How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app like Urja?

How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app like Urja

How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app like Urja?

With the transformation of the learning process to be more engaging and interactive, eLearning apps have arisen as a highly used digital education system in India. Even though the use of these advanced mobile apps was on the rise in recent years, people understood its importance heavily especially after the outbreak of Coronavirus. e-Learning app development companies have been highly useful with their optimal standards of learning combined with effectiveness and simplicity. Explore here what is urja app and cost to develop an e-learning app like Urja?

What is the Urja app?

Urja is an innovative eLearning app that aids the 10th, 11th, and 12th Science students from Gujarat Board to get ready for their board and competitive exams successfully. The app provides comprehensive learning courses for 11th and 12th science Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and 10th Math and Science via top-class expert video lectures and MCQ-reliant queries and respective solutions. Urja is the exclusive app that offers such a wide range of learning courses in the Gujarati language, meeting the expertise of students who choose to learn in their native language. The comprehensive video lectures and question banks are particularly built via association with the subject matter experts, guaranteeing top-notch education for users in an effective manner. The app’s interface and features are intended to transform the learning process to be innovative and enjoyable. This app emphasizes is on supporting the students from Gujarat Board with the best quality materials and remove any kind of language barrier connected with education.


Important Features of Urja app:

Video Lectures: Every topic comprises part-wise videos to aid the users understand the concepts fast and effectively. Special care is taken to record the videos with the leading subject matter experts in India to offer the best learning experience.

Read: The Read segment is to help the users who want to study all probable questions in every chapter of the subject and know their solutions. This segment aids in getting comprehensive knowledge about probable queries that may be asked in exams and be ready with confidence.

Practice: The practice segment is vital for students to assess their knowledge by reacting to queries for every section in the subject. They can verify the correct answer for every wrong question and effectively enhance their knowledge.

Test: The Test segment lets the students take the test from either pre-defined objective assessment or create a customized test with setting timers to analyse their performance on every topic.

Results: After completing every test, students get the outcomes depending on their performance.


How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app like Urja?

Before starting an approach to developing an eLearning app, the primary thing to consider will be the budgeting factors. Building an impactful learning app like Urja needs analysis on several key aspects for deciding the overall cost. The development cost of developing an eLearning app like Urja is usually dependent on below important aspects:

App Operating Platforms:

If you want to reach a wider group, you will have to emphasize developing the app like Urja for platforms that consist of significant users. But developing the app on different platforms has different technological elements to consider. The development cost of developing in the Android platform would be reasonable than iOS, but there are several devices to be tested on the Android platform which will enhance the overall costs. Some of them also go for cross-platform development to felicitate users across several platforms.


As online learning apps such as Urja provide a collaborative and user-friendly design, the UI/UX is of utmost importance in the eLearning app development. As students will be interacting with the app for extended periods, a user-friendly design will engage them for a required time. Moreover, developing an effective design that engages the users and holds them for longer will demand significant investment that will offer you with best ROI.


The kind of technology used is directly proportional to the overall cost to develop an e-learning app like Urja. Moreover, some technologies, libraries and tools come with open-source components while others may demand additional charges. So, the choice of technology will decide the overall cost of development that requires you to plan well in advance for avoiding any last-minute issues.

App Features:

The overall app size is reliant on the number of features and functionalities included in the app. It can be a variety of features like video lessons, chat functions, tests, or multiple payment options. Some of them will be basic features and some may be extra premium aspects that may add to the development charges. Some features will also need integration with 3rd party apps to offer hassle-free service to the users. To control the initial investment, you can develop basic features in the MVP version of the release.

App Size: The overall cost of ending up with an app like Urja is highly reliant on the addition of several types of features and functionalities. So, with the enhancement in the number of these aspects, there will be a fixed increase in the app size. To avoid the pointless increase in the size of the app, you have to choose the essential and usable features in your product.

Post-Development Services:

Few app development companies provide comprehensive coverage of app development services. This must also include a post-development maintenance service which is crucial in the smooth performance of the app.

App Development Company:

The overall charge of developing an app also relies on the location, expertise, and guidance of the app development company. If the team is an expert in developing apps by blending the requirements, app ideas with advanced technologies, you will be guaranteed to get a top product but at a little higher price.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking cost to develop an e-learning app like Urja, then associate with a skilled e-learning app development company in India such as Brillmindz. They have inventive expertise in crafting many industry-leading mobile apps across diverse niches. You will get a profitable mobile app that meets your needs and reaches your target customers effectively.


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