Best Indian alternatives to Chinese Mobile Apps

Indian alternatives to Chinese apps India

Best desi Indian alternatives to Chinese apps India

The anti-China sentiment was initiated by the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic across the globe. But this trend has been increased after the border row amongst China and India. Due to this belligerence from China on the India-China Ladakh border, Indian people have begun boycotting Chinese goods and apps. #BoycottMadeInChina and #BoycottChineseProducts are trending on twitter recently and the top Chinese apps in India 2020 are facing the heat. People are looking for Indian alternative to Chinese apps proving to be a boon to Indian app owners and developers. Due to this trend, Chinese app usage in India is seeming to decline like never before.

Indian alternative apps for Chinese apps:

There was a high percentage of Chinese app use in India especially the past decade, with millions of user downloads. But, a significant portion of users is now on the lookout for Indian alternatives to these popular Chinese apps. Many alternative Indian apps have started to gain grip recently and being used as alternatives to these Chinese apps. Below is the Indian apps list that is the best alternatives to popular Chinese apps.

Telegram -Alternative to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is one of the widespread messaging apps in the world used by people of all ages. Telegram is developing to be the best alternative message app with its highest downloads on the Play Store. This app provides aid for GIFs, group chats, sharing various files, and all similar features to WhatsApp. But a major advantage is the secured 256-bit symmetric AES and 2048-bit RSA encryption. If you are looking for a secured messages app, then this one is for you to download on the Play Store.

Garena Free Fire – Alternatives to PUBG: 

With the hype of ‘Boycott Chinese products and apps’ campaign in India, popular Chinese gaming app PUBG is been the target. Many enthusiastic gamers have been uninstalling this game and are looking for alternative gaming apps. One of the best alternatives is Garena Free Fire, built by the 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena present in Singapore. With similar features and functionalities, it is the closest game to PUBG and has earned substantial profits with high downloads. This game includes 50 players in the match that compete with each other to be the last one to survive. The 10 minutes duration game drops you on a strange island where the player has to fight and survive against other 49 players. This game functions well on all types of smartphones without any issues.

Share Chat – Alternative to TikTok:

Share chat is similar to TikTok, which lets you create splendid music videos and share them on multiple platforms. It has all the features like the lip-syncing and huge selection of music to create the videos. It will also let the users connect to other users on the platform with 10 language support. Due to such benefits, it has already surpassed 100 million downloads on the play store and proving to be the best alternative to TikTok. It has a secured and encrypted line for voice calls that assures no malicious activities.

Jio Browser – Alternative to UC Browser:

Recently, the Jio browser is gaining a lot of popularity due to its ability to provide a secure and smooth internet browsing experience. This is similar to the UC browser with the ability to keep the users updated with the latest new content from the globe. It is built by Reliance and been hyped as the fast and lite option for surfing. It is highly beneficial for Indian users as it provides support to 8 different Indian languages. There are many modern and useful features included in the Jio Browser which makes it capable to be the best alternative to the UC browser.

Adobe Scan – Alternative to Cam Scanner:

Adobe Scan is not an Indian app but it is a reliable app that could be a valuable alternative to Cam Scanner. It has all the features similar to Cam Scanner that will help you to scan all your documents without any issues. Even though CAM Scanner has all the advanced features, it has an instance of being eliminated from the Play store after it was reported a malicious activity. The app was again recalled in the store after the deletion of nasty code. Many Chinese apps have been showing such reports of malicious activities and Adobe Scan could be the best alternative.

Google Drive – WPS Office alternative:

WPS Office is a broadly used office set for Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. It is built by Chinese developer Kingsoft and much popular across India. There are no strong alternatives for this software in India but Google Drive will be the right tool to replace it. Google Drive allows users to stock-up 15GB of files in the cloud. It will let users upload all kinds of documents, images, or videos free of cost. It also felicitates the sharing of these files across other platforms that help successful cooperation between different teams.

Photo Video Maker – Alternative to Viva Video:

Viva Video is a widespread Chinese app that is popular for its video editing features. This app needs some needless app permissions from users that is never expected from a video editing app. Such activities have posed privacy concerns for users and people are looking for alternatives like Photo video maker. This app is free to use that offers all the similar features in editing videos.

Bottom line:

There were many claims in recent times about some suspicious and malicious activities in the Chinese apps. The recent Coronavirus and the border issue in Ladakh have sparked a huge movement among citizens to Boycott Chinese products. This has provided a big opportunity for app owners and developers in the Indian market. If you are looking to build any mobile app, then opt for the best mobile app development companies in India, Brill Mindz. They are experienced in developing profitable mobile apps across a wide range of industries.

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