How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like seesaw app?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like seesaw app

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like seesaw app?

The education segment across the globe has transformed significantly with advanced digital technologies. These changes made by the inclusion of new technologies have been providing excellent learning opportunities for students, teachers, and parents. As all sectors are battling the effects of the Corona-virus pandemic, the situation is no different in the education sector. Students are kept away from traditional classroom settings and educational IT solutions have come to the rescue. COVID-19 has forced the majority of educational institutions to adopt modern solutions like virtual classrooms and educational apps. So now we have to inquire how much does it cost to develop a mobile app like the seesaw app?

What is the seesaw app?

Seesaw is an educational platform for student engagement. It is beneficial for students to showcase their skills and learnings via videos, photos, drawings, PDFs, text, etc and teachers can encourage them to generate, echo, share and cooperate. It is a useful tool to accumulate all student’s works in a single place and share them with parents with the teacher’s permission. Many creative tools in the app will help teachers to create activities for students to capture pictures, draw, record videos to share their skills. Parents will be able to only view the student’s work and leave encouraging comments on them.

Benefits of a seesaw:

Seesaw can be used in different ways to suit the requirements. The settings can be used to focus on one goal or a blend of all.

Feedback and reflection:

Seesaw can be useful for students to share their work, and help teachers to precisely stimulate individual reflection and peer feedback. Teachers can guide students with steps for improvements and long-term benefits.


Teachers can provide assignments to students regularly. It allows them to accumulate their works and give individual feedback for improvement. This can be done even in a one-to-one manner where teachers can give tasks to students who can finish them and return them immediately. This makes seesaw a useful place where teachers and students can interact efficiently around the tasks. As teachers will have the liberty to view the student’s work at one shot, it lets them know whether their way of teaching is being grasped well by the whole class. There is also an option to have a peer feedback option to stimulate a richer and more connected practice. The blogs can be protected by a password for optimal security.

Family interaction:

Seesaw can be effectively used to communicate with the family and keep them informed about all the activities of kids at school. Students can add the posts directed by teachers or also themselves to showcase their successful work submissions. Parents can provide direct feedback to the teachers about the works or else they can leave an encouraging comment on the post works.

How to create an educational app? 

If you are looking “how to make a school app”, then you will have to associate with an app development company that can efficiently build these must-inclusive features in your app.

Login/Signup: Login option must be provided with Email or social media accounts as this will reduce the tedious process. They can be authenticated on these email Ids or social media profiles so that there are no malicious activities in the future.

Profile: In this section, students will be able to arrange their works, check the progress, and make all other modifications to the schedules. It will also let teachers set their schedules, upload all the teaching contents, and verify all the analytics about students to suit their necessities.

Learning contents: Teachers will have learning content that is authenticated from a specific source and other customized things by themselves. These learning materials can be categorized according to various sections like complexity, topics, and time needed to complete the topics, etc. Hence categorizing them according to these requirements will be helpful.

Search: Students and teachers must be able to look for sections they need to search and find the required topics they have accomplished earlier. They will save lots of time in choosing the specific lectures or tasks which is needed during that time.

Push notifications: They are the most efficient way for alerting app users. Students can be beneficial to know any alerts for teachers and teachers could schedule their lessons depending on various topics.

Statistics and reports: This section is helpful for both students and teachers as they will be able to know the ups and downs in their tasks. They can concentrate on lagging areas and eliminate the problems associated with the sections.

Cloud integration: In the modern technological world, it is common for both students and teachers to login from multiple devices. Students may have access to their own devices or use their parent’s devices as per the availability. Hence, syncing the app data via a cloud platform will be useful for using them across multiple platforms.

How much does it cost to make an educational app in India?

Developing an educational app in India or at any place in the globe is dependent on several factors. 

Features: The type of advanced and complexity involved in implementing features will have a direct impact on the overall cost of the app.

Platform: Depending on the target users, native or cross-platform app development would be required.

Design: Creating an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX design tends to be a time-consuming and expensive process. However, the design is a crucial success factor since customers prefer to use intuitive apps

Developer location and experience: Developers from different regions tend to have various hourly rates. Skilled developers may be costlier but will develop the app in stipulated timelines.

Bottom line:

Educational apps have been widespread and extremely popular after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even post-pandemic, these apps will be helpful for students, teachers, and parents as they have already seen its usefulness. If you want to build a mobile app like the seesaw app, associate with a skilled mobile app development company in Bangalore such as Brillmindz. They possess a talented team of app developers and marketing experts who can build you a profitable educational app.