How to Develop an App like Pub Ninja Academy

How to develop an app like Pub Ninja Academy

How to Develop an App like Pub Ninja Academy

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Pub Ninja Academy?

The rise of Covid-19 resulted in the closure of schools across the globe making the children to be deprived of their traditional classroom learning. Due to this, there was a drastic change in the education system with online learning taking the charge and allowing for the continuation of the education process. In the previous decade, there was a big change in the overall education system with technology providing a wide range of evolving opportunities. While the changes were more on the academic’s part, there was not much option for kids to explore their interests in extracurricular activities. In such circumstances, there was the rise of smart apps like Pub Ninja Academy that gives interest-based learning options for children below 12 years.

What is Pub Ninja Academy?

  • It is a creative online platform started in Bangalore, India with the idea of giving interest-based learning classes for children between 5 to 12 years. It offers over 200 classes with topics divided into diverse areas like art, life skills, dance, music, math and logic, science, nature, health, and wellness, language and many more.
  • Pub Ninja Academy was started in November 2020 with the partnership of two entrepreneurs Anay Chowdhary and Nirnay Chowdhary. With the witnessing of usability offered by online learning platforms during the outbreak of Covid-19, They started the venture to offer engaging content to children between the age group of 5 to 12. With diverse online learning options available across the market, they wanted Pub ninja Academy to be unique from all others.
  • Usually, there will be a dedicated team to craft the learning program which is given to the tutors for giving the lectures. But the idea is different in Pub Ninja Academy where any potential candidate can be selected as the tutor who is allowed to participate or tweak the curriculum.
  • All the topics offered in the app are spread wide according to the interests of the children. The team will participate in the demo class with the teachers which will be followed even in the class with the children where team members will ensure their presence.

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Why are apps like Pub Ninja Academy useful to students?

The advanced digital era has been regularly simplifying the routine lives of users. A bigger part of this change is mainly due to the smart apps that help in solving complicated problems. Hence, various types of businesses can get the highest profits by developing advanced mobile apps and reach the target customers easily. eLearning apps have changed the education process in a huge way which was evident during the closure of schools due to the pandemic. But with kids being only stuck to online classes, there were no options to promote and engage their extracurricular interests which were made possible by Pub Ninja Academy.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Pub Ninja Academy?

Before the start of the eLearning app development process, there should be proper planning on the budgeting factors. Building any kind of app will need through research on the influencing factors to know the final cost of the product. Below are the key elements having their impact on the final cost of building an eLearning app like Pub Ninja Academy:

  1. Type of Platforms:

Irrespective of the industry, business owners will always look to reach maximum users to get the highest ROI. This is an important aspect of development that calls for building the app on those platforms that are highly used by the target customers. Further, developing the app on diverse platforms requires diverse elements to be thought w.r.t technology. Due to this, the majority of owners are looking to develop cross-platform apps for meeting the users of Android, Windows, or iOS platforms.


eLearning apps will be used for a long time by teachers, students, and parents which demands to give a user-friendly experience. Hence the design should be simple but exciting enough to make them stick to the app for longer with easy navigations. Moreover, developing an app that has an engaging design will ensure that the app will be exciting but has a big impact on the game app development costs.


eLearning apps will require different types of technology to be included as per the core requirements. Some of them may be free to use but some of them require some amount of fees to be paid for using them. Depending on the types of technology used, there will be a final influence on the final cost of development.

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Such an informative eLearning app will require the integration of some basic features that guarantee easy operations. There are some essential features like chat, Live classes, audio lessons, multiple payments, etc but with the inclusion of some extra features, there will be an enhancement in the final costs. To negate all the burden of advanced features many business owners opt for basic features in the MVP type of the app and slowly include other features as per feedback of customers.

App Size: The overall cost of developing an app like Pub Ninja Academy is reliant deeply on the set of various types of features and functionalities. Therefore, these elements have a bigger part in deciding the size of the app. It is better to have the necessary features and functionalities for negating an unnecessary increase in the app size.

Maintenance after release:

Any type of app will yield long-term profits only if it is maintained properly after the release. Once the app is out in the market, engineers must be on top of its functionality. This will allow us to tackle any challenges immediately reducing any downtime with the users.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Pub ninja Academy?

The past decade had already witnessed a revolution in the field of education with the evolvement of technology. But the outbreak of Covid-19 made people across the globe adapt to these changes with a focus on continuing the education process. Several education apps arrived at the scenario concentrating on the academic part but without many options for co-curricular activities. The huge popularity of an app like Pub Ninja academy is due to its options for interest-based learning for kids below 12 years of age. Many leading entrepreneurs are looking to copy the same app idea for developing an app like Pub Ninja Academy. But you have to start with budget-based planning on smart moves for gaining long-term profits.

If you are looking to develop the same app, then you must be thinking – ” How much does it cost to develop an app like Pub ninja Academy”. The cost of developing an app mainly depends on some of the elements or the requirements of the clients. The impacting factors include app design, features, functionalities, choice of platform, and expertise of app developers. Hence it is tricky to provide an excellent cost of development for any kind of app. Depending on the expertise of the app developers, the development of an app like Pub ninja academy is approx. 15-20k USD for Android and iOS if outsourced to an expert app development company in India.

Final thoughts:

If you are willing to build such a user-friendly mobile app as Pub Ninja Academy, a leading mobile app development company in India, Brillmindz will help you to develop an impactful final product. The app engineering group has several years of experience in delivering profitable products that take the business to the next level.

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