Top 5 alternative mobile app for Tik Tok

Top 5 alternative mobile app for Tik Tok

Top 5 alternative mobile app for Tik Tok

Video streaming apps have been on the rise across the globe with the usability and engagement of these apps for different types of audiences. As internet services are easily available in the current era, the usage of smartphones has increased like never before. Access to entertaining content from across the globe and user-friendly features have made video streaming apps the talk of the town. Tik-Tok is a popular Chinese video streaming app that has created a storm in the global market with its exciting videos and functionalities. Many Chinese apps had to face a ban from a few countries like India due to the risk of data security. This had created a big void in the video streaming app segment which was filled by many other apps similar to tik tok.


Ban of tik-tok in India:

Due to the rising data security threats and border tensions, the central government of India had banned many kinds of Chinese apps a few months back. This includes Tik Tok that was on top in the video streaming market with its usability. This app had been highly popular in India with people of all ages being addicted to the app for making a variety of videos. It consisted of a collection of different types of videos related to fun, entertainment, sports, Bollywood, workouts, and whatnot. With the ban of this app, there was a big gap in the market for a few days, as many other exciting apps captured the market within no time by providing similar features in their apps. If you are thinking about – “alternative app for tik tok in India” then keep reading below to get the complete information.

  1. Instagram Reels: Instagram introduced the Instagram Reels app across the globe recently inspired by the Tik Tok app. Instagram users have the option to create similar videos like tik tok. These videos will not vanish like Instagram stories within a day. A unique feature about the Reels is that it can be shared with all the users other than your friends. This app offers many engaging filters and features that aid in making the shoot engaging. This app offers all the other similar features like Tik tok to create videos, edit and share them on multiple platforms. Just open the camera icon from the same place for adding Instagram stories, choose the Reels option, make videos and other edits – share them.
  2. Snack Video: Snack video is also a Chinese video-sharing app that was introduced by Kuaishou Technology and is getting funded by Tencent. This app was built to compete with the popular Tik Tok app across the globe. This app allows its users to watch, edit, share, and download the videos. Snack video has earned many users across the international arena due to its huge collection of entertaining, funny, and exciting videos of various types across the globe. This app lets the users easily download the app and watch many types of videos without even requiring them to log in.

With a huge database, users can keep scrolling the video and skip all the videos that are not appropriate or are not liked by them. This app gained huge popularity immediately after the ban of Tik Tok in India and few other countries. This success was mainly due to the availability of similar features, interfaces, and tools that let the users create videos easily similar to Tik tok. But this app could not continue the show in India as the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre suggested to ban this app along with some other Chinese apps with a similar data security threat. Hence, this joined a similar list of apps after tik-tok to be banned in India and a few other nations.


  1. Josh: This app is built by a Bangalore- based Ver Se Innovation which is also a proud founder of the portal; Daily hunt. This app is also motivated by Tik Tok and developed to work exactly like the popular app. The app consists of content from popular personalities like Afsha Shah, Jubin Shah, and Vishal Parekh. This app lets the users create diets from the favourite chartbusters or even perform to highly popular dialogues. Josh gives regular challenges to its users that aids them to get many followers and enhanced popularity. Users are allowed to share the videos to various social media platforms like WhatsApp. Josh provides the usage of English and other Indian languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and more. If you are looking for a tik tok alternative India app, then Josh should be one of your best choices.


  1. MX Takatak: MX TakaTak even took the inspiration of its name from Tik-Tok. The app built by MX media consists of similar features as that of Tik tok. This includes a variety of filters and stickers, video edit options, quick share on different social media options. Mx TakaTak has gained many users in recent times. This app also hosts a range of regional language options.


  1. Chingari: This Tik-tok alternative Indian app not just lets the users lip-sync to other music videos with multiple categories. It includes comedy videos, fashion vlogging, and many other segments with a reward to users having the highest comments and likes. Many exciting editing tools aid in correcting the mistakes during your video creation and takes them to the next level. Further, it also consists of several live filters, stickers, and visual effects that can be employed to develop the content that is liked by their followers of respective users. If you are looking for apps like Tik-Tok made in India then this one should come at the top of the list.



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