclusion of advanced features. If you are looking for “how much does it cost to make an app like chingari?” then it is advisable to choose a reliable mobile app development company that can guide you well in this process.



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