UI UX design trends in 2021

UI UX design trends in 2021

UI UX design trends in 2021

With the digital transformation hitting all the industries across the globe, there are several options for users to carry their tasks with advanced mobile apps and websites. Research has proved that design is the top steering force for engaging web and mobile users effectively. The ease of use and visual feel have the most substantial impact on the use of digital products. With all these impacts, knowing the latest UI UX design trends in 2021 is key to develop impactful designs in the products.

UI UX design trends in 2021:


With the prolonged pandemic condition, maximum people are using mobile as the important device to get any type of information. Mobiles are highly accessible, individual, and aid in performing several day-to-day activities with ease. Traditionally, designs were focused on websites, but with changing dynamics, designs need to be focused to be responsive and functioning fine on mobile devices. It will target the mobile audiences and engage them for longer helping businesses to retain the users. The need for a responsive design with a mobile-first strategy is no longer an option but a much-needed priority.

Micro copy:

It is seen in recent years that several companies have transformed their way of communication concerning content in mobile apps. The emphasis is to give less formal and ensure to be a casual dialogue, so making the users comfortable. Micro copy is gaining huge importance, especially for UX designers. As there is huge competition in the market, users always look for a tone that is nearer to them as a friend. So, Micro copy is not only looked at as a UX discussion that is done by some specific industries only. It is of high importance in the digital experience. This will be crucial for users to understand the functionalities in a better way and cruise easily through the app. With effective content that fits the design, you will be able to give error-free navigation that affects the brand value of the product. In 2021, UX writers will emphasize charming informative micro copy and ideas to stabilize the brand nature with accuracy.

Voice Commands:

Voice interfaces and Virtual assistants accurately signify the multiple existing technologies in recent years. These innovations are impacting the way users interact and look for information, take over their routine activities, and so on. Many leading companies have implemented Voice User Interface (VUI) to provide users the best experience and due to this, there has been a steep increase in personal assistant apps. In 2021, you may observe more mobile apps and even websites adapting to a voice-activated search added with the regular search option.

Prioritizing accessibility

Accessibility cannot be considered just as an optional UI UX trends 2021 but a necessity. Accessibility is the practice of developing a digital service that helps reach maximum people, especially among those with special requirements, infirmities, or impairments. These include the special users who need more care like users with visual impairment, hearing impairment, rheumatoid arthritis, dyslexia, aged users, and many more. The coronavirus pandemic has stimulated more people to go online, for performing their routine activities. Some of them may need help and more attention. In 2021, more mobile app development companies will look to include accessibility in their strategy to guarantee that their digital services reach everyone.  

Minimalist Backgrounds:

This is a rising design trend that is gaining importance this year. It does not use the regular UI layout that keeps all key content in the centre of the page and substitutes it with a striking full-screen experience. This approach aids most of the screen space to develop an individual feel, precisely showcasing the motive of the app, with options for future scalability. Full-screen backgrounds will imply sophistication and honour in design, especially employed by premium brands. With the increased awareness among people developing a sophisticated and highly-scalable full-screen UI that showcases the information is not an easy process. It demands the expertise and top-class design skills of UI and UX specialists.

Ethical design standards:

Many leading companies make use of clever tricks like engaging design patterns, UX dark patterns, and data mining to slowly have an impact on their audience in choosing their brand. For many years firms have been using these design elements to get the maximum benefit from the customers. As these strategies are known to the general world, designers have to be careful in making their design decisions. Due to this, more businesses are looking to apply ethical design in their products as a top priority. Several design patterns will be focused on ensuring ethical design standards while also knowing the use of ethical frameworks.

Cross-platform Design:

Cross-platform development is the highly employed way of app development especially if you are launching your product in the digital arena. It employs advanced frameworks and libraries like React Native to develop useful user interfaces to multiple screens just with a single code base. Cross-platform development significantly decreases the time and investment required to develop an app. It guarantees consistency in design, while preserving the native appearance & experience, and needs minimal design effort. In this way of development, UX and UI designers create the product with multi-device provision right from the beginning, and gradually adjust their concepts to suit specific platforms. 


In 2021, typography will be used severely with mighty jumbo fonts that overlap the pictures or even substitute them, established on the centre or roll outside the screen. The modern design trends focus size and quality over quantity, signifying more care about the words, more than their number. The new innovative fonts strategy is solely focused on creating a strong visual pyramid and an appeal that stimulates the audiences largely.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking to develop a design that adheres to the latest trends, you have to associate with a leading mobile app development company in India, like Brill Mindz. They possess a passionate team that is well-versed with the latest design trends of 2021 and work innovatively to give a profitable end-product.

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