How Much Does It Cost To Develop An EV Station Finder App?

How to develop a electric vehicle charging station finder app

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An EV Station Finder App?

We have been witnessing a steep rise in the usage of electric vehicles in the previous year. While reducing carbon emission was the main motive to start with, the constantly increasing fuel prices have taken over the minds of people. With this steep increase in the number of electric vehicles, there is a larger need of developing electric vehicle charging stations. Mobile apps have been leading the quest of helping EV vehicle owners to locate the charging stations. Want to build a similar one and reap benefits? Keep reading this article.

Electric vehicle charging station finder app: what is the need?

Electric vehicles and EV charging stations have entered the market a few years back, but have not been accepted wholeheartedly by people. They had limited choice in EVs leading to limited access to charging stations. Since a huge number of people have got into EVs there is a persistent demand for charging stations. There are several charging stations coming up across multiple locations throughout the country. It will only be beneficial for users if they can locate these stations whenever needed. This is important for constant usage of EV vehicles if they find themselves running out of electricity. An EV charging station finder app will aid the users to find the charging station with no difficulty.

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The working style of an EV Charging Stations Finder App:

Being a user, you have to download the mobile app, register to the app by providing details like phone number, vehicle details, address, email, etc. Once you complete this process you can start using the app immediately. The app requires access to the location of the device since it uses a GPS feature to locate the nearby charging station. Users can search for a relevant area to know the key information about the charging stations including the relevant type of EVs, costs, availability, and other details. The app will provide a pre-booking facility to the users which will save precious time when they arrive at the station. There will be multiple types of payment options as per the convenience of the users.

Important Features Of An EV Charging Stations Finder App:

With the steep demand for electric vehicles, there has been a huge demand for charging stations. Moreover, usage of Eclectic Vehicles will be smooth only if you can locate the relevant charging station during your journey. This has been aided with the EV charging station finder app that helps to locate the station whenever you are running out of electricity. Below are some of the important features that need to be present in an EV charging station finder app.

Registration and profile: To start using the app, users have to download the app and enter the details. They also get an option to register and sign in using social media accounts. Users will have the ability to easily edit and create their respective profiles which will carry the photos, vehicle details, and others.

GPS: It is the crucial feature that is needed to access the real-time location of the smartphones with the closest charging stations. With the GPS feature on, users have to just search for nearby stations and get the list of available locations. When the users select a nearby station, they will get the details with all the facilities available in that station. It will avoid the tedious task for users to manually lookout for the station in a crunch situation.

Advanced search Filter: This is to ease the options for users to search depending on the inputs with advanced filter options. With several points listed out in the filter, they can rule out the unnecessary points they are expecting in the station. It may be regarding EV type, availability and others. 

Pre-Booking: Users should be given the opportunity for pre-booking the EV station slots to save time when they arrive at stations.

Reviews and ratings: Any app can be successful if it has positive reviews and ratings on the app stores. Hence, users must be allowed to share their experience by writing the review and rating the app for the benefit of other users.

Payment: Users must be given the option to pay according to their choice with multiple payment options. This will prove to be a positive point in retaining existing users or attracting new ones.

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Transaction History: Every user will require the history of transactions performed via the app. Hence, the app must track all the charging instances, payments, electricity consumed, and other relevant information.

Push Notification: No app can reach success without the push notification feature. They help remind the users to employ the app for their needs in crunch moments.

Support: The app must provide constant support to users to stay connected with them for longer. Chatbots with the aid of Artificial Intelligence can offer smart support to user queries.

Trip Planner: When the journey is longer users will require the aid of multiple charging stations during the journey. This can be eased with the help of the trip planner feature which will show all the relevant charging stations in specific directions.

Rewards: It is rightly said that rewards will motivate the users to stay with the app for longer. You can provide the loyal users with promotional coupons, vouchers, free memberships, and other options to stimulate them to use the app. This will not only make the regular users stay with the app by increasing the loyalty factor but also help in eagerly recommending them to their known ones.

To wrap up:

To develop an EV Station Finder app, you should initially perform a deep study on the requirements, business motives, features, etc for your app. This will aid you to arrive at the estimated cost of your overall project. With the growing demand for electrical vehicles, it is the prime time for you to develop an Electric vehicle charging station finder app by associating with an innovative and expert mobile app development company like Brillmindz.