What are the Best Practices of Agile Testing Methodology?

what are the best practices of agile testing methodology

What are the Best Practices of Agile Testing Methodology?

Due to the highest competition across all industries in the market, businesses are looking to adopt appropriate tools that match their budget while allowing them to give faster delivery. Agile testing is one such approach to offering top-quality software products along with meeting delivery timelines. With a high influence on overall quality assurance, this approach yields top-notch app products without defects. If you want to know more about the idea of agile testing and its best practices, keep reading the article.

Concept of agile testing:

Agile testing is an approach that segregates the bigger, complex ventures into sections across sprints. This sprint is time divided into fragments where every team will have time to finish the divided tasks. Agile testing is one such teamwork approach where the process starts with testers joining hands with developers and product owners to discuss the objectives that should be fulfilled in every sprint. The discussion is carried out at the beginning of every sprint where testing needs are discussed and finalized.

This discussion is a reference point during all stand-ups and scrums to avoid any confusion and in the overall process. This will let the QA experts know if they have met the requirements or not providing measured values. Moreover, they can meet both technical and business aspects of the project properly as there will be entry criteria and exit criteria to assure the output. Unique aspects of this approach from the normal process are:

The testing team will be involved in the requirements accumulation stages ensuring that QA aspects take the front seat along with other app development aspects. The development team will have the advantage of using automated test suites. Instead of the testing team taking care of every testing aspect, all team members work on a defect plan to focus on the final output.

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Best practices of agile testing methodology:

Ensuring code austerity:

The app code should meet the necessary attributes to be allowing an agile testing approach. If you follow the norms then it would lead to suppressing the defect numbers giving simplification of the review process. Further, the team must monitor that code should be reasonable enough to offer any kinds of enhancements in the future. The QA team must be on top of the process to ensure that there are no code merge issues at any level. There should be proper research on picking up the right tools to avoid the same person working on the code at the same time.

Application knowledge:

The agile approach follows a policy where coding is simple but impactful to gain the desired results without causing new issues. New code should pass the designed test cases in the test runs to assure optimal operations. Hence, every team member must have appropriate knowledge of the application to guarantee impactful execution of the venture. The team should maintain detailed documentation of the venture including a test repository.

Following Repetitive Tests:

Agile Testing will only be successful if it is done repetitively. Other team members including developers have to test the code after coding every module, Testing has to be mandatorily executed during the code refactoring process. Further, code standards have to be met accurately in every new coding process for ensuring the required standards. A repetitive test will help in ensuring that there is no code breakage at any stage. Irrespective of code merge or code change, the app must be tested with appropriate test suites for it to be effective.

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Customer Collaboration:

Regardless of the type of development or testing process, a crucial aspect is to fulfill the needs of respective customers. While customers start from the initial process of requirement accumulation and analysis and finally see the product when it is completed at the time of delivery. Customers may feel annoyed by some piece of the product or even the major portions. In the agile approach, the customer is involved at all stages of the process ensuring that expectations are transparent. Bug fixes can be done appropriately by taking feedback from customers at every stage. With constant communication between various teams and customer collaboration, you will not only guarantee a good product but also no reworks.

Work on one specific functionality:

Agile testing is not testing all functionalities at once with every team but adopting an approach of focussing on one specific feature at a given time for testing. The QA team works on developing test cases for a specific feature and executes them accordingly. Further, the development team will come together to review the test cases to ensure that it covers all aspects of the feature. It will give you assurance about the product while also enhancing the test coverability for that feature.

Focus-Oriented testing approach:

Ensure that you know the reuse of code in any part of the product for framing the test suite. Even the test cases should have standard naming norms including clarity on goals that have to be met at the end of that development cycle. With every new functionality, both coding and testing processes become easy to follow. Any new member of the team should be able to follow the norms in the future stages of the process.

The QA team must have a clear focus while framing the test suite and pick the right path before starting the process. The expectations from the final output must be framed at the end of the Agile testing process before the execution. Since every code will grow with the enhancements in the product, it could lead to issues if the standards are not followed right from the initial stages.


Adapting the best practices in agile testing methodology will not only refine the testing process but also authorize the results of the product. Partner with a mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz technologies who works on an agile approach. The team has skilled testers who are experts in agile testing and adapt the right advanced technologies to deliver an error-free product.