Thank You Coronavirus Helpers: How Google Doodle thanks to doctors, nurses, and medical workers

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’: How Google Doodle thanks to doctors, nurses, and medical workers

Coronavirus has impacted the daily lives of people from all the sectors and governments across the globe are fighting to flatten the curve and cure infected individuals. In such emergency times, we are helped by the unparalleled service of Coronavirus helpers like doctors, nurses, medical workers, sanitization service workers, emergency service workers, grocery workers, farmworkers, etc. As an initiative to thank these workers, Google has begun a series of doodles that give gratitude to all frontline professionals across the globe for leading the fight against coronavirus. Google has officially said in their statement that they will continue this for two weeks and thank all those people who are ensuring the well-being of citizens and making sure that all essential goods and services are still available.

How Google Doodle thanks to doctors, nurses and medical workers:

Google started this initiative by thanking scientists across the globe. Google stated that there will 14 such google doodles carrying Thank you messages thanking all the Coronavirus helpers. Google stated that it will include and honor all the essential frontline workers from all sectors who keep services like food, sanitation, healthcare, public transit, schools, online education and more up and running. It said, “Thank you to all the people who are working to save lives and keep communities safe during this pandemic”.

How is Google helping to fight against the Coronavirus?

Since the epidemic started its outbreak across the globe, Google has employed its widely used platform to provide crucial information and connectivity to health resources.


  • Google software firm lately launched the COVID-19 information and resources website. It has collected the user location history to exactly know COVID-19 impact in affected countries.
  • Protecting people from misinformation: Google is a widely used search engine, could lead to a center to spread false information. But Google is leading a large campaign that targets to deal with controlling coronavirus linked fake information. They have also given few directives for all reporters who are responsible for covering COVID-19 associated news.
  • The trust and safety team is supervising all the activities across the online world continues to protect the users from malware, phishing and any other misinformation being spread. It is collaborating with health authorities and fact-checkers to find the topics that are highly searched by people and any gaps in providing this information.
  • The Google built COVID-19 website consists of all the necessary information like crucial helpline numbers, treatment, and protective measures, data linked to symptoms and worldwide statistics on the pandemic. This is much needed for various governments as all of them are researching a possible cure and helpful medicines.
  • Google has a vast collection of videos for everyone who needs to improve their knowledge while they are staying at home during this lockdown. This has proven to be very helpful for many people like students, tutors and even small businesses to be updated.
  • Google is the most widely used search engine across the globe and people come in search of vaccine information, prevention measures and commuting tips as the pandemic is spreading across the globe. The Google SOS Alert in Search connects people with the updated news and other safety measures by the means of authorized information via the World Health Organisation. It has also helped many remote workers and students with its Google Calendars, Gmail, Classroom, Drive, Hangouts Meet and chat, etc and also G Suite for Education. The live streaming feature is being planned to be implemented to largely help people across many communities. It will help them to connect virtually when they are unable to physically meet in this time of lockdown.
  • YouTube is directing the users to WHO or other local authorized organizations’ home page and has also planned to donate ad inventory to the Governments and NGOs to help in providing education and information across the affected regions. Even Google maps are continuing its service to provide trusted and helpful information.
  • An AI-based chatbot is helping government agencies to answer public queries quickly. It helps in managing the traffic-increase across the communication channels. Citizens across all locations are constantly using the helplines to provide and ask information about the coronavirus. This has increased stress on government officials who are dealing with a huge surge in traffic. Google stated that It is collaborating with the White House in the US and aiding organizations to build new data and text mining techniques to find the COVID-19 Open research Data set, which would be the largest machine-understandable coronavirus work collection until today.
  • Google is also helping across the healthcare industry, where its cloud-based business productivity gear, G-Suite is employed by a large number of employees working in the Veneto region of Italy to monitor patient care in this epidemic eruption.
  • Google cloud technologies at the Oklahoma State Department of Health in the US has taken a major part in developing an app that helps healthcare employees to communicate remotely with people at coronavirus hotspots. It will help people who are experiencing symptoms to reach the nearest healthcare and testing center for getting all the required assistance.
  • Helping government organizations and WHO in relief measures by providing $25 million in donated ad credit and also ensures to provide more in case of need. Google.Org and Googlers have contributed over $1 million for relief measures that will help many NGOs to procure medical goods, assure food and accommodation to frontline workers and also to aid with long-term recovery efforts.

Bottom line:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Google has leveraged its platforms to provide information and link to health resources. And this gesture of thanking via Google doodle to thank all the Coronavirus Helpers will provide great motivation to all those people who are striving day and night to fight the epidemic. If you are planning to help the government and communities and also earn significant revenue with all the latest technological software, contact the best mobile app development company in IndiaBrill Mindz