How to Optimize the Mobile App Testing Process?

Mobile App Testing

How to Optimize the Mobile App Testing Process?

There has been a striking transformation in the routine lives of people due to the rise of smartphones and related mobile apps. It may be ordering food, grocery, etc, or speaking to your loved ones from distant places, having a consultation with a doctor, the mobile app industry has grown exponentially. But, before these mobile apps are employed by end-users, they have to be tested in detail for guaranteeing their user-friendly functionality and reliability w.r.t various operating systems and devices. To stay at the top of the competitive market, it is key to adapt a smart approach in the mobile app testing process for identifying all the defects in the early stages.

About mobile app testing:

Mobile app testing is a process that involves complete testing of the mobile app to certify its functionality before delivering it to the end-users. It may include all types of testing methods like manual, performance, load, automation, usability, and many others. Mobile app testing is a crucial process that offers confidence to mobile app developers and business owners about user-friendliness, security, usability, and reliability. Any failure to have an efficient testing process can cause serious consequences to usability while denting the brand value. The mobile app testing process must be started only after rigorous discussions while involving all important parameters like various devices, operating systems, and many others.

Advanced automation technologies have been helping engineers to automate all the regular run test cases which are highly beneficial during frequent releases. If any mobile app firm neglects taking care of mobile app testing specific to the mobile app product, it may lead to a bad impact on the users. While some of them may review the app badly and also negatively promote it amongst their known ones. If you want to have a solid reputation for your product on the mobile app store, then it is key to have a comprehensive and reliable testing process.

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Optimizing mobile app testing process:

Incorporate testing right from the beginning stages of development: The test process must begin right from the first stage of the development process. Testing must be practiced as a continuous process instead of working on it after completing development. Since there will be ample time in the initial stages, it would be easier to find the loopholes and fix them in the starting stages. Ideally, this is the best approach to not only deliver a defect-free app but also a cost-effective solution.

Creating accurate test suites: Testing experts must ensure to create test suites that verify all the functionalities of the app. Make a cluster of all tests related to specific types of modules or functionalities to execute them about certifying the operations. Testing on real devices is helpful to make sure that end-users do not face any surprises. Check for any changes in UI elements and ensure to have test scenarios right from the initial stages to understand their behavior. It is also important to include test scenarios concerning various operating systems and network speeds too since there may be changes in in-app functionalities. Check the release notes of every app version to know if there are any changes in functionalities due to the fixing of existing defects. If you get any related information, then test the app to check the compatibility while assuring the operations. It will not only help to get descriptive testing scenarios but also help engineers to know possible mistakes. 

Automated Mobile Testing: Automated testing has changed the scenario of mobile app testing especially in the segment of mobile app testing. App engineers can run the tests simultaneously on various emulators or even devices. Due to this, there will be optimal delivery of the product and clients will be happy to get the ideal time to market. But care should be taken to choose the right tests to be automated. Some of the tests are required to be done manually for certifying their functionalities. Since cross-platform app development has become a running modern trend, it is key to choose the right automation trend to cover diverse operating platforms. It will save both time and resources in the long run.

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Mobile testing Community and community-Powered Tools: Mobile app testing demands descriptive testing for ensuring the functionality of various types of parameters. While some will be manual many others can be automated and save time before every update to the app. Hence, mobile testers must be aware of all the latest technologies and tools available in the market for successful output. An ideal way to stay updated with modern trends is to be actively connected with mobile app development and testing communities. There will be updates to the tools which will provide more options for the app testing team for concentrating on the improvements instead of reiterating the same testing activity. In recent years there have been many open source testing technologies that have entered the market to enhance testing efficiency. They have been enhanced by several precise testing communities of engineers making them more strong than previous versions. By adopting them you can test the app with more confidence and ensure that there are no defects in the final product.

Employing shared standard protocols: Using shared standard protocols across all devices is an important aspect in reducing the difficulty of the overall process. It can include all types of features or functionalities present in a given app product. Make use of a global set of protocols to ensure optimal testing of the apps for users across the world. Keep a note on outlining the same set for testing on various versions, operating systems for guaranteeing smooth outcomes to end-users.

To wrap up:

Optimizing the mobile app testing skills is highly important in the current competitive world to provide a user-friendly and trusted end product. Associate with a highly skilled mobile app development expert like Brillmindz that has all the latest technological infrastructure to be combined with the expertise in delivering a profitable end product.