Why can’t you Ignore the Chat Feature in your Mobile App Development?

Why cant you ignore the chat feature in your mobile app

Why can’t you Ignore the Chat Feature in your Mobile App Development?

Today, the world is highly dependent on mobile apps for the majority of tasks. This rise of mobile apps was evident in recent years but went to a new level with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

People realized the importance of mobile apps and the value they could bring into routine tasks. With the emergence of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc there has been an unimaginable revelation in mobile app development. Despite all existing features, customers always want to stay connected with the businesses to solve their queries and provide optimal solutions quickly. Among various options, the chatbots option serves as a leading aspect of offering uninterrupted solutions to the customers. If you are running an online marketplace or are in the app business, you should adopt using chatbots in your business. Keep reading to know in detail.

About chatbots:

Chatbots are virtual assistants that function as an optimally serving software to users when they are using the mobile app. Chatbots were built with the purpose to offer a fast answer to customer queries and have become highly popular due to their all-around abilities. It automates the human interaction process that helps businesses to meet the needs of every customer smoothly. With the fast-growing nature of the market, it is tougher to meet the changing needs of customers in a short span. They are coded with automated answers to common queries of customers by understanding their context. Moreover, chatbots have become so advanced that they function like chatting with a real human being. Hence chatbots have become an unavoidable feature to businesses if they are looking to have a top position in the competitive market.

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Why is chatbot considered a game-changer for mobile apps?

Cost-effective: It is tedious to plan for optimal customer support in the competitive market. If you are a growing company, then it is definite that the number of customers would have overtaken the number of employees. There will be a need for more employees to meet the queries of the growing customers. Moreover, this pressure would increase during peak hours. Chatbots offer automated answers to common customer problems thus reducing costs on management. You will not need a huge group of agents to answer customer questions but continue to offer the best support. In this way, you can build a team that will focus on core activities to improve the overall business process.

24×7 Convenience: The chatbot will be at the service of customers all the time helping them to solve their doubts as per the convenience. It is tough to meet the common needs of users by having a customer representative agent to match the huge number of customers. Chatbots aid in decreasing the issues in the customer support segment with their automated response. Since simple tasks like answering common customer queries are resolved, users can stay connected with the app 24*7.

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Swift response to customer query:

  • The main motive of developing a chatbot was to give a quick answer to customer queries. They will not incur any delays while answering the customer responses. As the experts will deeply analyse and feed the automated responses to normal customer questions, there will be more efficiency in the overall process. When implemented under the guidance of skilled engineers and subject matter experts, customers will get the right answers to the problems whenever they ask a query. The frustration levels will reduce drastically since there will be no delays in clearing their most common doubts.
  • Your team will get ample time for solving other uncommon queries of a few customers. Since customers will have decreased waiting time, they will love to continue interacting with your business. Existing customers will refer your brand to known ones and keep coming back to purchase your products or services.
  • Chatbots are also of great help to the customer sales team since they will have a great time concentrating on the actual tasks. This is also reflected in the sales figures since customers will not be dissatisfied with the frequent wait times. While it might not impact the customer individually every time, it will improve the way of doing business.
  • Several studies have shown that businesses are seeing an increase in their sales after using the benefits of the chatbot feature for their venture. It has developed a great sense of satisfaction among the customers regardless of the type of service or product you sell.

Reduce handling time with quick resolutions:

It has also been seen that customers generally abandon the mobile  app if they don’t find a swift answer to their simple doubts quickly. Usually, peak hours are tricky times when customer service representatives have to be on their toes to answer customer queries. Manual resolution of all the queries becomes a daunting task for even an employee with maximum skill levels. Moreover, the productivity levels will increase at significant rates showing improved handling of customers. With the competitive nature of the market, every business wants to offer quick resolutions to customers for leaving the best impression.

Collecting and analysis of customer data:

The business will be successful if it can accumulate and analyse customer data effectively. With chatbots, businesses will be able to accumulate valuable customer data and study them to offer optimal customer satisfaction. In this way, a business can not only interact swiftly with the customers but also know what their real pain points are and directly address them in the upcoming versions of the product.

Wrapping up:

The current competitive market and deep studies have shown that chatbots are a beneficial tool for businesses in all niches. Regardless of its employees offering fast customer solutions to common queries or improving sales, they have shown efficiency in enhancing the business which you cannot ignore when implemented correctly. Partner with a leading mobile app development company like Brillmindz for exceptional and error-free implementation of a chatbot as per your business requirements.