How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like BT Sport app?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like BT Sport app

           How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like BT Sport app?

With the advancement of digital technology, people are addicted to the use of advanced smartphones and mobile apps for major activities. Sports fans are not different and are entertained with the latest sports mobile apps for viewing all the happenings in the sports world. Live streaming sports apps have been highly successful in the market due to this approach. If you are fond of being updated with all the latest sports activities and watch live streaming of sports, then apps like the BT sport app has been the ideal choice. Due to its popularity, many business owners are looking to develop a similar app and reap the benefits.


What is the BT sports app?

  • BT sports app lets the users enjoy on-demand sports videos and live streaming of multiple types of sports built to be used on Android or iOS devices. BT Sports subscribers can watch all the included channels live, on the go with HD display, a large number of loaded clips, detailed highlights, and replays. 
  • It is immensely popular in the UK with its innovative video player options, multi-camera streaming power, and 360° highlights. With the support of BT ID and an iOS or Android device BT sports subscribers, it would be a great advantage for BT sports subscribers. The advanced video player has transformed the sports live streaming in the UK after its release on the BT Sport app and platforms. Regardless of the availability of a precise TV subscription on the device of your choice, you will get access to all the videos and live streaming with a BT sports Box Office app.
  • Keep up to date with BT Sport’s wide-ranging line-up of live events such as Football from the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, UEFA Europa League, Bundesliga, FA Cup, Ligue 1; Rugby from the Gallagher Premiership, European Rugby Champions Cup, and Challenge Cup, Boxing, fighting from UFC and WWE, Cricket, Racing from MotoGP and Motorsports etc. All this with complete coverage of sports news related to the above sports leagues.


How to watch BT sports online free?

Currently, BT sport can be streamed via the BT sport app on Android, iOS, Chromecast, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, Apple Tv, Now Tv devices, and Sony PlayStation 4. But few watch BT sports online free by using some VPNs that focusses their IP address and masks the online locations. Initially one will have to connect to those VPN servers in those regions where the channel can be accessed online. After this, they will take an IP address in the same area to spoof the streaming service. When it accesses the current IP, you will have complete access to all the streaming content available on the channel.

How to develop an app like the BT Sport app?

If you are willing to develop an app like the BT sport app, then you have to consider some of the key aspects.

  • Design is a crucial part of such a sports app as people must find it friendly to navigate and use the features. It should react well and appeal to the users for long time retention.
  • There must be planned monetization options like in-app purchases, a place for showing ads, upgrades, or freemium options for the users. This will be helpful for app owners to gain revenue once the user likes the app features and wants to upgrade for better features.
  • The integration of the app data in the cloud is very important for allowing better streaming all the time.
  • Customized push notifications will be helpful to keep the users alert about any new additions to the videos or upcoming activities.
  • Multiple payment options must be provided for facilitating users with hassle-free payments.
  • Smooth integration with 3rd party apps for using services like payment gateways etc must be done.
  • Proper safeguards of the data so that there are no malicious activities or access from competitors.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like the BT Sport app?

You can hire a freelance app developer or a mobile app development company for building an app like the BT sport app. But with a reliable mobile app development company, you will get access to complete functions like design, testing, maintenance, etc in one place. Below are some of the major factors that impact the overall cost of development.

Selection of app platform: After the research on the usage of your target customers, you have to decide whether you will develop a native app on Android, iOS, Windows, or hybrid platform. The types and costs of technologies used for these platforms are different. Hence, the choice of platform for developing the app will have a huge impact on the cost of development.

Type of features: Every app would have some features (some standard and some according to your choice) to be included for a better experience. The complexities of such features are different in time and money. There would be a necessity of integrating with 3rd party apps and libraries, front end and back end development technologies are some of the elements that will have an impact on your overall app development cost.

Selection of app development company: A reliable app development companies will guide you in the right way to include all your requirements and select the right technologies to deliver a solid end product. The time for developing the app will increase the overall development costs. Even the location of the app development company is important as development costs vary from region to region.


Bottom line:

Launching an app like the BT sport app is beneficial in the current digital world, but it is also a tricky job. If you want to succeed in this, you have to partner with an experienced mobile app development company in Bangalore such as Brillmindz. They have a talented team that will be dedicated to develop an exciting end product and expand your brand like never before.