How to Survive the Coronavirus and Keep Your Business Alive?

How to Survive the Coronavirus and Keep Your Business Alive?

How to Survive the Coronavirus and Keep Your Business Alive?

Coronavirus has created ripples across major countries and economic superpowers in the globe. All the industries are affected and are facing indefinite shutdowns due to the outbreak of this epidemic. Only the manufacturing/selling of essential goods is permitted across the countries. The situation is similar in India with the country imposing lockdowns from over a month. Industries are experiencing massive slowdowns and losses due to theses unavoidable lockdowns. Movements of vehicles are restricted and all public places like malls and markets have been closed. But, some type of businesses like online groceries, other essential service providers, and video content platforms that are operating to keep various purposes of individuals satisfied during this period. How to Survive the Coronavirus and Keep Your Business Alive? To protect your business amid this prolonged lockdown and economic crisis, you need to take some highly effective measures. Digital strategy experts and leading mobile app development company in India Brill Mindz will help you in taking proactive steps to sustain your business.

How to Survive the Coronavirus and Keep Your Business Alive?

According to many studies, this epidemic may ease its grip in a few months. But sustaining this grim period is very important to keep the business alive. It is crucial to drive the business away from fragile rough patches and keep the ship sailing until the markets return to normal situations. But even the situation would be “new-normal” even after the coronavirus effects are wiped off. Companies would require to calm down and develop a strategic plan with prime importance on surviving the difficult period. They will have to adhere to all the new norms by the government and also ensure that they are not taking any risky steps until the Covid-19 comes under control.

Take care of Employees: Work from home options is already implemented across feasible tech sectors. But after a few days of lockdowns, companies in Green zones (That are not affected by Coronavirus) are likely to be allowed to operate with limited employees. In such situations, companies must give prime importance to sanity at every part of their operations. Also, have a specific communication with them to understand their problems and support to the maximum extent.

Have a specific plan: Build appropriate strategies for focussing on all the necessary steps to be taken to continue the business. Measures for optimizing stocks, marketing, transport, cash-cutting, and also steps to be taken to avoid a longer economic impact.

Find the main challenges to the business: Regardless of whatever strategies you try to bring to the system, it would not be successful if does not overcome the actual challenges faced by the business. Analyze all the challenges and build the nearest solutions for different scenarios. Disruption in the supply chains, restricted transportation, reaching customers, competing with other businesses is some of the challenges. You need to think about the worst possible scenario across all the segments to ensure that you are prepared for them. Your plans must be developed including all the safety and hygiene measures to protect your employees, finances, software, hardware, and all other operations.

Find substitutions for all immediate needs: The effect of lockdowns will surely have a huge impact on travel plans and supply chains every day. Find alternate solutions for all the urgent business meetings and client visits to make sure that operations run smoothly. Make use of modern technological tools to have video calls and meetings if the clients need to have a look at your office premises or any products/services. Such things could develop trust in your stakeholders or clients about your work and encourage them to be active along with you in continuing operations.

Gain trust of all your community: A key factor that helps in keeping your business operations steady and helps you to carry all the processes smoothly is the trust in your community. Have proper communication with all your clients, customers, partners and other associated people about the measures taken to combat this crisis. This will develop a sense of faith among all those people about your definitive steps for continuing the business.

Adjust to the new-normal situation: 


  • The majority of places across the globe are in the situation of lockdown. People aren’t allowed to come on the streets which has posed a serious threat to business survival. If your company depends on a similar business process, then it could be problematic in the long run. Therefore, you have thought of creative ideas to reach your products/services to customers. You could provide home deliveries to people over orders on phone and also give discount offers for delivery from you.
  • If you are introducing any changes in your service, ensure that you market this to all your customers. Develop a digital marketing strategy that focuses on showcasing all the important uses of your products or services particularly in this outbreak. People would not be aware that even if some businesses are still operational or not if it fails to reach them. Ensure that people are getting to know about your availability.
  • Try to address the gap in the customer end by knowing their precise requirements. Try to include useful measures like multiple payment methods and no contact delivery that would help your customers. Have regular communication with your suppliers to ensure that you do not face any issues.
  • Be prepared for any type of situation post lifting of lockdowns step by step in particular areas. There could be transports permitted in some areas and not permitted in other areas. You have to handle such situations carefully and make sure that the delivery of essentials to your business is least affected.

Bottom line:

The coronavirus outbreak is a testing time for all industries and businesses that survive this storm will reap the benefits post lockdown. If you are looking to build a reliable strategy for sustaining your business for a longer time, then associate with leading mobile app development company in IndiaBrill Mindz.