How Much does it Cost to Develop a Bike Rental Mobile App like Bounce?


How Much does it Cost to Develop a Bike Rental Mobile App like Bounce?

Cities have become jam-packed with vehicles leading to traffic jams across multiple locations. The preferences of people seem to have gone down for driving the vehicles themselves in this slow-moving or stagnant traffic. Due to these rental taxis have become highly popular but also taken the expensive costs with rising demand. Moreover, owning a vehicle and driving it in stop-go traffic continuously will lead to the bearing of extra maintenance charges. To solve this problem, there arrived the idea of bike rental services managed via mobile apps. This helps commuters to book a preferred bike for every journey as per their wish and liking. Business owners have extended their service to bike rental apps by associating with expert mobile app development firms.

The revolution created by mobile apps has extended to all kinds of industries to benefit both business owners and users. The process is simple where users can download the app from the stores and start using them for their needs. Bike rental apps like Bounce have become highly popular to offer services for users on a day or hourly basis. Users can also reach their destination more quickly than other means of transport which is the main reason for its high popularity. With such benefits, one thought may most probably revolve around your mind: how much does it cost to build a bike rental mobile app? Keep reading below to know more:

Bike-Rental-Mobile-App-Development cost


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How Bike Rental App Works?

The working model of bike rental apps is simple and the same as that of a taxi booking app. Users have to just locate the app on the play store, download, install and start using it. Users have to begin by creating their profile and sign up by giving details like name, phone number, payment details, and others.

Once registration is complete, they can start booking bikes of their choice and drive them to their desired destination in the city. The app will calculate the estimated amount they would have to pay after ending the journey. Moreover, they will have a wide range of options to choose from the list of bikes available in the app and will be charged per km or on hourly basis of usage.


Important features in bounce clone app development:

If you are looking for bounce clone app development, then below are a few important features:

  • Sign-Up/ Register: Once the user downloads the app, they have to register or sign up to the app by providing their details. The login process must be simple and features like registration with Gmail, social media, etc should be allowed.
  • Bike selection: The bike rental app should let the user select the app as per their choice. The rates will vary depending on the type of bike chosen, its power, capacity, and other aspects.
  • Bookings: The option will consist of all ways of bike bookings until that day. The bike rental Mobile application development costs will change depending on the level of sections or booking schedule (pre-booking) of the users.
  • Push Notification: It is a highly important feature in any kind of app for both users and business owners. Users need it to get valuable information, updates or new rewards, etc . Business owners need it to send timely reminders, payments, or any new features.
  • Secure payment Gateways: Users must be allowed easy multiple types of payment options with secured gateways. This is also beneficial in situations where people have refund options to the users through these secure payment gateways.
  • Admin Panel: Admin must have all-round rights to control every aspect of the customer for either accepting or rejecting their requests.
  • Cancelling booking requests: Users must be let to cancel the booking with easy steps in the app including refunding.

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Bike Rental Mobile App Development Cost:

The cost to develop a Bike Sharing Mobile App is not dependent on a single formula approach or any one aspect. The cost of developing a bike-sharing app like a bounce is reliant on some important aspects as mentioned below:

Cost to Develop a Bike Rental Mobile App like BounceLocation: The app development costs vary significantly depending upon the location of the app development company. It is witnessed that the cost of app development is high in Western countries when compared to Asian nations. Bounce app development cost will be reasonable if you choose the app development company in India where you find skilled engineers at reasonable charges.

Features: With the addition of every feature, there will be a rise in the cost of the app. Hence, it is advised to go with an MVP version of the app to start with and then add complex features depending on success factors and feedback of the users. The bike rental app development cost will be reasonable when you follow this approach.

Platform: The choice of mobile app development platform will have a huge say in bounce clone app development. While the app development for the Android platform is different from that of the iOS. Hence, you have to make a wise decision after analyzing the needs of your target customers.

App Design: The inclusion of complex design elements will directly impact the development time and overall cost. While it is important to focus on the attractive design it is also key to give navigable elements that make the app simple yet engaging to the users.

How much does it cost to develop a bike rental mobile app like a bounce?

The bike rental app is one of the leading on-demand services That have been successful in the market. Several app development companies in association with business owners have built such apps to offer user-friendly services to the audience. An affordable and easy-to-access solution has gained acceptance from the audience making it popular across several parts of the globe. This increasing demand has stimulated several business owners to build an app like bounce. But after knowing all the benefits, you may be wondering – “How much does it cost to develop a bike rental mobile app like bounce”?

You must never begin this journey without having a detailed analysis regarding the app requirements and business motives. You must look to associate with a firm that is well-versed in building top-quality on-demand app development services. The cost associated with the overall app development changes across different locations of the globe.

Moreover, the factors like app platform, design, features, functionalities, the inclusion of 3rd party services, etc impact the final cost of development. When you associate with a leading and reliable mobile app development company in India the cost will be approx. 20K USD for Android and iOS. There is fierce competition across the market, especially in this industry which increases the importance of keeping cautious steps while choosing an app development partner.

To wrap up:

A significant group of people has adopted the best possible way to avoid traffic problems by choosing to rent a bike and ride as per their behaviour. As they have found this idea beneficial without long-term issues like maintenance. Hence, this idea is getting popular in days to come with traffic congestion increasing at alarming levels across all cities around the globe. If you are a business owner looking to reap the benefits, then associate with an expert mobile app development company like Brillmindz. The team knows ins and outs of the market and assure to design the best products that yield maximum returns.