How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App like Google Classroom?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Google Classroom?

How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Google Classroom?

The traditional education system involved studying in a classroom setting. But, the advent of smartphones had already revolutionized the learning process. E-learning apps have already become a trend in recent years due to their usefulness and ability to present simple learnings. Even though e-learning has been in the market for many years, the outbreak of corona-virus has forced its usage across the globe. If you are searching- “How to make an app like google classroom?”, then you are in the right place to explore here How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Google Classroom?.

What is the Google classroom app?

E-learning apps have simplified the academics that students study in their schools and made them available easily on smartphones from the comfort of their homes. Google classroom aids the teachers to construct an online classroom area where they can manage all the student required documents. It is free of cost for non-profit organizations, schools, and anyone with an individual Google account. The uniqueness of online classes in google classroom lies in the teacher/student interface that is designed appropriately for completing the routine school tasks.

Benefits of using Google Classroom app:

  • It can be set up easily with a host as teachers who can add any number of students to their class. They can also share a code with students to join easily within some time.
  • This online workflow is simple and lets the teachers develop, review, and complete assignments easily in a single place.
  • Highly beneficial for students who can have all their assignments at one place and other class documents are automatically kept in the Google Drive folders.
  • It will aid teachers to perform an announcement or conduct class discussions easily. Students can also share resources with their peers to have efficient communication.
  • Additionally, it is free of cost service with no-ads and never uses the content or student data for other purposes.

Features to be included to create a google classroom-type online learning app:

Below are the features to be included, if you are trying to develop alternatives to google classroom for elementary schools:

Great user experience: As there is a huge surge in the usage of these mobile apps, there are a greater number of people using them in the comfort of their homes. Hence, these apps must be adaptable and function appropriately for different types of screens.

Course creation and management: 

An effective course must have all the learning materials uploaded and arrange them properly to have a comprehensive system. This process needs to be user-friendly and simple for both teachers and students. Even the Integration with 3rd party apps must be smooth and offer an efficient learning process.

Group creation and assignments:

Teachers will have to manage the course materials, assignments, and pass it to all the students with the aid of these groups. Students can make use of these groups to connect among themselves, work together, and support each other easily. Assessment tools will aid the precise problematic area for every student to help with the progress tracking of every individual.

Teacher collaboration:

Teachers will need course management capability to ensure providing efficient academic learning to students. Many same skilled teachers can work together to build a strong course and manage efficient classes.


A calendar is a crucial aspect of the eLearning app for students. It is a key aspect of setting everyday schedules for students and teachers. The calendar is also key in the individual learning track where it analyses the progress of the student and the pace of learning various topics.


Teachers, students, or even parents may forget any key tasks or assignments even during any traditional classroom setting. It is no different from the online learning process, where push notifications can come to the rescue. They will notify the app users about any important deadlines of assignments or any tasks that need to be completed on time.


Reports are directly connected to the progress of the students and aid in knowing the improvement areas. It will also aid in reducing the load on teachers, giving them ample time to revisit their courses and add essential elements. This report can be given embedded in the app and even sent attached to an email to the parents for tracking purposes.

Communication tools:

In addition to emails, there should be other ways of communication as users tend to ignore the emails even if they are important. Instant messaging is an efficient way to carry crucial information easily and quickly between teacher-student or teacher-parents. With these in-person chats and video conferencing tools, users will get an efficient conferencing factor in a single place. There should also be a comprehensive library to include all types of contents like documents, audio, and video files.

How much does it cost to make a mobile app like Google classroom?

Features: The complex nature and number of google classroom features will have a direct influence on the final cost of the app.

Platform: You have to choose between native apps or hybrid apps depending on the usability of target users.

Design: Having a user-friendly and efficient design is a tricky, lengthy, and expensive process. But it is an important aspect of retaining the users for longer and being successful in the market.

Developer location and experience: Developers from various regions will have diverse hourly rates. Experienced and talented mobile app developers will be a bit expensive but will ensure to provide profitable apps in stipulated timelines.

How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Google Classroom?

eLearning apps had already shown their worth before the arrival of the Covid-19 outbreak across the globe. But it’s the time when people were left with no other choice but to continue education without using innovative apps like Google classroom. Both students and tutors have realized the potential of such eLearning apps and the trends are never looking to slow down. This huge demand has motivated business owners to build apps like Google classroom but most have one question in the mind –” How much does it cost to develop an app like Google classroom”.

The cost linked with building apps like Google classroom is impacted by several key features like choice of the operating system, the inclusion of complex features, app design, etc. Moreover, there is one factor that has a huge say in the final cost of app development regardless of the app niche is the location of the app development company. The final cost of building an app like Google classroom is approx. 15-20k USD for Android and iOS if partnered with an expert mobile app development company in India. But there is a chance that the final cost of app development will change, depending on the complexity of added features. If you are looking to gain maximum benefits then look to choose an app development partner who has the ability to develop user friendly products that will help you stay unique amidst the competition.

Bottom line:

Online educational apps have been prevalent and highly popular especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. These apps will support the students, teachers, and parents for a longer time as they have adjusted to its helpful features. If you want to develop a clone of a Microsoft app similar to the Google classroom app, associate with an experienced mobile app development company in bangalore such as BrillMindz. Their team of talented game app developers, testers, designers, and marketing experts will guarantee professionalism in all aspects and provide you with a profitable product.