How Tech Companies Contribute to the Fight Against COVID-19?

How Tech Companies Contribute to the Fight Against COVID-19?

How Tech Companies Contribute to the Fight Against COVID-19?

COVID-19 pandemic has affected all sectors across the globe and changed the economic situation with its fast-spreading nature. Many efforts are under process as the global fight against the COVID-19 epidemic is taking a strong route. The technical sector has stepped up to the scene and development of technology solution targeted at fighting the COVID-19 outbreak are helping governments throughout the world. Many large technology organizations and start-ups are playing their role to find new innovative solutions as early as possible.

How Tech companies contribute to the Fight Against COVID-19:

The World Health Organization has worked with major technology firms to develop advanced technology systems to fight against the outbreak. IoT technology is ensuring that the patient who is suggested for the quarantine period, is following the rules. Blockchain firms are helping with a distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based platform for dispensing data correlated to coronavirus epidemic. It is very crucial to have proper discrete information channels between government, patients and health officials.

Below are some of the contributions and inventions from tech companies to fight against COVID-19.


  • IBM has provided a reliable Artificial Intelligence system to assist local governments and healthcare companies to handle numerous phones on the pandemic. It has helped in reducing wait times to a large extent. IBM has aided many agencies with its Artificial Intelligence capabilities bounded with a chatbot which helps in automating the complete flow and provide suitable answers to frequently asked queries.
  • Apple has developed a unique COVID-19 app a website that was designed to aid in screening processes and reduce some strain on the global healthcare system. In this time of the global-emergency phone, helplines would be flowing heavily with numerous calls. Instead of calling for every related query, individuals can ask their doubts with the online experts to get complete information from the Disease control centres and telehealth applications.
  • Google is a search engine that is widely used, is also leading a huge campaign that aims to deal with controlling coronavirus related false information. Google has also provided certain instructions for all reports who are covering COVID-19 related news. The research organization wing of Google is also helping in getting a drive-through coronavirus test at many locations across the world.
  • After Microsoft, Google was also one of the initial companies that developed a COVID-19 website that has all the necessary information like important helpline numbers, protective measures, treatment types, information regarding symptoms and also the global statistics. Various governments must know the global developments especially in the process of finding a cure and relative medicines. It also has a huge assembly of videos for people to get educated while they stay at home during this period of lockdown. This is helpful for many individuals like students, small businesses and educators to stay connected and educated while staying at home.
  • San Antonio-based start-up has built an independent robot that can disinfect hospital rooms on its own, avoiding the requirement for manual intervention with the risk of being exposed to the virus. Powerful UV rays from XENEX’s Light Strike robots destroy pathogens present on surfaces that are supervised practically through the AT&T network.
  • Microsoft is collaborating with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington to develop a series of data conceptions that helps to foresee the highest point of the virus across the globe. They have released a compilation of academic studies on the COVID-19. The company has collaborated with Adaptive biotech companies for research on immune responses to the epidemic across various locations.
  • Two start-ups Drona Maps and BlinkIn started at the NASSCOM Centre of Excellence, are significantly associating with governments to handle many technical challenges. There is a development of Live dashboards to track the infection of COVID-19, patient recoveries, activities, and other related processes. BlinkIn from Bangalore is offering remote help in installing air handling components in the COVID-19 field hospital at the origin of coronavirus place, Wuhan. One more COE start-up from Gurugram has provided a supervisee dashboard with modern features such as Geofencing, location tracking, and explorative research activities.
  • Infosys Foundation is always associated with its social responsibilities and is not behind in assisting to combat the coronavirus epidemic. Along with their notable contribution to PM cares fund, they are also helping the poor and needy for all necessities. It will also offer ventilators, testing kits, and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, and other shielding gear for frontline health workers.
  • Wipro, Azim Premji Foundation has also contributed to PM cares fund in combating the virus and also in aiding various healthcare measures.
  • There is a huge demand for Ventilators as many patients have difficulty breathing. Even with all the advanced medicinal setups, ventilators are need of the hour across the globe. An Indian start-up called AgVa healthcare is creating moveable ventilators. They are with a plan to build around 20000 ventilators as early as possible.

Advanced technologies helping to fight against COVID-19

As there is a huge increase in coronavirus across the globe every day, governments and healthcare officials are constantly striving to discover suitable technologies and medicines. Many technology companies are helping by discovering tools and also certain advanced apps that have become a lifeline in the fight against the epidemic. Advanced technologies and efficient funding from many technology companies are helping to flatten the curve across all major coronavirus hotspots. With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, IoT, and Blockchain technologies, many countries are discovering ways to curb the spread of the virus.

Bottom line:

Governments across the globe are working endlessly to stop the spreading of coronavirus and also to effectively treat the infected patients. But it would need support from tech companies in finding advanced ways to fight the pandemic. If you are looking to invest and develop advanced technological solutions, your reliable partner could be Brill Mindz, a leading Mobile app development company in India. They have experience in developing smart solutions with all modern technologies.