Why is the Yellow Class App so Popular?

Why is Yellow class app so popular

Why is the Yellow Class App so Popular?

The outbreak of Covid-19 impacted every industry across the globe including the closure of schools, colleges and all types of educational institutions. In such a situation, it was only the eLearning mobile apps that came to the rescue and aided in continuing the process of education. While these apps helped the students in academics, extracurricular activities took the back seat as children were still conformed to the walls of their homes.

Due to this, another type of online offering called EdTech apps raised the expectations. With the idea of making children learn coding at a young age, there was a lot of confusion regarding whether it is the right choice to try on young ones. Amidst these mixed opinions, Anshul Gupta and Arpit Mittal – parents of young children developed a new venture by acting on all the key aspects. With a long-term goal of offering constant personality growth for the children, they built yellow class – a creative online community for extracurricular learning of their kids (3-12 years old).

Are EdTech apps useful?

A significant portion of the globe has witnessed the power of technology in steering the process of education. But it is also true that it is possible only when the idea is implemented smartly, otherwise it could end up failing to solve the purpose. Thanks to the easy availability of the internet and reasonable smartphones with the technological revolution in the country, people are using apps like video conferencing to carry out the education process.

EdTech apps have to be listed among this technological revolution due to their ease of usage and helpful nature. Similar to the messaging apps which have created a storm in the market by reaching all sections of the society, EdTech apps have been reaching all sectors of students. This offered a great opportunity for the development of EdTech apps that aided in the extracurricular development of kids (age group of 3 to 12). Since people have understood the benefits that can be offered by such apps, this trend never looks like slowing down in the future. An exciting EdTech app that is currently highly popular in the market is Yellow Class App.

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About Yellow class app:

At a time when all kinds of EdTech apps focussed on the K-12 group, Yellow Class app offered a comprehensive learning experience in eLearning apps. This android app provides learning in diverse segments like painting, dancing, craft, storytelling, General Knowledge, Yoga, and many others to be listed. Another specialty of this app is its group of tutors who are highly proficient in their respective areas. The mode of learning is through easy-to-learn video and audio guides along with several DIY modes of programs for the young group of children.

It came as an exciting option for all those parents who were searching for an exciting option that offered more than the academics to focus on extracurricular learning. Moreover, it was out of the formula of developing the coding concept that had created loads of confusion among them. It understood the need for such solutions that are reasonable and offer valuable learning solutions. Yellow class is becoming highly renowned among the online crowd with its wide range of learning programs that aid in meeting student motives.

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Features of the Yellow class App

  • Value reliant programs that are collaborative.
  • Fun-based extracurricular learning with expert mentors.
  • Free of cost, easy to download and use.
  • Uninterrupted learning process.
  • Wide range of Hobby classes from the list of Dance, Art, Literature, Cooking, Magic, Painting, Drawing, Yoga, Craft, GK, Storytelling, English, and much more.
  • Innovative learning in every mode of the process.
  • Inculcating moral value through epic stories like Ramayana
  • There will be an accurate analysis of every topic by the tutors to match the thinking ability of respective students helping them to acquire the much-needed knowledge.
  • No need to worry if you miss a session – there is an advanced offline mode at your service.
  • Live doubt clearing sessions for ensuring complete learning among students.
  • Descriptive coverage of SUPW (Social Useful Productive Work) subjects.
  • Age-wise learning for comprehensive development of young minds.
  • With its innovative learning methods, kids are happy and excited to join every session.

How does the app work?

  • Yellow Class app is available for download on Android and Apple play stores and can be used on diverse types of devices. Users can start the process after they register the account on the Yellow Class app where they will find the steps to feed some simple information on the app regarding the purpose of usage. It consists of a wide range of information where the parents are free to select any of the child’s interesting subjects. Once the choices are done, the app will recommend some precise category of topics as per the interest. Moreover, the ios mobile app consists of a simple user interface that has all the key information w.r.t the tutors, classes, timings, and all others.
  • The app is renowned to be user-friendly as the much-needed information for the respective classes is updated in the calendar before 48 hours. The app has both Live and offline classes for the benefit of students in meeting their goals of mental/physical development. The app is unique in its ability to provide all the necessary information in one place without any ads or any other kind of diversions. Live classes are handled appropriately to match the thinking ability of respective students and their selected subjects in the segment. This makes the yellow class app unique from other extracurricular online platforms that involve many options for distractions.

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Final thoughts:

The app is a fitting solution for those looking to teach extracurricular learning to their children. If you are a business owner wanting to get the benefits by developing such an exciting app, then associate with a leading mobile app development company like Brillmindz. With over a decade of experience in developing exciting digital products, the team assures us to end up with user-friendly products that will lead the market.