How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Big Basket?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Big Basket?

How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Big Basket?

Online grocery mobile applications provide a detailed and free shopping option which is why it is highly widespread among the masses. With the advent of the latest technology, retailers are having a great time selling food items including vegetables, fruits, beverages, staples, groceries, and a lot of others online using these mobile platforms. As these apps are reaching more people, it is establishing a stronger customer base every day. 

What is the Big Basket? and How much does it cost to develop an app like Big Basket?

An online grocery app called Big Basket has made people’s life much easier by making viewing and buying necessities a simpler job, thereby saving lots of time in looking out for the right items. Big Basket mobile app is India’s largest market place that includes thousands of products like groceries, fruits & vegetables, dietary supplements, baby care products, beauty & hygiene, etc. How much does it cost to develop an app like Big Basket? Building an app like Big Basket requires technical expertise and market knowledge that is possessed by Brill Mindz, a pioneer among top mobile app development companies,

 Panels of Grocery apps like Big Basket: 


1.User Panel: 

This panel consists of a wide range of elements like user profile to order management. By knowing the class of service, it finds the areas of improvement to enhance the overall app performance. User panel consists of many features like:

User Profile: This allows the users to sign in and log in to the app with the credentials to have your user profile on the app.

Browse for items: Option to look for a particular product or select from the list of groceries or food products with a detailed explanation.

Schedule delivery: The user panel has the option for users to schedule the delivery according to their availability and comfort. With the various delivery slots in the system, the user can place the order choosing any of them.

Tracking of the orders: With the live order tracking feature the user will always be aware of the order status.

Different modes of payment: Payments are secured and available to be done through multiple options.

Discounts and offers: App provides the best possible discounts and offers for any particular order for a customer.

Feedback and ratings: Customers can write his experience in the form of feedback and rate the app while also managing the settings for various elements. 

2. Admin Panel:

Dashboard: This gives the provision for app-admin to supervise and follow all the orders and activities of the app in one place.

Manage Payment: Give the options for all the types of payment modes for the customer and make sure that your customer feels comfortable at all the levels.

Orders allocation: Be on top of the order for exactly assigning and delivering them with the admin panel.

Customer management: Communication and engagement with the customers will be an easy job for providing supreme service.

Store management: Management of customer count and their related orders will be a smooth affair with the admin panel.

Admin panel makes sure that all the app-actions and orders are accomplished easily. 

3. Delivery Panel:

Delivery Panel is the place where customer chosen products are managed right from picking of ordered items or scheduling them for the desired location. Customers are notified with delivery requests with delivery details and allotted order number. It is very helpful for delivery boys too in canceling or accepting a particular order if they are not feasible with the location or calls/chat immediately for any doubts regarding the location.

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Basic elements to be employed for the success of the app: 

Same-day delivery:

Many customers are looking out for daily vital requirements in their app for their household needs and if they find to be delivered at their doorstep within shortest possible time, it would be sure that they will not be going away from the app and also spread the news for more users to embrace it. With the products not being huge, it can be delivered easily with small vehicles within a short period. 

Customer interactions:

Customers must be engaged well to hold them for a longer amount of time and be happy about the app. There should a wider choice of products with the superior quality available in the app. They should also be given smart spending options with buyback points that can be redeemed later on any other purchases.

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Important factors that influence the development cost are:

App Design: App design plays an important role in encouraging and attracting the customer to use the app. It influences very much in the complete development time and cost. With a more appealing design, more users will like the app but it comes with a more overall cost for development. Businesses have their UI/UX designs simple and attractive to customers depending on their budget and requirements.

App Size: The type of features and functionalities decide the total size of any type of mobile app. With the increase in the complexity of both the elements, the cost of the app increases considerably. Hence businesses have to make their decision smartly in selecting and including only the essential ones depending on their budget and target customers.

Development cost: As the development depends on features, design, and functionalities of the app, the experience of the developers and the location also plays an important role in deciding the overall cost of the app. Their experience impacts the time for development and hourly costs vary depending on the location.

App Platform: The type of app platforms planned for developing the app has a big impact on the overall cost of the app. The technology used and hourly development rates for Android, iOS, and hybrid apps vary a lot. Hence, even here the business owners have to decide which type of platform is required for the app according to their target customers.

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