Which are the Best Cross-platform Development Tools?

Which are the best cross platform development tools

Which are the Best Cross-platform Development Tools?

With the mind-blowing innovations in the field of smartphones, users can perform routine tasks like shopping for essential goods, ordering food, booking a cab, and many others. Mobile app developers are looking to develop smart apps that will match the needs of diverse types of users. Hence, cross-platform mobile app development is the leading type of development for reaching users across multiple platforms. If you are looking to develop a cross-platform product, then it is important to know several cross-platform development tools that are leading the market.

About Cross-Platform Apps:

Cross-platform apps can be published across diverse types of platforms by using a single code database to avoid writing code again and again by employing native technologies for every specific platform. It has gained huge importance since it saves loads of time for developers aiding optimal app performance. Moreover, it allows the customization of apps as per the requirements with the advantage of deployment on multiple platforms.

Which are the top cross-platform development tools?

React Native: This is an open-source, strong, lightweight, swift cross-platform development tool employed by developers for developing apps for iOS, Android, web. A major benefit of employing React Native is the unique capability of developing robust cross-platform apps with native platform experience. It is easier for developers who have knowledge in javaScript but it also poses an effort for a calculation-based task by consuming loads of memory. React native is the best option for agile apps by being a tailored app for diverse types of mobile app development scenarios. React Native concentrates on developing top-performing cross-platform apps in native experience by employing a combination of JavaScript and GPU-focussed processes that ensures optimal performance.

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Xamarin: Xamarin is listed amongst the top cross-platform app development tools for adhering to deployment on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. The apps for Xamarin are highly popular since they are smooth, interactive, and highly quick. Many leading firms are using this tool for developing their mobile apps. An advanced version of Xamarin has been released after Microsoft took over the firm in February 2016. This tool lets for code sharing across the different platforms above 75%. Xamarin is free to be used with its free version for start-ups and individuals, but it is expensive to be used for large businesses since it is mandatory to purchase a license for Microsoft’s Visual Studio. It also provides a free tool that aids in integrating enterprise functionalities and features for development work. With its ability to provide optimal native experience, developers get the chance to meet the precise requirements of the users.

Flutter: Flutter has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its unique features and fast-paced development nature. Launched by Google in 2018, Flutter has a diverse type of rendering approach that lets the developers perform a quick type of development. Further, it aids cutting-edge design aspects for native platforms like iOS or Android. Flutter is dependent on the Dart language that is used minimally than Javascript implying that there will not be a similar number of inbuilt libraries like React native. It is identical to the react tool with several inbuilt widgets that aid in developing, designing, testing and verifying the apps without any complexities.

Apache Cordova: Owned by Adobe, is also an open-source mobile development framework that lets the development of apps for different operating platforms. With the use of leading web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3, HTML 5, etc, developers will have the ability to deploy on any kind of modern operating platform. Having the inbuilt plugin varieties like Media Recorder Plugin, Capture plugin, and Push plugin. With this, mobile app developers can induce several exciting features such as camera, GPS, sound, and many others. This tool lets the developers make use of native resources like messages, networks, and others with cost-effective nature leading to experiencing native aspects. It is one of the cutting-edge tools used by modern developers to develop mind-blowing apps.

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Appcelerator: This is a Titanium SDK development framework for the development of both native and cross-platform solutions. This tool aids development of robust mobile APIs by using JavaScript. It is a robust, enterprise-level mobile app development tool that provides several exciting functionalities such as data testing, benchmarking, analytics, integration with database, Access to API, 3rd party integration, libraries, and many others. It has the unique ability to offer direct access to native iOS and Android APIs through Javascript, it is employed to build apps for several native platforms. This development can be carried out via a simple app builder, multilingual dashboard, drag and drop features, and others. This tool employs yearly and monthly subscriptions to function with diverse types of platforms and technologies. This framework employs different technologies such as JavaScript, Java, Swift, Objective C, and Titanium code.

Sencha: It is one of the widely employed, robust cross-platform frameworks for designing exciting mobile game app and web apps through CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It aids in the development of touch-dependent apps for different native platforms by offering enterprise-level SDK development solutions. It is highly suited for platforms that make use of the native device functionalities and APIs. This tool is known to offer the best quality operating speed employing the best quality hardware simulations that offer supreme performance. It is best suited for developing strong, hassle-free solutions for developing quick apps for multiple native platforms. It employs strong data management and security methods for ensuring the safe management of data throughout the complete development workflows. With the employment of the “infinite scrolling grid” feature, developers can group the attributes for retrieval in later stages.


With the increasing competition across different businesses, the online world is undergoing an unbelievable transformation in the form of mobile apps. Cross-platform app development is the best strategy for the business to reach your target audience with minimal investment. Associate with a cross-platform mobile app development expert like Brillmindz technologies who has a team with several years of experience in the field of customized mobile app development with guaranteed success.