How to create your own Fitness app

How to create your own Fitness app

        How to create your own Fitness app

As the mobile industry is booming all over the globe, every smartphone user is utilizing the mobile phone apps for his routine tasks. The fitness industry is not out if it and fitness apps are becoming a necessity in the mobile app world. Generally, fitness is a commodity that is easy to maintain if you possess the right gear to help you. Many fitness-enthusiastic individuals make use of effective fitness apps that help to maintain a good physique and health.

Different types of fitness apps:

With the huge success, you may be thinking to create your workout plan app. But you need to know which are the types of fitness apps in the market and which are popular.

1. (High-intensity interval training) HIIT:

HIIT is a type of training that involves a short time high-intensity exercise workout schedule. This demands high energy and extracts large calories within a short time. HIIT fitness app may be very effective but not intended for a person who has just started his exercise regimen.

2. Diet and nutrition app:

This type of app is mainly used to know the number of calories consumed in a specific day. There is a list of food items and the total number of calories. Users can also customize this if the food item is not already present in the list. A person can view what is the total number of calories consumed during the day for his weight-specific goals. 

3. Activity tracking app:

This kind of app will include a particular type of app or many of them. There would be an individual app for running, cycling or exercise tracking, etc or the app may cover each one of them. They will also record the distance covered, several steps climbed, calories burned, etc. They must be compatible with wearable devices like Fitbit or smartwatches. Such gadgets highly increase the functionality of a fitness app.

This activity tracking app is integrated with social media to motivate users. They allow their customers to share their progress on various social media channels. They will also aid the users in finding a partner for his exercises in the same location for joint fitness plans. Some people find it very inspiring to train with friends and other fitness fanatics. The app will also have a GPS tracker that will track the user movements precisely and also compatible with various fitness devices.

4. Personal trainer app:

Many popular fitness studios and personal trainers are using such kind of apps for developing a specific fitness regime. They can have very unique operational UI which provides customized options for the users. They can book or cancel the training classes according to their preferred timings. They also have a live-streaming option which is the hot cake now. The trainers can track their users with the help of this feature and help them correct their way of exercise patterns. Similarly, it will help the users to follow their trainers from anywhere. The meditation and yoga apps have specific sessions that are arranged as per the level of the individual which is chosen by them according to their goal. The trainers have the option to have a precise news feed where the trainer or fitness studios can post any related news.

Factors to consider for developing the best app to create your workout:

1. Select the monetization plan: It is very crucial to have the right monetization plan to make a profit from your fitness app. There are many plans available for you to choose from. Below are the effective plans:

In-app Purchase– In this type, the app would be free to download from the store. You have to provide some useful content for the users to choose from. You can give a useful diet plan and recipes along with few consultation options for users to motivate them to subscribe later.

Paid App– This kind requires users to purchase them. But it is very tough to gain profit via this kind of model as there are many free of cost apps available in the store. Hence you must plan carefully as to how will you enter the market and attract users.


It requires a precise blend of both basic and advanced features to get a splendid user experience. Few important and basic features that should be included in the app are:

  • User Registration and Login
  • Create a user profile
  • GPS
  • Push notifications
  • Activity choices
  • Exercise plans
  • Multiple payment options.

Advanced features:

  • Integration with wearable devices
  • Routine activity tracker
  • Speak to trainer
  • Tailored diet charts
  • Live video and audio streaming
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • News posts
  • Upgrades

3.Selecting a development company:

If you are looking to create your workout plan app, then it is very key to associate with a reliable and experienced mobile app development company like Brill Mindz for all your needs. Mobile app developers have different rates across different locations.

4.Project Planning:

Your app planning is very important in the path of creating your gym app. The outlining of the roadmap, app scope, mobile platforms, software used and app deployment must be done precisely.

5.App Design:

Design is a very important factor for any mobile app. Most of the mobile apps with user-friendly designs and an attractive interface will attract several users. All the sections in the app must be very easy-to-use and interactive.

6.Development and QA:

Once you select the best app development company you will be assured that you will end up with the best app in the market. But you still have the window to customize the app according to your requirements and assure that all the points are ticked. Proper testing is important to be sure that the app runs flawlessly in the market.


If you are looking to create your workout plan app, and still you don’t know how to create your own fitness app then your best bet should be Brill Mindz. They are experienced in the industry and will work along with you in developing a state-of-the-art application that will lead the market.

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