How Much does it Cost to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze in California, USA?

Cost to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze

How Much does it Cost to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze in California, USA?

With the advent of modern technologies and relaxations in some of the rules for doing business, trends have been changing drastically. The growing and sale of Cannabis have transformed into a fast-developing industry in the USA. Cannabis has been made legal in the majority of states in the USA and business owners have been earning significant revenue. With the introduction and success of the weed delivery app, they are open to new channels and making more profit than earlier. So, if you want to derive benefits from this emerging industry by developing a weed delivery app or you want to know Cost to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze, you are the perfect place.

What is the Eaze Cannabis delivery app?

Eaze is an on-demand medical marijuana delivery app launched in 2014, that transformed the medical marijuana business. It has done a significant amount of business in these years and with the fresh fundraising, they have got more investment. With such popularity and revenue earning by Eaze, many business owners are thinking to start a similar app venture. To develop an app with similar business workflows, you will have to associate with cannabis delivery app development services. They can recreate the similar benefits and deliver profitable cannabis delivery app.

Features to be included in your Cannabis Delivery App like Eaze:

If you have analyzed all the legal requirements and other aspects needed, then you could dive into the stream now. Cannabis delivery app development requires the inclusion of three different panels namely Customer, Delivery, and Admin panels. The essential features to be involved in developing an On-demand Marijuana Delivery App are:

Customer panel:

Sign up/Login:

The signup and login process must be a smooth experience for the Customer. There should not be any hectic processes involved but there must be proper identity and age verification for respective customers.


  • The app must display the related menu and products in the app or websites with comprehensive descriptions. They must not face any difficulties in the process and the entire workflow must be user-friendly.
  • Customers must also be able to track their specific orders. The live tracking functionality must provide a transparent clue about the order whereabouts with the time of delivery. This tracking option must also be given to the dispensaries, as they could offer accurate information to the customers.
  • They must get timely notifications about the orders, any new offers, or related to app-usage and updates.

Customer verification:

Customers must be allowed to access the app features only after the upload of relevant doctor prescriptions and Identity documents.

Payments: Once verification is completed, they must be allowed to make payments via different modes like Credit/Debit cards, Online banking, UPI, etc. These payment modes must be bound to optimal security and smooth operations.

Reviews: Any kind of app will require reviews to get going in the market. It will also tell you about the type of service you are offering and any issues in the process. With this, you will be able to correct the mistakes and press the peddle harder to lead the competition.

2.Delivery Panel:

Notifications about new orders:

Delivery guys and drivers must get information about new customer orders and their respective locations. 

They must be able to coordinate well between each other and customers for successful product delivery.


A real-time tracking like GPS must help them to track the various customer destinations and guarantee timely delivery. This is possible with the showcase of the shortest routes from the GPS location tracking functionality.

Order Status:

Delivery agents must be able to update all their actions on the app to inform the customer about the order status. They must have confirmation from the customers by taking their digital signature after delivery.

3.Admin Panel:

Control board:

Admin of the app must have access to the control board that will allow them to regulate, assess, and supervise all the tasks on the app.

Administer all the programs:

This feature must allow admins to change the listings, costs and also remove them if found to be malicious.


Admins must have permission to check all the app-operations, supervise the status, reply to the customer problems, manage payments, etc.


Admin must have access to manage the customer reviews and delete if any inappropriate comments or postings.

How to earn money from the weed delivery app?

  • Business owners could charge some commission for each order.
  • A processing fee may be charged for customers on every order or delivery fee.
  • You can include a finer quality business service and charge higher fees for using them.
  • There could be a surge in the processing fee and order posting during the high demand period.

How Much does it Cost to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze in California, USA?

Above details showcased all the crucial features to be included in the cannabis delivery app and the revenue earning possibilities. After knowing them, the next important question is – What is the Cost of Cannabis Delivery App Development? It is largely dependent on the features to be included in the app and the app platform (Native or Cross) to be developed. It is wise to go with the MVP option to start the show. It will have only essential features to kick-start the business without spending too much on app development. But the success of the app will rely on proper selection and integration of technologies. A reliable app development company can provide you precise advice and build an app to meet your requirements. They will ensure that the app will be user-friendly with revolutionary features that will influence your brand expansion and revenue.

Bottom line:

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