How Much Does it Cost to Develop an eLearning App like Tutopia?

How much does it cost to develop an eLearning app like Tutopia

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an eLearning App like Tutopia?

The lives of people across the globe have been highly influenced by evolving technology. Diverse types of businesses are making use of advanced technologies especially in the form of smartphones and related mobile apps. Mobile apps have made a big impact on the routine lives of people while helping businesses to achieve maximum returns to their ventures.

The same is true for the education segment which is reaping the benefits from the technology revolution in the form of eLearning apps. These advancements were prevalent in recent years but were utilized to full potential during the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. With the closure of all schools, colleges and educational institutions across the globe, users had to rely on cutting-edge eLearning apps like Tutopia. This eLearning app was started to help the West Bengal state board students to simplify the learning process.

What is Tutopia?

The owners of Tutopia being Bengali medium students wanted to help them during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which disrupted the normal education process. Their motive was to offer all the essential aspects in one place by building an exciting eLearning app. Their motive was brought to execution through their partnership with a top mobile app development company in India, Brillmindz. They began the process of development by concentrating on two important points.

The first one was providing the solution simply with reasonable charges with the main motive of reaching the eLearning process to every student. This idea made the app accessible to all the Bengali medium students who had a simple smartphone. The second point was to provide usable and attractive content across all the topics to make the overall process attractive. The app idea was received well among all the students across the state, as they found it easy to understand all the topics without any difficulty.

Tutopia eLearning app provides superior experience by partnering with Subject matter experts who give the best to users in every subject. Due to this Tutopia became one of the first eLearning platforms for Bengali medium students. Further, the expert teachers in Tutopia exactly know the usage of advanced technology in the app. Students are aided to grasp the topics easily with features such as 3D graphics, audio/video classes, live sessions, animations, and others.

This app can be downloaded from both the Apple store and Google play store for both iOS and Android platforms respectively. Bengali medium students who have used the Tutopia app are happy about its usability in understanding diverse topics easily. Brillmindz feels delighted to have built such a wide-ranging e-Learning app that is offering education to every Bengali medium student with a simple smartphone.

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How Much does it Cost to Develop an e-learning App like Tutopia?

The success of any mobile app is reliant on the ability of business owners to understand and fix the motive of the app according to the budgeting requirements. Building a mobile app needs a deep study on the competition and influencing aspects to know the final cost of development. Below are the key points influencing the overall cost of developing an eLearning app like Tutopia:

eLearning apps will demand engaging design aspects which will make the customers stay longer and refer to the app for their known ones. As eLearning apps will be used by both students and tutors for a significant time in a day, it is key to give an engaging yet simple design. Moreover, the inclusion of unnecessary features which are not required for the actual motive may make the app look grand, but will surely have a big impact on the overall cost of the app.

Type of Operating Platform:
Irrespective of the type of mobile app you are developing, success is decided on how far you can reach the target customers. So, it is key to build the app on those platforms that are used by their respective customers. But the development of apps incurs variable costs as per the platform it is developed upon. To reach a wide range of users for a respective industry, business owners currently go for cross-platform app development to cater to platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

The kind of technology used in the development has a big say in the final cost of mobile app development as some of them require extra charges. So, the usage of different types of technology will vary the overall cost for development.

Any kind of app will require few basic features that guarantee fundamental app performance as per the motive. Adding features like chat, live classes, audio lessons, payments, etc are key for basic functionality. Some features will require integration with 3rd party apps while some of them need backend support with extra charges. Hence, the majority of start-ups go for the MVP version of the product and later add new features as per the requirement of users.

App Size:
The total cost of developing an app is hugely reliant on the blend of various features and their final performance mechanism. With the kind of inclusions, these factors influence the final size of the app. To maintain a healthy app size, you have to be cautious in only adding necessary aspects without any redundant elements in the product.

 Any type of mobile app can be only effective if it is maintained properly after the release in the respective market. Care should be taken for administering the app and guaranteeing constant smooth functioning. This includes taking note of any technical glitches or speaking to customers for including their feedback effectively.

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Final thoughts:

If you are looking to develop an engaging mobile app such as Tutopia and lead to a successful venture, Brillmindz will help you to develop a competent final product that matches the requirements of target customers. Brillmindz is blessed to have a group that has more than a decade of expertise in building engaging mobile apps that yield maximum returns.