Coronavirus: How to Run Your Business During the Time of Lockdown in India

How to Run Your Business During the Time of Lockdown in India

Coronavirus: How to Run Your Business During the Time of Lockdown in India

Coronavirus is creating ripples across the globe with the rapid spreading pace and increase in death numbers. It has severely impacted all the business sectors and halted the operations. Even in India, which holds the second-largest global population, Coronavirus has created an impact on all the businesses with the country going into a state of complete lockdown, Market has the big problem is how to Run Your Business During the Time of Lockdown Even though coronavirus has not infected in huge numbers in India when compared to the pace around the world, the pattern of its spread has caused the country to be in a state of panic and quarantines. The 21-day national lockdown has caused businesses to newly plan their strategies to cope up with this situation. Along with safely closing down the facilities, enabling the employee’s safety and observing the market patterns, keeping the financial wheels running is a huge task for all types of businesses. During such times, there are many aspects that all businesses could follow to moderate risks and cut down on their losses.

What are the steps to be followed to run the business during this period of lockdown?

There is no clear idea as to when the current situation will be ending and businessmen don’t have an idea How to Run Your Business During the Time of Lockdown. Hence it is necessary to create a fresh business plan for new scenarios. There should be a new business continuity plan which develops for sale and not for stocks. Below are a few steps that could be followed by businesses during this situation:

Initial steps: Achieving a smooth shutdown, especially for continuous process plants. Ensuring the safety of all employees and workers. Have a clear look at all your contracts and revisit them to modify the agreements after keeping the unknown incidents and their impact on the business. Both parties must carefully review so that it will benefit them in such crucial times.

Supply chain: With lockdown in place, keeping adequate inventory stocks would not be possible. Even the ideal logistics would be a concern as only the transport of essential goods is allowed in the transport. If your business falls under this category of essential goods, then you would be able to transport the goods. But if the products don’t come under this category then you must plan for after lockdown scenarios and be ready to face the sudden demand. Companies must review their agreements with partners and suppliers as it could involve many clauses regarding potential recovery of extra charges or regarding cost adjustment as a result of work delay.

New offers– After having an appropriate strategy you can provide offers for customers that is appropriate in the online market during the lockdown. It is also crucial to keep a constant relationship with customers as even they will be heavily impacted. Consider providing some feasible discounts via online marketing. Think of having suitable marketing tactics during this situation that will influence customer purchases.

No Urgent Reactions– It is evident that a lot of revenue is halted due to the effects of lockdown completely changing the business perspective. But urgent decisions and reactions will not do magic for businesses. The situation will improve over time and provide business with unique opportunities. This calls for building apt strategies and be ready for the time to act. Don’t go for short cut routes by going against the law. It is important to follow ethics and be on the right side of the ethics as businesses get to the top by following proper long-term approaches.

Blogs: Give good Blog content on your websites. Write good informational content regarding your industry topics and any other interesting things for your customers. Blogs help keep your Brands always visible to your customers who would be continuously looking out for many informational topics during this lockdown period. Hence Blogs could prove a vital point for companies to get business opportunities even during lockdown time and also immediately after the lockdown period ends.

Meanwhile, firms must get ready for the lockdown to end and return of employees and workers. Plan and prioritize the works you need to begin with after the business gets to normal.

Digital industry:

As lockdown days get extended and people from the digital industry continue to work from home, the business will not be as expected due to a reduction in the speed of working capacities. They will have to look out for the best measures to keep all the processes on track with scheduled routine and keep the employees engaged. They could also suggest some online training programs for their employees. Thorough research on current trends, competitors, suppliers and other important elements that could improve the quality of products could prove to be game-changers in the future.

Meetings via Video calls: Digital operations have already moved to video calls for daily meetings and other conferences. They could also engage customers via video-conferences to keep a touch on them for business discussions. As the employees are following efficient work from the home policy there must be a strong way of communication in the organization to avoid any gap between the employees and customers.

Data leaks– The digital industry would be greatly helped with its provision to continue work amidst the lockdown scenario. But companies must ensure that they have an efficient and secure system to battle against issues like data thefts and cyber hacks. They will have to relook the system and secure the process and technologies. They could check if all the sections update the anti-virus software regularly and also keep the customers aware of any frauds.

Bottom line:

Amidst the continuous chaos and scare created by the Covid19 (Coronavirus) epidemic, the businesses need to plan for longer days of facing the situation. Building proper scenarios and having a strategic digital plan by associating with companies like Brill Mindz, will be important for your survival in the market and also handling the circumstances. They will comprehensively cover all the digital strategies to reach potential customers and ensure that your brand stays on top of the industry.