How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Mitron App?

cost to develop an app like Mirtron App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Mitron App?

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, there were outrages in China across the globe. But, after the aggression of China on the Ladakh border, there has been a call for banning Chinese goods across India. The call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be “Vocal for Local,” has provided an extra boost to this outrage. There have been campaigns on social media to ban Chinese origin apps. Recently, an Indian app called Mitron was launched with high expectancy. With the right time release, this app found large success within a few days of launch.


What is Mitron App? and Cost to develop an app like Mitron App?


  • There were many short video apps across the globe like Dubsmash, TikTok, Like, Halo, etc. They have been very popular with their creative features and splendid content. In the same way, the Mitron app was developed to create short videos and gain followers for their content. The number of likes gained makes them popular in the app community.
  • It is a short video platform that has all the features similar to Tiktok. This mobile app was developed with an idea for users to showcase their talent with creative videos. The app quickly rose into fame by ticking over five million downloads on Google Play Store inside a month.
  • Mitron app founders are IIT Roorkee’s Shivank Agarwal and NIT Nagpur’s Anish Khandelwal. Shivank Agarwal says “We don’t want to compete with TikTok. We only wanted to have something for the Indian consumer, and we wanted to establish our own space. Indian consumers should be served by Indian platforms, and Indian data should always be secured on Indian servers. It pains everybody to see so many videos of hate and violence going on different platforms, which cease to abide by our guidelines, our law of the land.” Anish tells, “This is what has been the driving factor for us, and also the responses, which we get from our users. That acts as the fuel for our thought process that you know we are in the right direction and this is the demand.
  • Mitron app provides a smooth and constant interface for users to form and share videos on various platforms. It is a popular social platform where people could also observe all the posted videos from across the globe. This makes it a relishing entertainment place for people without doing anything on the app. It has gained huge popularity in the Indian app market with gaining the boycott campaign of Chinese apps.


How to Use the Mitron App?

The use of the Mitron app involves no complexities. The features mimic the Tiktok app, letting users scroll above and down to see the videos. But if you want to form your video, you will need to sign in to the app by having a username and password. Once you sign in, there is a video button at the center of the screen at the bottom. Select the desired music or use your own, edit, and publish it. You can make the video public, for other users to watch it.


Features to be included in an app like Mitron:



Option for the user to login if he wants to create his video. He could be permitted to provide social media or Gmail credentials to sign up and log in.


User-friendly design and navigation:

As the user enters the app, he must be able to navigate through the app without any issues. The design must be simple for them to swipe through the video one by one. They must be allowed to follow any particular user for easily viewing every video they publish.


Likes and Comments:

Likes and Comments form the heartbeat of the users. The greater number of hearts they gather, the more popular will be the profile and videos.


Filters and effects:

Users must have extra features for videos such as reverse mode, slow-motion, flash, zoom, etc. They also demand certain funky and funny face filters with exciting features.


Video and sound Upload:

There must be accessible for the users to the vast library of music and sounds to select from. Along with this, they must also be allowed to create their voices in the videos.


Sharing option:

With all the efforts put to create a video, it would be a waste if it is not allowed to share it on various platforms. Hence it is crucial to provide a sharing option in such apps. Using this feature, the user must be able to use the feature and share the videos on Instagram, Facebook. Twitter, WhatsApp, email, etc.



Users must instantly know about all the recent comments, likes, and followings by looking at the notifications.



This is a feature for the user to make a video with someone else of their choice. This can be done with notice or without knowing the user. Users could use their videos and select the duet option to make a video that appears on a split-screen.



This segment must allow users to customize the app profile according to their likings. They could change the profile picture, make the account public/private, change language, follow/block users, etc.


Cost of developing an app like Mitron App :

How much does it cost to develop an app like Mitron?

The cost to build such an app will depend on several factors such as integrated features, the platform used for the app, complexity in terms of design and technical requirements. There will be a necessity for modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence to provide a personalized experience for users. The cost will also depend on the multiple actions, the network, and the data storage you pick.

Social Media apps are not just an option but a necessity for people as it has brought the world closer with their ability to connect people over a single network. The remarkable success of an app like Mitron is due to its capability in presenting an easy-to-use platform for users to create and share simple videos. If you are a business owner looking to gain similar kinds of profits by developing an app like Mitron, then one thing could revolve around your mind – “How much does it cost to develop an app like Mitron?” Usually, the cost of developing an app like Mitron is determined by aspects like platform, features, design, and location of developers. It is Approx 15-20k USD for Android and iOS in India which is reasonable when related to other locations across the world. 

The current social media app market has become highly competitive stressing the need of performing smart investments in online ventures. Being a business owner if you want to develop an app like Mitron then you must perform detailed research while you associate with an app development partner. The developers must have market knowledge which is the key point in building smart solutions which are user-friendly and profitable. The team must be proficient with the usage of advanced technologies to map them with business motives in building top-quality apps.


Bottom line:

With the Make in India campaign rising well, it is the best time to invest in such Indian apps. But you will have to associate with experienced and trusted mobile app development companies in Bangalore, such as Brill Mindz. The company has a pool of talented individuals who will ensure to build profitable apps that will aid you to make a mark in the development industry.